Nationwide Alert! Biden Broke The Debate Rule First – Not Trump

Edwin A. Sumcad –

    Right now there are so many emotional flaks and disparagements coming from the general public on what is perceived as the failure of the first presidential debate because the whole proceeding turned into an interruption bedlam between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, which unfortunately the Democrat-registered Moderator Chris Wallace was not able to control.

Prepare to be shocked. This is a nationwide alert! Trump was crucified for violating the no-interruption rule of the debate when it was Joe Biden who first broke the rule when he interrupted Trump while Trump was talking!

In this info-news alert, the American public should know – unfortunately, it hardly knows — that it was Joe Biden, not President Trump, who broke the rule when he interrupted Trump first in the earliest part of the debate. Public perception and reaction to this debate foul up are grossly wrong!

When Chris Wallace permitted Biden to break this rule at the very onset of the debate because it was to Biden’s advantage to interrupt Trump and break the rule, the succeeding interruptions became a fair game to President Trump who was smarter than Biden.

The moment Trump first noticed that Biden could interrupt him while talking and it was okay to the Moderator, right there and then Trump quickly decided to subsequently interrupt Biden more to neutralize Biden’s advantage because the Moderator allowed Biden to interrupt him for the first time. From then on to interrupt was a fair game. And whoever does interrupt more than the other, wins the debate, thanks to the Moderator Chris Wallace.

Listen carefully to what I say. Review the footage of the first debate. When you do, I will bring you to the first topic of the debate – the appointment of the current vacancy of the Supreme Court. Mark that portion when Trump was saying for the first time that he was not elected for 3 years but 4 years giving him the right to appoint Justices. It was at this point when Biden interrupted – the first interruption you will ever see during the debate – with a hardly understandable muttering and unnecessary disrupting noise to stop Trump from talking.

Notice carefully. Had Wallace stopped right then and there Biden’s disruptive interference while Trump was talking, there would have been no chaotic exchanges of interruptions between the candidates that subsequently followed.

But let us mark this point of paramount interest to the general public:  Wallace did not call out that first infraction of the rule. He gave Biden a pass to interrupt first Trump while talking, pretty much aware that it is to Biden’s advantage if he allows him to interrupt Trump, or disrupts Trump’s pointed statement which in any way is causing damage to Biden. Chris Wallace, a Democrat Moderator, is trying to score a point here against Trump and in favor of the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

I am calling the attention of the American public — in case some debate viewers missed it — that the exchanges of interruptions that muddied the debate were not the fault of either Trump or Biden . . . it was remarkably the undoing of a biased Moderator – Chris Wallace – who is a registered dye-in-the-wool Democrat. In this debate it was clearly shown that the Moderator has his own agenda, an agenda that made it difficult for him to moderate the debate in a proper and fair manner.

Do you think Wallace wants the Democratic Party to lose to Trump? No? Was he neutral?  If you think he was, tell that bs to the Marines!

I have declared my concerns time and time again before this first presidential debate took place . . . even published them in the Web, i.e., exclusive, read by millions – that the Commission on Presidential Debate operatives had rigged these 3 presidential debates against Trump when they appointed moderators like Chris Wallace. The next Moderator is a Democrat too. But the turning point of the debate from which the debate itself failed to meet the expectation of the American public and was criticized badly was when Chris Wallace gave a pass to Biden to first interrupt Trump to minimize the damage he was doing to Biden.

It is probably only in this media outlet exclusive, where the American public is confronted by this shocking discovery that to badmouth and crucify Trump for the interruptions that occurred in the debate, were all wrong when it was Biden who started it; and to spare Biden, the guilty one, is terribly unfair and diabolically unjust to Trump. I want every reader who reads this piece to know that this is the most critical point of this expose’ because if this distortion in the public mind is not corrected, it could blindside the general public to vote for the wrong candidate Joe Biden, and lose their country to the extreme Left. If Biden wins because of that blindside, it could dramatically change our American way of life from what it is today, to a Marxist-Socialist way of life when we wake up tomorrow.

The CPD promises to fix this gaff for the next two remaining presidential debates. It just announced that a new rule is going to be added – cut off the microphone of the interrupting candidate while the other candidate is talking. It is designed as some kind of penalty for the candidate who is breaking the rules.

This band-aid disguised as a solution to the problem will not work. It is just applying a make-up to the wolf’s face to make the wolf look different and undistinguishable, but still a wolf that would punch on its prey in the most insidious way.

In this new added rule, the power to cut off the microphone is still at the discretion of the Moderator. Because this is left to the Moderator’s discretion, nothing would stop him or her from allowing an interruption of a favored candidate.

When or at what juncture of the debate does the interruption break the rule, that is for the Moderator to determine. And what kind of interruption and how does that interruption break the rule, that too is for the Moderator to decide.

This is exactly what I mean. A new rule is there – a new fence is set up to keep the wolf away — but the wolf is inside that fence. The chickens are not just unsafe but in fact placed in the worst situation where there is no escape.

In short, the chicken in the fence were meant for the wolf. This is my other way of saying that this debate was rigged from the very beginning.

My suggestion? Get rid of the wolf.

What I mean by getting rid of the wolf is change the Moderator by appointing somebody who is not a Democrat, a neutral referee or at least an Independent Moderator who is equally qualified, but not politically party affiliated.

But changing the Moderator is not the first thing to do to fix this problem. The first thing to do – and this is hard to do – is for the CPD to change their tradition of choosing moderators who are Democrats or from those with known Liberal “leanings”. Every four years CPD is badly criticized for this anomalous situation but I guess it takes a skin that thick not to feel or being affected by that shower of radio-active shame falling from the sky the results of which make the CPD looks like a grotesque mutation in our political landscape.

By organizing a presidential debate, the CPD organizers are arbitrating between Republican and Democrat candidates if such is the case, through the moderators they appoint. The temptation to choose a Moderator other than Democrats requires a great amount of courage and patriotic fervor and that is not easy to cultivate as a question of character. This is where I challenge the CPD to be politically indifferent and for once try to organize a presidential debate solely for the benefit of the country, and not for the benefit of their own political interest.

This election is so critical as to which direction the millions of undecided Americans and those committed but still doubtful whether to vote for Trump or Biden, and these presidential debates are shaping the mind of the electorates as to which direction they should go, the Trump way or the Biden way.

The result of the November election will be catastrophic if we know that the presidential debates which shape up our mind as to which candidate to vote for President is rigged.

It is never too late to hold a reformed presidential debate. Two more are coming. The GOP and Democrats should sit down with the CPD organizers and decide on the restructuring of the format of the debate, and more particularly agreeing to appoint neutral moderators as herein respectfully recommended.

Maybe the American public still has a chance of knowing who is winning the presidential debates in a fair and honest way. It is so critical that these presidential debates should be upright, clean, and straightforward, fair, and honest.

For, we are facing a presidential election which we have never ever seen before, in the history of this country! #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS October 1, 2020

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