New York Values – The Debate Issue

by Barry Weinstein –

This is a matter of the issue of New York values. Ted Cruz who is a Candidate for President of the United State of America asserts that Donald Trump who is the leading Candidate for President of the United State of America in the polls has New York values.
I am from New York City and I am also Jewish.

What are New York values? To put it simply a majority of those voting in New York voted for the values of President Barack [Hussein] Obama.

Here are the statistics: [from wikipidia]

“New York was won by Democratic nominee Barack [Hussein] Obama with a 26.9% margin of victory. Obama took 62.88% of the vote in 2008.

Barack [Hussein] Obama carried the state of New York by a landslide margin, winning 63.35% in 2014” ([Hussein] added]
New York not only voted overwhelmingly for B. Hussein Obama once, but did so twice.

Mr. Trump’s defense to the assertion that he has New York values was to point to September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack – carried out by Muslims – where the New York fire fighters and police rushed into the burning buildings at the risk of their own lives and as such Mr. Trump argues that such are the New York Values.

Sorry Mr. Trump! The fire fighters and police exhibited the few remaining American values still in existence in New York. To Add to this, the New York values elected the anti-American Mayor Mr. Bill de Blasio who is at this moment in time making every effort within his power to shield Muslim Terrorists from being detected. He is preventing the NYC Police from penetrating Islamic / Koranic terror cells developing inside Mosques.

First, I wish to extol the foresight and thus the activities of Mr. Donald Trump leading to this coming 2016 election period. Without Mr. Trump the establishment would be continuing to eat the substance of the American people unabated. The Political Correctness noose would be tightening and America would be going into the abyss of the European model of Socialists in power, leading to the complete destruction of America that is the one intended by the Authors of the Constitution. Thank you Mr. Trump for breaking the cycle of “Stuck on Stupid” that the Hillary Clinton potential voters seem to embrace.

Now again on to more recent New York values; Bill de Blasio was elected the Mayor of New York in 2013. Again with that election one can see the values of New York today. No more needs to be said!

Finally, regarding the hatred drooling mustachioed Geraldo Rivera.
When an historically vicious anti-American like Geraldo Rivera, an Obama / Hillary Clinton groupie, jumps up and down about this New York values issue and then with his usual fabricated fiction that the matter, of the Mr. Ted Cruz “New York Values” factual observation, — to Geraldo the historical ‘Instigator’, — is an anti-Semitic psychologically hate filled statement against the Jewish voters in New York; these are fighting words to me. Go to Hades Geraldo and take Hillary and De Blasio and Obama and the rest of the Anti-American’s you love so much with you!

Ted Cruz in my Jewish opinion does not have an anti-Semite bone in his body. I believe that Cruz supports and values the existence of Israel more than the Jews themselves in New York; that is a damn shame on New York.

I am certain that Mr. Ted Cruz knows more about the Founding Documents in the ear lobe of his head than the rest of the field does.
I believe that Mr. Ted Cruz will be more tied to the United States Constitution than any other candidate and has exhibited such allegiance before in greater efforts than that of any other candidate.

New York values indeed!

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