No Obama Birth Certificate to Prove Eligibility; No Laws He Signs Are Valid and No Taxes to be Paid

… eligible or a fraudulent, unconstitutional usurper of the High Office) willfully refuses to produce his valid and proper birth certificate, all school records including college records, medical records, passports, and other pertinent identifying information to determine his eligibility status, any law he signs is not valid, and constitutes being null and void.

As a result of the question of eligibility and that he is currently not President of the United States until he verifies his status, no law he signs can be followed. That includes all federal income tax laws, any laws requiring anyone to pay for his healthcare (Obamacare) if it passes, any Federal income taxes being used to pay for his One Trillion Dollar stimulus package, any proposed "Cap-and-Trade" taxes, or any other Federal income taxes.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, should be paying any federal income taxes or allowing their employers to take out federal income taxes from their paychecks, until Obama's eligibility to be President is resolved. A "TAX STRIKE" should be implemented until Obama produces all of valid documents identifying who he is, where he was truly born, where he went to school, and what medical services he has been provided during his life.

The fact that Barack Obama sealed all of his vital records, never showed his hospital records, never showed his primary, secondary, or college school records, and never showed his proper Birth Certificate and sits in the White House with 39 different social security numbers, including social security numbers of the deceased, and our corrupt elite (e.g., Congress and mainstream media) is aiding and abetting him, is an insult to human intelligence, is a slap in the face of each and every one of you, particularly the veterans, who fought for this country.

As of now it is axiomatic that information being brought forward is unequivocal proof that Barack Obama is not eligible for the office of the presidency. Information from two (2) licensed investigators shows that Messr. Obama has used 39 different social security numbers according to national databases, including social security numbers of deceased individuals. These are Federal felony offenses punishable by significant jail terms and hefty fines and penalties.

Barack Hussein Obama, allegedly sitting as President of the United States (POTUS), is guilty of multiple felonies, which constitute felony Official Misconduct, Fraud, Perjury, and Treason and Sedition during a time of war, for which he will be impeached, and for which he might need to spend the rest of his life in prison or could be executed for.

A "TAX STRIKE" is in order. If the IRS or any other government agency related to the IRS (e.g., BATFE) attempts to use force to compel "voluntary compliance" of tax payment the following law needs to be immediately forwarded to the appropriate IRS agent under threat that it will be invoked in the form of a lawsuit seeking the appropriate statutory damages:

TITLE 26 > Subtitle F > CHAPTER 76 > Subchapter B > ? 7433

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? 7433. Civil damages for certain unauthorized collection actions

How Current is This? Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(a) In general

If, in connection with any collection of Federal tax with respect to a taxpayer, any officer or employee of the Internal Revenue Service recklessly or intentionally, or by reason of negligence, disregards any provision of this title, or any regulation promulgated under this title, such taxpayer may bring a civil action for damages against the United States in a district court of the United States. Except as provided in section 7432, such civil action shall be the exclusive remedy for recovering damages resulting from such actions.

(b) Damages

In any action brought under subsection (a) or petition filed under subsection (e), upon a finding of liability on the part of the defendant, the defendant shall be liable to the plaintiff in an amount equal to the lesser of $1,000,000 ($100,000, in the case of negligence) or the sum of

(1) actual, direct economic damages sustained by the plaintiff as a proximate result of the reckless or intentional or negligent actions of the officer or employee, and

(2) the costs of the action.

(c) Payme[N]t authority

Claims pursuant to this section shall be payable out of funds appropriated under section 1304 of title 31, United States Code.

(d) Limitations

(1) Requirement that administrative remedies be exhausted

A judgment for damages shall not be awarded under subsection (b) unless the court determines that the plaintiff has exhausted the administrative remedies available to such plaintiff within the Internal Revenue Service.

(2) Mitigation of damages

The amount of damages awarded under subsection (b)(1) shall be reduced by the amount of such damages which could have reasonably been mitigated by the plaintiff.

(3) Period for bringing action

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an action to enforce liability created under this section may be brought without regard to the amount in controversy and may be brought only within 2 years after the date the right of action accrues.

(e) Actions for violations of certain bankruptcy procedures

(1) In general

If, in connection with any collection of Federal tax with respect to a taxpayer, any officer or employee of the Internal Revenue Service willfully violates any provision of section 362 (relating to automatic stay) or 524 (relating to effect of discharge) of title 11, United States Code (or any successor provision), or any regulation promulgated under such provision, such taxpayer may petition the bankruptcy court to recover damages against the United States.

(2) Remedy to be exclusive

(A) In general

Except as provided in subparagraph (B), notwithstanding section 105 of such title 11, such petition shall be the exclusive remedy for recovering damages resulting from such actions.

(B) Certain other actions permitted

Subparagraph (A) shall not apply to an action under section 362(h) of such title 11 for a violation of a stay provided by section 362 of such title; except that

(i) administrative and litigation costs in connection with such an action may only be awarded under section 7430; and

(ii) administrative costs may be awarded only if incurred on or after the date that the bankruptcy petition is filed.

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-New York), chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, and the first African-American to chair the committee, presides over tax revenue legislation and commands oversight authority over the major issues of the day economic policy, international trade, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and health care and serves as the vice chairman for the Joint Committee on Taxation. He was recently found to have failed to pay his taxes on substantial income and assets for several years and was not penalized for same. Rangel is an African-American. I am Caucasian-American. Most taxpayers are also. I believe I am being racially discriminated against because he is a black man and I am a white man. Furthermore, he is directly involved in throwing away tax monies to failed programs such as TARP, stimulus, etc. Radical leftists in Congress have wasted $10-$15 Trillion Dollars on welfare, and have gutted the Social Security Trust fund (established for everyone's retirement) to pay for these welfare programs. Where is it stated in the Constitution of the United States or anywhere else that Americans' federal income taxes are to be wasted on failed programs. I conscientiously object to paying any taxes (even though I don?t owe any) to a government that wastes it on failed programs that I and 250 Million other people are against.

Therefore, a "TAX STRIKE" needs to be initiated on grounds that Barack Obama, as far as can be ascertained is not President of the United States, his signature has no validity on any law placed in front of him, hence, making the law null and void, and the programs he and his ilk are sponsoring are anti-American and anti-Family. It would be fraud against the taxpayers and We the People have the right to demand Obama prove his eligibility to serve as President, since we are paying his salary and benefits. Otherwise, a "TAX STRIKE" must be initiated to halt the fraudulent government from operating against the will of the people.

Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director

Dads Against Discrimination

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