New Yorker Obama Picture

…. Featured the Obamas dressed as Muslim warriors from head to feet.

The editors were spoofing the mindset of the Right

In their opinion Dolts who do not know the day from the night.

This whole action raised an Obama hue and cry

For the Message in the picture will Never really die.

Naturally the Dolts thought the portrayal was quite true

Because the New Yorker is smarter the average motley crew

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The Staff here at the National Writers is delighted to have as a member – ‘prolific’ Author and contributor, Mr. Raymond Morrow . Mr. Raymond Morrow , you have Etched your existence into the annals of American History all by yourself and so are one very COOOOL Man / Human Being, Sir. So say we all, to you, from the entire Staff here at the National Writers Magazine.

Oh Yeah, Raymond Morrow is the NWS favorite Clerihewist and also our thanks for enlightening us about the existence of “Clerihew”. [From the Sr. Editor at NWS.]

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"father, grandfather , soldier, sailor, chemist, sky diver, scuba diver, inventor, old guy, conservative."

I have been writing for many years as a pastime. I have seen most of the world and have deep fond memories of the people and their land.

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Patents, corporate ceo, padi master instructor, author, chemical engineer.

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