“Nemesis” Attacks Our Finest Soldiery

…. Fear stopped our attackers on their track, rendering their plan to annihilate us, sterile and inoperative, at least for a long while. Today in the terrorist camps, the most feared man alive is President Bush.( Read Article )

Chalmers Johnson’s “Nemesis” that attacks America, also denounced our soldiery as having been infested with “… swaggering soldiers who brawl and sometimes rape." [2] It also warned of the collapse of the evil American Empire from within.

The problem with this calculated if not delusive attack against our soldiers and with this scholarly if not hallucinating prediction of internal collapse is that when a worm or two are found in an apple or two in a basketful of apples, it is totally a juvenile thinking to call the basket full of apples as a basketful of worms. In my opinion, only a delirious mind would have the temerity to call this country’s finest soldiery that the whole world admires, as a basket of worms [brawlers and rapists].

It is true that there are cases where rowdy soldiers are accused of rape as there are cases where respectable intellectual elites are likewise charged of rapes in court and convicted as rapists as well as mollified of their innocence in the bar of public opinion. But it is this juvenile delinquent thinking in the basket-of-worm analogy that really rips the country apart, and rapes the reputation of our soldiers who put their lives in harm’s way that we may become what we are today… an unnecessary provocation to anarchy that could bring the collapse of America from within.

This “Nemesis” thinking had already stirred the American public to an attitudinal revolt, paving the way to a possible implosion of America that by the looks of it has been planned and targeted by way of beating the drum of accusations that the President of the United States has engaged this country in an “illegal war” in Iraq and should be kicked out of office by means fair or foul.

I have stayed in the academe and the UN long enough to learn that there is no such thing as “illegal war” when the country is responding to an invasion or devastating surprise attack. That the war in Iraq is “illegal”, is a possibility that this exists only in the imagination of those who have a political agenda. Politicians have some strange addiction to roadside poetry as they roll their wagon down the campaign trail, especially those married for life to the mantra of what they always think is politically correct even though truth is the first casualty of such whims and caprices.

A war is only declared “illegal” from a particular party’s standpoint to justify the propagation and assertion of country-interest in the international fora. But that war is never “illegal” to the other party/ies in casus belli [justification for acts of war]. The first lesson in diplomacy learned by a neophyte diplomat who is serving in the UN is to understand that in international relations, self-interest is always bias.

There is an exemplary example for this anathema in the United Nations. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is known to be a puppet of the radical left that pursues the agenda of global liberalism against capitalism. Demonstrating his radical bias, Annan argued that the U.S.’s impulsiveness in going to war in Iraq should have been first approved by the Security Council. In his prejudice, he wanted the UNSC “… to rule on whether the US and its allies were under imminent threat.”[3]

In protest, I asked this in several of my published editorial writings: What was Annan talking about when he suggested that the United States Congress should have sought first UNSC approval before deciding to go to war in Irag? Those 9/11 Islamic terrorists launched by Al Qaeda were trained and harbored in Iraq and Afghanistan before they were assigned their missions of death to destroy New York and Washington, D.C. It is foolishly superfluous for UN diplomats to vote after the fact, i.e., whether or not America was under an imminent threat of terrorist attacks. The threat was consumatum est … Destructions had already occurred and thousands of Americans had died in the 9/11 attacks.

Furthermore, the “… the Security Council had already approved the use of force in resolution 1441 … warning of ‘serious consequences’ if Iraq failed to give a complete accounting of its weapons programmes.” Saddam Hussein defied this UN resolution.

The United States was treacherously attacked. Theright of the state to self-defense when attacked is guaranteed by the UN Charter. The exercise of this self-defense includes a pre-emptive strike for the attacked state to survive. Nothing on earth – not even the United Nations – can question this nation’s “sovereign authority” to use force when responding to devastating sneak attacks. On record, the December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor infamy and the September 21, 2001 terrorist attacks of New York and Washington, D.C. testify to this reality.

With attacks of this kind against this country, nothing except God, could prevent the United States from going to war. I said, absolutely nothing except the Almighty up there.

I was struck by this blatant display of lack of common sense by the UN leadership. This UN foolhardiness and inanity infected the local radical left that marched down the streets of Washington in protest of what they thought was an “illegal” war in Iraq.

Much as street radicals were infected by this spreading “Nemesis” epidemic, so were the Democrats and Rinos [Republican in name only] in Congress. They passed and approved resolutions “that have no binding effect” condemning the war in Iraq. The no-war-support sentiment of the Democrats proceeds from the proposition that the war was “illegal”, as if the Democrat Congress thinks like Kofi Annan when it is full moon.

To survive the terror of Islamic jihad, this nation does not need to be loved by terrorists whose excuse for being is to kill Americans and destroy America. Fighting back, America has to be feared by those religious fanatics whose leadership plots for our destruction. The reason for this is that this country cannot impose on the enemy to love America, more so when this faceless enemy can only kill Americans but cannot love anything American.

In this war on terror, I am convinced that America can legally inflict fear in the heart of the enemy in the conduct of war on terror. Fear stopped our attackers on their track, rendering their plan to annihilate us, sterile and inoperative, at least for a long while. Today in the terrorist camps, the most feared man alive is President Bush. This President vowed to hunt them down like animals they deserved, and bring them to justice.

Since the Democrats took over Congress last January 2007, this hate-America epidemic is on the rise. My humanitarian advice is, those who hate America should not scythe themselves emotionally and mentally by staying here. To preserve their sanity, they should leave. [Read Part I: Hate-America On The Rise: Should “Victims” Of America Live In Timbuktu? of this two-part series editorial report.]

If they stay and survive their own insanity, it is just as bad — they will lose their own self-respect. Infra dignitatem or living beneath one’s dignity without credibility is a tragic loss of self-recognition and identity. The person feels that he/she had become a nonentity. Scientists of the mind had pointed out that in many cases, without self-recognition and without knowing who they are, take away the reason to live.

What makes their case more tragic is that “bad America” won’t go away. This nation is here to stay till the end of time. They cannot even spend their life here and expect to find happiness … the dice is loaded against them.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access with numbered references, October 2, 2007.

The writer is a veteran diplomat-journalist for more than 45 years and a recipient of excellence awards in journalism. He is a former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations; he is also an economist, a lawyer and an ASEAN specialist on fiscal policy and regional industrial cooperation. His editorial insights appear in other publications and published in several websites. A brief comment may be e-mailed to ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg.

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