Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registered to Vote in Kentucky …

by Dan M. Rose & Ron Vissing –

Americans First Investigation Finds Indisputable Evidence That Non-Citizens Are Illegally Registered to Vote in Kentucky; Kentucky Attorney General Confirms Findings but Refuses to Take Action

Critics of more rigorous voter registration requirements, such as mandating proof of citizenship, contend that voter registration fraud rarely, if ever, occurs. However, a recent investigation by Americans First, a pro-US citizen 501(c)(3) organization based in Lexington, Kentucky, has found indisputable evidence, confirmed by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office, that non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in Kentucky.

Americans First’s investigation was prompted by its prior inquiry into the voter registration process that showed it to be absurdly easy for non-citizens and other ineligible persons to register to vote.

Americans First’s investigatory findings, detailed in the March 2, 2015 Lexington Herald-Leader article “Electronic Voting Registration Attracts Non-Citizens”, found dozens of non-citizens who had applied for a Kentucky driver’s license using the Kentucky DMV non-citizen’s form also registered to vote. Those findings raised the question whether any of those non-citizens were illegally registered to vote. Americans First turned its findings over to the Kentucky Attorney General for further investigation.

After following up on Americans First’s findings, which included contacting the federal Department of Homeland Security, the Kentucky Attorney General’s office confirmed to Americans First that several of the persons identified by its investigation were, in fact, illegally registered non-citizens. More troubling is that several were actually illegal aliens, some of whom had already been deported and others who were in deportation proceedings. There was an additional group whose immigration status could not or would not be confirmed to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office by DHS.

Most disturbing was that the Attorney General’s office said it was unwilling to either prosecute any of the individuals who were illegally registered or even to conduct a follow up investigation using Americans First’s methodology to determine how many more voters in Kentucky are illegally registered. In fact, all of the persons identified by our investigation are still listed as registered voters, even though the Attorney General confirmed some were illegally registered.

Americans First’s investigation illustrates just how easy it is for non-citizens to illegally register to vote. Furthermore, our inquiry focused on just a subset of one group of potential illegal non-citizen registrants, i.e., non-citizen residents of Fayette and Jefferson counties who applied for a driver’s license. If Kentucky had an Attorney General interested in finding illegally registered voters he could easily determine if non-citizen license holders in the remaining 118 Kentucky counties, as well as other non-citizens residing in Kentucky, are illegally registered to vote.

Americans First has tried to do just that, only to be stonewalled by federal authorities. We filed a Freedom of Information Act request in early 2015 with the Department of Homeland Security for the names of all illegal aliens residing in Kentucky who have been granted deportation waivers under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) executive order. We want to cross-check those names against Kentucky voter registration records to determine if any of those illegal aliens are illegally registered to vote. However, Americans First has yet to receive any response from DHS to our request. Of course, the Kentucky Attorney General’s office could itself seek those records, but has indicated it has no interest in doing so. Why isn’t our state’s chief law enforcement officer following up on hard evidence of voter fraud uncovered by our organization?

Americans First’s findings and the refusal of the Kentucky Attorney General’s office to follow up on irrefutable evidence of non-citizens illegally registered to vote should trouble all citizens and casts serious doubt on the integrity of our elections. The recent Kentucky Republican gubernatorial primary election was decided by just 83 votes. What if the Kentucky gubernatorial race this fall, in which our current Attorney General is a candidate, is also decided by a small number votes potentially cast by illegal registrants when that same Attorney General has refused to act when presented with hard evidence of illegal voter registration? | June 4, 2015

For more information contact Dan M. Rose, President of Americans First, Inc. phone 859-229-7782 or by email at

Americans First, Inc., is a non-profit organization based in Lexington, Kentucky, whose mission is to promote and protect the interests of American citizens.


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