Narcissists Don’t Support Democracy & Believe Dictators & Military Rule Are Best For Society

by Mark Prigg –
For –

Narcissists believes democracy is bad for society, and prefer a strong leader or military rule, researchers have found.

Researchers say they ‘tend to feel entitled and superior to others, which results in lower tolerance of diverse political opinions.’

In contrast, people who take a positive, non-defensive self-view and trust others are more likely to show support for democracy, the research found.

‘Support for democracy requires the ability to respect the views and opinions of others, even if one disagrees with them,’ the researchers wrote.

They said the results could have major implications for the future of society, as many believe new generations are becoming more narcissistic.

Excessive use of social media – in particular the posting of images and selfies – has been linked to a subsequent increase in narcissism, research has found.

One study warned findings could mean up to a fifth of the population could be at risk of developing such narcissistic traits associated with their excessive visual social media use. ……..

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