Nazis and Muslims is there a difference?

The Nazi SS masterminded the annihilation of millions of innocents to achieve their objectives.

Early on, attempts to assuage these monsters through logical discourse merely emboldened them in their efforts.

Eventually, reasonable men came to the conclusion that the only way to stop the carnage was to wipe this vermin from the face of the earth. Our forefather’s decision was the correct course for mankind and few today would argue that another course of action would have been as successful.

Today the world faces a group of fanatics just as determined as the Nazi’s who seek world domination.

Cloaked with a disguise of Islam they go about their business of attempting to destroy western culture as well as all people who would refuse to submit to their tyranny. Western leaders struggle to understand the motives of this enemy. They fail to grasp that their fundamental objective is a world devoid of western civilization and its people. Negotiation and dialogue with the Muslim fanatics is a procedure that is only

a benefit to the fanatics. They have no desire at accommodation or reconciliation. They engage in dialogue until their strength can ensure they can achieve total victory over the West through violence.

A fundamental tactic employed by our enemy is to call their movement “religious”. I believe that Islam is no more a religion as was Nazism. Islam may have had a religious foundation but has been successfully co-opted into a political philosophy by today’s enemy. Muslims around the world cheered 9 11. Imams encourage believers to strap on bombs and destroy the non- believers with the silent acquiescence of non- violent Muslims.

As Muslims flood into Europe their verifiable tactic is immigration with no assimilation.

They partition their communities from their host nation and then accuse their new home of discrimination.

The Middle East Muslim countries plea for tolerance and understanding yet call for the total destruction of the State of Israel. No religion on earth promotes or tacitly condones Islam’s current agenda which seeks to replicate a world society currently formatted by the regime of North Korea.

"If I had a Muslim summit, I think that I can speak credibly to them about the fact that I respect their culture," Oama said in an interview included in a forthcoming book about the president by Newsweek's Richard Wolffe: enegade: The Making of a President.

While President Obama may respect the Muslim culture they have nothing but contempt and hatred for our culture.

He and other Western leaders can continue to deceive themselves and their citizens with the false hope that reason and dialogue will achieve reconciliation and peace with the Muslim world.

Prime Minister Chamberlin believed he had secured European peace with Nazi Germany until they invaded Poland and ignited World War II. President Obama’s approach

while currently popular with many citizens and political leaders will evaporate when another Muslim attack occurs on our soil.

America and its allies have the tools, the skills, and the people to defeat our enemies.

What we currently lack is the political will and leadership to accurately define our enemies and set a course to dispose of them the same way our forefathers disposed of the Nazis.

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