No “Third Rail” For “Lame Ducks”

… Billions of $$$$ of PORK slipped into the Omnibus > 1000 page Spending bill that no one is supposed to read because it would take to long.

Someone actually counted the Pork in that bill and came up with 6,600 pieces. $8 Billion worth. Yes. At least one talking head asked a congressman “Didn’t the 2010 election mandate, “No More Pork”!! W-e-l-l… “NO.”, Said the congressman, "That doesn’t take effect until the newly elected congress takes office in 2011." And, that was that.

“We gotta get it passed this week”. Where have you heard that before? The senate passes one; the House passes another. Just a few hours ago, the revoking of “Don’t ask; don’t tell” was passed in one chamber. There are so many bills going back and forth, I can’t keep up with it.

The Lame Stream Media is having a field day telling us this; explaining that; interviewing him; getting an opinion from her… It’s almost as though they actually want to report the news accurately and get us, “We The People”, The Tea Partiers, the constitutional conservatives, Involved, in Our Own Government again… but wait…

There seems to be no “Third Rail” – you know, like the one in a subway that, if you step on it and ground yourself at the same time, you get zapped dead?

I used to hear in the Media, about the “Third Rail”, like, “No congressman dare suggest cutting Social Security, or the Senior Lobby will have you voted out in the next election.” But the Lame Ducks do not fear the “Third Rail”.

They cut Social Security in the Omnibus spending bill. Well, they cut the Investment in it for one year… without mentioning that with less investment, they will have an excellent excuse to cut back on what they pay out… but, earlier they didn’t increase the amount paid out 2 years in a row. No one flinched.

Oh, yes, a few seniors felt the pinch as Gas in

Southern California inched up from $2.70 a Gallon to $3.30. Eggs went from $1.50 for 18 extra large to $2.59 in one month at Cost Co. Milk went from $1.69 to $1.99/half gallonat Smart and Final. My Electric bill doubled. So, don’t tell me there has been no Cost of Living Increase for the past 2 years! – They just said there wasn’t, so, no Adjustment!

But… wait… am I missing something? Not one Representative interviewed, not one Senator interviewed, Not one Media Magnificent ever mentioned The Dream Act in all this. What’s the Dream Act? Oh, it’s been so long You’ve forgotten.

Well, that’s the part of Illegal Alien Amnesty where a child who has been in Our Wonderful Country, hiding from the law, for at least 5 years already and has gone through High School, or, at least passed a GED (High School equivalent test) can go to a college or University of his or her choice and pay “IN STATE” tuition. In effect, throwing the bulk of their college or University education onto the backs of those of us still lucky enough to work and actually pay taxes.

Not to mention further overcrowding our Institutions of Higher Learning which are in the death throes of Cutbacks for lack of money!

But, these people don’t have to be a child’s age – 18 to 22 year old, “normal” college age kids living at home. NO. They can be as old a 35 when they enter The University of their choice.

Well, it’s only 1 or 2 Million of them, not the 12 million to 30 million, depending on who’s counting… who would get Amnesty if Teddy Kennedy were still alive, isn’t that true?? Only 1 or2 Million??

Don’t let seemingly small numbers fool you. Remember! These people are not background checked before given Amnesty. They are not all nice little muchachos y muchachas from nice little, hard working farm labor, hotel cleaning, or domestic Mexican families who came to this country flaunting the law all the way! They are from everywhere on Earth. An estimated 20% of all Illegal Aliens are OTMs, or, Other Than Mexican (a convenient ICE label) About 10% are usually terrorists. Isn’t that nice. Now, as many as 200,000 new terrorists who are learning in our Colleges and Universities. Soon to be called “Home Grown Terrorists” Home Grown?? Well, that’s what the Media calls them, as if they all came from here.

We have got to tell everybody the Dream Act passed in The House and may be voted upon by LAME DUCKS and some bleeding hearts in The Senate as early as this Saturday!

Any other bill, the 112th Congress can take a look at once they get in office and repeal it before it can do much harm. Tax cuts may take effect January 1, but, it will take a whole year to feel the whole effect, maybe, except for when someone dies, but not many rich people will die between now and the end of January. Any bill that requires the spending of money, like the Obama Care bill that passed recently too, is now being called un-constitutional by a Judge in Court!, but would spend money gradually, and could be recinded.

But, Amnesty bills are not un-constitutional, and once passed, cannot be taken back. It would be like putting the bullet back in the gun once you pulled the trigger.

Further, once The Dream Act is passed, and many of these new legalAliens are recruited by the Subversive Leftist Organizations that should be outlawed in Our Fine Country to further lobby Congress, etc., it will be that much easier to get other Omnibus “Comprehensive” AMNESTY bills considered sooner.

Like a leak in an earthen damn, it will get bigger faster, once started.

We must tell everyone we know that The Dream Act already passed the Lame Duck House. The one chamber of Congress we thought we had nailed a conservative outcome in! But huge damage can be done as soon as this Saturday by the Scheming Scallywags, Senator Reed and Still Speaker Pelosi and their wrecking crew of Lame Ducks.

Write letters to the Editor of your paper. Call the news rooms of your local TV stations. Ask them, “Why haven’t you broken the news about the Dream Act??!!” Tell all your friends, even the Democrat ones, just how serious all this is! It’s their country too!

If you don’t want your children to have to learn Spanish in school in the next few years to be employable, you’d better not treat The Dream Act as a “Third Rail”, or too “Politically Incorrect” to talk about over coffee in the next few days.

Bill Ascherfeld is an Alumnus of Stanford University. He has a BA degree in Political Science, Economics and History from San Diego State College. Bill served in the Third Armored Division in

Germany in 1956-57 and is living in

San Diego with his wife Ana.

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