No war on terror; No war on drugs

For a long time I have heard a lot about a "War on Drugs".

Para-military units from

Mexico are now illegally in the country, farming and selling marijuana and other potent drugs. They infest our national parks and BLM land. Neither the police, sheriff, FBI or Homeland Security seem to want to rout them out.

While our brave military men and women fight against the Taliban in

Afghanistan the poppy farmers are raising a cash crop for the Opium trade—unmolested by our troops.

For 6 years now, we have heard about a "War on Terror". We are told our brave military men and women are fighting in

Afghanistan and

Iraq so we can weed out Al Queada and other Islamic terrorists “over there, so we won’t have to fight them over here”. Insted They are being slaughtered by Explosively Formed Penetrators imported from

Iran and suicide bombers imported from


The current administration of the

U.S. government makes no attempt to bomb the factories of the EFPs or interdict the entry, through known entry points of Syrian jihadists.

Osama bin Laden is thought to actually be in one of the Northern Provinces of Pakistan, where the General-president is opposed to having us go in search of him.

Yet, The Chief of Homeland Security says our country is no more secure than it was on

9-10-2001. (In so many words)

He and high placed officials of the Bush administration, the ones who Vowed to fight the "War on Terror" on 9-12-2001 with all it took for as long as need-be until the Terror of Islam was quelled for good. – hollow sounding words, I think, now….

Now they are saying, in spite of all the precautions we’ve taken; In spite of all the travel restrictions normal citizens are subject to in the name of Security-from-a-terrorist-attack; In spite of all the dead warriors and wounded heroes (both physically and mentally) coming back from the Middle East, they are saying now that a serious terror attack on our sacred ground is imminent and unpreventable.

Yet, President Bush is planning to take in 700 Iraqi "refugees" – ostensibly because they helped our cause in

Iraq, and now fear for their lives if left “In Country”. That’s just the precursor to an estimated 20 Million more “political asylum” “refugees"!

How many primed terrorist cells and terrorist cell leaders who will recruit new terrorists among the Muslim population of this hallowed land will sneak in posing as one of the 20 million “political asylum” “refugees”?

No wonder the great mass of American Public tires of the "War on Terror" and even forgets there is a "War on Drugs"!

I remember what WAR means. I was 7 years old when the

Pearl Harbor bombing got us into WWII. Too young to understand all the implications, but, I lived through it. I studied it in school after The War, “Lest we forget”…

We had food rationing. It took several of those precious RED stamps to buy meat enough for one meal. We had gas rationing. Most of the working class got an “A” sticker in their windshield, which meant they could buy just enough gas to need more before the end of the month. B, C, and D stickered cars, of doctors, lawyers, politicians, and the privileged, got more.

When we ate at the cafeteria we all took the litle sugar packages, even though we didn’t need them, our grandmother used them for her tea and, without eating in the cafeteria from time to time, she wouldn’t have gotten enough sugar.

We saved tinfoil. We saved newspapers. We saved bacon fat. We had Victory gardens.

No one bought a new car, and hardly any used ones. We couldn’t. They had stopped production of civilian cars to turn all the car factories into Jeep, tank, airplane, ship and other war material factories for the duration.

What kind of sacrifices is the civilian population of this country putting up with during the “War on Terror”, or, the “War on Drugs”?

During WWII we fire bombed whole enemy cities. Of course, we dropped flyers the day before, in the language of the country in question urging non-combatant civilians to flee. Many did not. We even flattened whole cities from the air. I won’t mention the use of the atomic bombs to stop the war with

Japan… that was an anomaly.

But, in order to serve the war effort and WIN, we were not afraid of missing a target and hitting civilians in the path of our effort to WIN the WAR on the AXIS Powers!

How many bombs are frequently dropped on cities, or, even neighborhoods, or, even just "known enemy positions in this "War on Terror", where we are supposed to have "smart" bombs that will hit only their intended target, no matter how many civilians may be mixed in with the terrorists who would get bombed just because they were fraternizing with them?

Why are we afraid of killing an enemy citizenry who is inculcated with hate for The Infidel (anyone who is not Muslim), and especially, Americans?

And, what did we do with non-combatant civilians with enemy heritage in this country during WWII? We interned them in what many called American “concentration camps” for the duration of the war. They were not just Japanese citizens who found themselves on American soil on December 8th. They were also naturalized American citizens who had come from

Japan before the war and their natural born American children too.

Never did I get frightened by a news report from the leaders of our country that, “It’s not, IF we shall have some kind of sabotage, but, when”.

How were they going to commit any sabotage if any likely suspects were already behind barbed wire and under guard?

Now it is not the citizens of one or two, or maybe three countries that threaten to tear apart the very fabric of our nation, it’s the practitioners of a religion.

But, just the same, the people are identifiable. They are Middle Eastern; Study the Quran; own prayer rugs; go to Mosques; believe the name of God is allah*; and swear to the teachings of Mohammed, said to be the sole prophet of allah*.

If we were to deport all these kind of people and place the ones who just wouldn't leave in internment camps for the duration of the "War on Terror", and not let any more of them into the country, we wouldn’t be as likely to be subject to the Terror attacks our leaders routinelyfear.

But it’s no longer “Politically Correct” to intern those who may be your enemies in your own land. It’s considered "nice" to give succor to those who may be terrorists, entering your country in the guise of “political asylum refugees”. Pity–

Why is our government afraid of hurting the feelings of Muslims in this country – if it is well known that They HATE not only US, but our very freedoms; our way of life; our beliefs?

It’s no longer “Politically Correct” to bomb your enemy into submission… Why, you might hit some “Innocent civilians” in the process. Pity…

Just a little bombing may be all right, in the name of warfare… If there were “Known” “high concentrations” of “terrorists” (or “enemy” combatants) in a few blocks of houses in a war zone, it would be legally O.K. to bomb those houses even though some civilians might die as a result, so long as the bombs were intended to hit terrorists.

However, don’t dare send in a squad or platoon of ground troops to go door to door, seeking out the enemy. God forbid if they were to take one civilian life in the process, they would be whisked back to the

United States to stand trial for murder. (Pre-meditated killing of an “Innocent person”) Deemed innocent because the person in question was not pointing a weapon in their direction at the time of his death.

But, what about the pilot or bombardier of the aerial bombardment? Wouldn’t they be held to account for all those “civilian” lives they dispatched with impunity? Apparently not, since it was not a “face to face” confrontation.

Well, all the more reason we should have a lot more aerial bombardment in Iraq instead of our loyal, heroic warriors exposing themselves to unnecessary trial by fire or trial by courts martial!

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.

Write, E-mail, Fax, or phone your Congressman or Senator and give him or her a “piece of your mind” on how our government seems to not be prosecuting this "War on Terror" and this other “War” on drugs I've heard about so much, lately !

Americans, let’s get as serious about These WARS as we got about stopping the Axis Powers from taking over the world!

Stop the slaughter of innocents by enraged Muslim Murderers!

Let’s win the "War on Terror within this decade!

At the same time, let's win the War on Drugs. Repel the Alien Invaders now on our soil… it has gone too far without our paying attention.

* I did not capitalize the word "allah" because I do not accept that word as the Name of God.

Bill Ascherfeld is a veteran of the Cold War. He served in the 3rd Armored Division in

Germany as a Combat Ready BAR team leaderHe can be reached at

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