NJ Rep. Pascrell Not Listening To All Constituents

… complaints from his constituents in upcountry Passaic, including Wayne and parts of Clifton. In trying to contact him about setting up face-to-face town hall meetings to discuss the health care reform plans, Pascrell has ignored those of us trying to confront him.

Instead, he controls the agenda and the comments by having telephone town hall meetings.

He doesn’t want to face criticism or any angry constituency who feel they are being denied representation in Congress by him.

As I listened to him on WNYC radio on Aug. 5, he arrogantly dismissed well-speaking people who challenged the health care plan backed by President Obama. Pascrell said that people needed to get "skin in the game." People can’t put any more "skin in the game" because there’s no skin left because of confiscatory federal income taxes.

Pascrell refuses to listen to his constituents and votes against their wishes. Pascrell took an oath to uphold, defend and support the Constitution upon taking office as a congressman. In my opinion, he has not done that, especially during this time of war against Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bruce Eden

Pompton Lakes

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