Nobel Peace Prize: Palestinian Terrorist Arafat And Obama Equally Honored In Hell

Nobel Peace Prize — most seditious award for activism and terrorism — was awarded to Yasser Arafat in 1994. [1]President Barack Obama received exactly the same award for peace only this month –

October 9, 2009


Obama’s award is the cause of this darkly-lit look-a-like July 4th celebration … Obama “whacko” fans and radical activists across the land were in sync in their kind of Halloween merriment in October while the countdown is approaching the 31st day — the day warlocks and witches are supposed to terrorize humankind!

In contemplation of what dreadful and wicked discoveries the coming Halloween would bring, I see that both Nobel Peace recipients [notorious, famous or infamous] are “heroes of peace” with an agenda in Hell.

Ingloriously shocking, to say the least! Just imagine how Arafat – one of the world’s most notorious terrorists –

Middle East

’s terror who lived a life of violence and murder killing millions of innocent people in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been made so deserving of the Nobel award – in heavens’ name – for PEACE!

Arafat, like Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and under whose name the Nobel Peace award is named, is a man of violence and war, not of peace.Nobel's purpose of inventing deadly explosives is to destroy and kill. He amassed great wealth by profiting from his invention. Albert Einstein hated him more than he hated his mother-in-law … defiled him as some kind of a scourge of the earth whose wrongdoing is hard for mankind to forgive.

Surf the Web and tell me no lies.

If one is clever enough to fool anybody around, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is, like a moth to the lamp, attracted to give an ignominious token as a reward. Arafat was too crafty to fool the world when he acted like an angel of peace, not as an emissary of the fallen angels from the Dark Side.

For example – and this illustration has been chronicled in the annals of history — under the shining light of day, Arafat would frantically negotiate “peace”, even pleading for peace, with Israel. He has a glib yapper for sweet talks. That was what the Nobel Peace Committee in


saw in 1994. Like Obama, Arafat has a fork tongue, a natural gift to humans similar to that of the Antichrist – read the book of Daniels and the Revelation.

But when the sun is down after a frenzied peace negotiation the whole day long, this Prince of Darkness in the Middle East would activate his agenda in Hell, ordering his trained assassins to infiltrate Jerusalem and vulnerable Israeli cities near the border, especially the Gaza Strip, which I have described in my editorials as the Settlement of Death that lies northeast of the Sinai Peninsula, to plant and detonate their bombs in heavily crowded centers blasting buildings and innocent civilians to kingdom come!

The Media would report flesh of the human body shredded by shrapnel, as well as scattered bloody body parts of young children plastered and hanging against the concrete walls destroyed by Arafat’s “specially homemade” terrorist bombs.

Pursuing his agenda from Hell, Arafat would then condemn these acts of violence as the handiwork of the underground PLO terrorists. The Media that thrives on sensationalism for blood money would immediately make a hero of Arafat; bannered is his pledge to the international community, that as a man of peace, he would go hammer and tong after those underground “Lost Command” engaged in a spate of wanton killings, and to severely punish every one of them!

This cycle of deleterious mind-altering lies and propaganda would repeatedly occur and reoccur for years … year in and year out, until Arafat’s death by a natural cause. The date and cause of his death do not even deserve a line in this editorial – in any editorial report for that matter — for fear that it would demean history, or make the world look so foolish for having been deceived by a man with such distorted and demonic intelligence. The ignominy of the Nobel Peace award he received was better forgotten than remembered at all!

Millions of Americans believed that Obama competed for the Nobel Peace Prize squarely pound-for-pound with Arafat in the art of public lying and deception.

Obama had reportedly succeeded in deceiving the American electorate into electing him the first black president of the

United States

for the first time, to break this capitalist notion if not tradition, that the


presidency is only reserved to natural born white American citizens.

When this Obama birth certificate fraud explodes [now pending in Court], the impact of the deception will in comparison, make Arafat’s dishonesty and trickery look like peanuts or very much tamer than the frankness and candor of truthful Honest Abe, the 16th president of the United States, because this immoral corruption will not only change America forever but also alter the way how the whole world looks at America. Click on this link Birthplace lie and see how this is projected vividly in my column.

In awarding the peace prize, Norwegian Nobel committee chair Thorbjorn Jagland described Obama as the world’s spokesman for a world cleared of nuclear weapons through negotiation and diplomacy. This claim is as fraudulent as Pinocchio’s long nose growing longer for every lie that comes out from the mouth.

It is a despicable lie – and Jagland knows it –because in fact negotiations and diplomacy are tools of terror to bide for time to produce atomic bombs … that in the case of


, to make nukes Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanted to use to wipe


off the map.

Through negotiations and diplomacy, rogue

North Korea

was also able to deceive negotiators and diplomats into completing its secret program-agenda of producing and developing lethal weaponry for their nuclear arsenal. North Koreans just fired their rockets to outer space to test a delivery system in case nuclear war breaks out! This link will bring you there … Obama's agenda for Terror.

Terror is not happy for Obama competing with Arafat for the award. Terrorists joined Nobel Laureates in protesting the Obama award as “premature”. Hamas’ terrorist organization told Reuters that [unlike Arafat] “Obama only made promises and did not contribute any substance to world peace.”

Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri protested that “Obama has a long way to go still and lots of work to do before he deserve a reward …” In other words, Obama like Arafat, has to do more deception and lying not only in the local but also international scene to be at the level of that infamy deserving of the Nobel Peace award!

It is not that easy for liars of world notoriety competing in lying for “peace” to win the Nobel Peace Prize, even though to the world their agenda from Hell makes them so contemptible!

Nobel Prize means radical activism. Anything at all that demeans or hurt proud


deserves this award.

Bill Ayers, Obama’s former associate, was once a violent man. For years, he lost himself in the crowd, and surfaced in the academe. For what he had done and what he is now doing, Ayers is an ideal candidate for the Nobel Peace award. If none of you will nominate him, you have my phone number … I will.

Unlike Osama bin Laden, Ayers, the American Bomber is no longer hiding. I am investigating reports that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is just waiting for Osama bin Laden to come out to the open to claim his reward for hurting the United States so bad [911] that life in America had changed.

There will be a fierce competition for the award next year, or the next.

Osama bin Laden and Bill Ayers are the world’s strongest contenders to date, next to Obama!

In the meantime, brace yourself! #


Note [1]: Shares it with peace negotiators — Israel's Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS 14, 2009.

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