New Way Forward: Changing America’s Culture To Everybody Else’s Culture

by Frosty Wooldridge –

Norah O’Donnell, CBS anchor, said, “I’ve never seen so much cultural change in such a short period of time.”

Whether she was talking about her office arena being changed from all sexual conquest allegations, or what’s happening to the America’s culture, she’s correct on both counts.

One outspoken American said, “Multiculturalism creates racism.” Another said, “Racism is a direct result of multiculturalism.”

“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

Today, over 45 million foreign-born people now live in America as our Congress imports in excess of 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants annually, their negative impact on America’s culture rains down on cities and ascends to the Halls of Congress. Ironically, all of it counters U.S. culture built over the past 240 years.

In the past month, House of Representatives member Jesus Garcia (D-IL), introduced, HR 5383, a bill he calls, A New Way Forward. Forty-four other democrats, such as Omar, AOC, Tlaib and Waters, who exhibit extreme anti-American bias, sponsored the bill. It promotes illegal alien citizenship, criminal deportee aliens a free pass back to America, open borders, anti-ICE enforcement of America’s immigration laws, and worse, American taxpayers foot the bills. It abolishes our right to control who comes over our borders into America.

Reporter Tucker Carlson exposed the bill last week, “A document produced by Democrats to promote the bill says: ‘Convictions of convicted criminal undocumented immigrants should not lead to deportation. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about convictions for double parking. The bill targets felony convictions – serious crimes that send you to prison for years.” A press release from Rep., Jesus Garcia, D-Ill., is explicit about this portion of the bill.

“Garcia brags that the bill will break the “prison to deportation pipeline.” How does the bill do that? Under current U.S. law, legal U.S. immigrants can be deported if they commit an “aggravated felony” or a “crime of moral turpitude” – that is, a vile, depraved act, like molesting a child. Under the New Way Forward Act, “crimes of moral turpitude” are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation. And the category of “aggravated felony” gets circumscribed, too.”

What’s happening to our U.S. culture of law and order, personal accountability and personal responsibility? People from other countries have worked their way into some of the highest offices in America: example, House member Ilhan Omar (D-MN), from Somalia, faces felony accounts of illegal immigration and marriage to her brother. She carries diametrically opposing views as to U.S. laws and citizenship. She swore into office on the Quran, which promotes Sharia Law over U.S. Constitutional Law.

Ironically, these immigrants arrive from failed third world countries, yet want to impose such degraded standards onto our country.

Consider this: Under current law, immigrants who commit serious crimes – such as robbery, fraud, or child sexual abuse – must be deported, regardless of the sentence they receive. Other crimes – less severe ones like racketeering – require deportation as long as the perpetrator receives at least a one-year sentence.

Carlson said, “We checked the Bureau of Justice Statistics. According to federal data, crimes like car theft, fraud, and weapons offenses all carry average prison sentences of fewer than five years. And that’s just looking at averages. There are people who commit rape, child abuse and even manslaughter and receive sentences of fewer than five years.
Lots of them.

“If the New Way Forward Act becomes law, immigrants who commit those crimes and receive those sentences would remain in the country. They’ll all be eligible for citizenship one day, too.”

If this information doesn’t show you a total disregard for your own American citizenship, this bill would allow a Mexican drug cartel leader released from prison, to freely return to America immediately. And if he wants, he could come here illegally, and it wouldn’t be a crime – because the bill also decriminalizes illegal entry into America, even by those previously deported.

This Shows You How Corrupt
Our House Members

From 2002 to 2018, 480,000 people were deported for illegal entry or reentry into America. And under this bill, you must buy them all a plane ticket to return. The tickets alone would cost a billion dollars, and that’s before Democrats make you start paying for these criminals’ free health care, food stamps and housing, too.

“The New Way Forward Act fundamentally inverts every assumption you have about America,” said Carlson. “Under this legislation, the criminals are the victims. Law enforcement is illegitimate. It’s racist, just like the country you live in, and the only solution is to get rid of both. America would be better off as a borderless rest area for the world’s worst predators and parasites.”

To compound this approaching American nightmare, as Norah McDonnell said, “I’ve never seen so much cultural change in such a short period of time.”

The questions I ask you as an American citizen, do you want to see your country changed from law and order to open borders? Do you want criminal aliens to enjoy a return after deportation? Do you want to see ICE disemboweled? Do you want or will we survive our country changing from English to 100 different languages? Do you want to see another 110 million legal immigrants land on our shores within 30 years? Because, that’s what’s coming.

Call your senators and House rep: 1 202 224 3121 or 1 888 995 2086. Demand a stop to all immigration and stop this HR 5383, The New Way Forward bill.

If you look at these two videos, you will see exactly what I am speaking about:
“Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck
This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”


— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
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