My Trip Into Hell With Delta And The Atlanta Airport

…The fact that they [AA] use the Airbus, which is an aircraft built by a joint consortium of 'Euro' Companies backed by 'Euro Govt. Funding', was another good reason not to fly American Airlines. They [AA] should change their name to EURO Airlines, not AMERICAN, at least Delta flew American made planes.

Everything went smooth for the first few years, I flew a lot and soon racked up many sky miles points and became a silver medallion member. That meant that I could board the plane first and in later years could get complimentary first class upgrade, also their personnel were very well trained; then after 911 things seemed to go downhill. The passengers have become rude. The airline employees bacame rude as well, especially at Atlanta airport. Then when Obama became president it became intolerable, 99% of the employees at Atlanta airport are black. How do they get away with that? The population of blacks in Atlanta is about 12%, as is the pop of USA. Where is the ACLU or the SPLC?

I stopped flying Delta or at least tried avoiding the Atlanta airport, it was like flying into Haiti or Mogadishu, and they want to bring more low lives from Haiti, more people who hate 'whitey' into America.

I want to lay the foundation for my hell trip to Atlanta airport now…..

On Jan 23rd 2010 I took a trip to Los Angeles and my wife came with me, as American Express gives me an annual companion ticket, but it must be on Delta. I really didn’t feel like flying them anymore but – hey! – Free ticket, why not? So off we went. I noticed on the moving map of our flight that we were encountering 150 to 200 mph head winds, being a private pilot and one million commercial miles under my belt I had never heard of, or encountered head winds that high, but no need to worry we are on a 767.

We were over New Mexico when the first jolt hit us, it felt like we were knocked by a train, then another, and another… I had encountered severe turbulence before, but nothing like this, the silence from the passengers was deafening. I looked out the window and could see the wing flexing like a bird's wing. "How long can this plane take this abuse?" I thought to my self… I really felt this was the end. Finally it stopped and the pilot came over the intercom: “Bet that woke you up!” It sure did, but next time I would prefer an alarm clock.

As we got close to our destination, Los Angeles, the turbulence started to pick up. We were near Banning Pass, which we called the Hell Hole when I was learning to become a pilot. I had taken my first solo cross country flight to Palm Springs and had to fly thru the pass. My instructor told me he would sign me off when I got back — I guess he didn’t think I would make it. Well, I did. But, back to the story… It then started to settle down and the pilot announced we would be landing to the east, which means we would be going out over the ocean and landing with at least a 40 mph tailwind. "Strange," I thought to my self, "a pilot always lands and takes off into the wind." It was a rough landing but we made it and the applause was deafening. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. As my flying instructor used to say after each landing, “we cheated death again.”

We got our bags and caught the shuttle to get our car and then went to the hotel to change our clothes. Lo and behold! It looked like our suitcases had been opened: all of our clothes had gotten wet from the rain! Someone had opened our suitcases and had forgotten to close them up! It was not Homeland Security, since they would leave a note inside indicating that they had done so. Well, I think I know where it happened… I called and filed a complaint with Delta. Lot of good that did…clothes all wet and four books ruined.

It was time to head back home. I was hoping it would be a lot better trip going back! At least we would have a tail wind — and how much worse could it get? It was a pretty good flight at first — some light to moderate chop, but nothing like coming out. We were really cruising along with a 145 mph tail wind. We were about 140 miles from Atlanta when the captain came on the intercom: “ladies and gentlemen we are going to have to go into a holding pattern. The Airport is closed due to a thunderstorm over the airport… it shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes.” 45 minutes later we are still circling. The captain informed us, “Atlanta released one plane into the airport, but we don’t know if he made it, the tower is not saying anything, and most of the planes have diverted to other airports.” I could hear the nervousness in the captain’s voice.

I know everyone had the same thought: "please do the same and divert the flight!" A few minutes later over the intercom came the words everyone was waiting for, “Ladies and gentlemen we are diverting to Nashville.” A loud thunderous applause erupted. "Thank God!" I heard someone say.

There were no facilities to handle an aircraft the capacity of ours, so we sat on the tarmac for three hours while they fueled the plane. The only sustenance the airline gave us was water. Well, at least we didn't dehydrate while we sat there. We were finally cleared to Atlanta. At last we had landed and this nightmare called A TRIP was over. From what I heard about it, I think a trip on LSD would have been better.

What about our connecting flight and our luggage? At least I had my blood pressure pills with me, but my insulin and my diabetic supplies were in my luggage. We stopped at a counter to ask the Delta person about where we should go to connect to our next flight. “I don’t know” was her reply. "Let me talk with a supervisor," I asked. She gave me a dirty look. I guess she did not like 'whitey'. We waited and waited, and no supervisor arrived. I remembered I had a pass to the Delta Crown room — "surely they can help us," I thought. There was a long line at the desk, since many passengers had been stranded by this storm. I first tried to talk with a supervisor — another 'whitey'-hater I thought to myself. How do these inept people get these jobs? Affirmative action I bet… Finally, I reached the desk, and to my relief, it was not a 'whitey'-hating person but a woman named Jane with a heavy Spanish accent. I told her what had happened and she replied that the next flight for us would be tomorrow night at 9:30 pm. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding? What about our bags? I need my diabetic stuff! "Nothing I can do," she said. I then asked her if I could talk with a 'red jacket' — a Delta area supervisor — so she got on the phone. She claimed that I had threatened her. I thought… "this idiot might be calling the police- let them come to see what happens!" Instead a red jacket appeared to speak with me. She was black and I hoped she was not a 'whitey'-hater. My wife and I told her about our Nightmare, then she told us she would get our bags and place them in baggage. She promised to return promptly.

After waiting for an hour I asked the idiot behind the desk if she could call the red Jacket to find out about our luggage. We could not do anything until we found out about the luggage! The idiot said that the luggage was in the baggage claim area. What a relief it was to get out of that Crown room! It was dirty and noisy with kids screaming, and Delta charges a lot of money for that room.

We got to the luggage area and looked over and over for our luggage, but we could not find it. I asked various inept and self-evidently-'whitey'-hating-people, but they knew nothing. I asked again to talk with a red jacket. I thought to myself, "Another one? Is this future shock?" I told her the same story. She responded, "Well, you can go to a drug store and get insulin and Delta will pay for it." "How?" I asked, "with no hotel rooms, rental cars, syringes or a way to check my blood…!" I continued, "Where are our bags?" "They are on their way to Daytona," she replied. WHAT!?!?! "You mean that the other red jacket lied about the bags being here?" "Well, nothing I can do," she said, and walked away. I was furious.

A few minutes later I spied another red jacket and went to her hoping that she was not a 'whitey'-hating inept person. I told her the whole story, she apologized, and went straight to a computer. I thought, "Oh no! Not another one!" She called me over to the desk, and I approached, expecting the worst. "Mr. Clark, I got your wife and you a hotel room, which Delta will pay for, and also an early morning flight to Daytona." I was numb with shock! After thinking that we were going to have to sleep in the airport, and worrying about the possibility of a diabetic coma, finally someone competent, conscienscious and efficient helped us. I thanked her profusely and told her I would call her superiors and tell them she was the only professional Delta had on their payroll. Thank you Angela Perry- not all black people are 'whitey'-hating-inept-people.

PS I found out that just prior to my trip a Delta 767 flight from Brazil had landed on a taxiway at Atlanta airport.

My advice to you is to avoid Delta, and try to avoid Atlanta Airport and demand Affirmative action be ended.

John Clark

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