My Reply to Senator Brownback – You rolled over!

The sovereignty of this countryis being threatened from6 sides, and you want acandidate who only sees one of them?

The war in

Iraq is only one side to bankrupting and destroying this nation. With 7,000 more Muslims this current bad excuse for a leader we have in the White House is letting in, seeking "Asylum", by the time Sen. Whats-his-name-Mc? gets in, it'll have to be 700,000, and then 7,000,000, and,how many of them will really be Jihadists?

But, there is already 20,000,000 or more BROWN BACK illegals in this country from the South. They all speak Spanish. They have to go first.

Then there is

China. No one of the candidates is saying anything about

China and how it will soon take over thetitle of World's most formidable military power. What does your friend,

Mc Cain have to say about that?

And then there are the subversive organizations sworn to take over this country: The ACLU; the Southern POVERTY UnLaw Center; the CAIR (communist-Islamic-jihadist front organization), all the Mosques that are springing up all over the land–

And, The Law Of the Sea Treaty. If we sign that, we are already LOST!!!!!

If that doesn't sink our nation, or turn it all over to people who hate us, there is still the "War" on Terror and the "War" on drugs. Both these wars are being lost. All we seem to be doing about the war on terror is indoctrinating our officials and others about how nice the Quaran speaks about "The Religion of Love", and, how important it is we don't loose sight of the fact that Muslims need foot baths in the public rest rooms.

The only candidate who is serious about giving the country back to the people who got it this far is




For GOD and Country's sake, please vote NO for LOST and do not endorse the Mexican Government's BOY, McHispanic!






This morning, I flew to

Iowa to join and endorse my friend,


McCain, for President of the

United States.


McCain is a true American hero and I'm proud to stand with him today. He is the only candidate who can rally the

Reagan coalition of conservatives, Independents, and conservative Democrats needed to defeat


Clinton or any other Democrat in the general election next year.

While I respect all of the Republicans running for president this year,


McCain is the only choice to lead our country in the global fight against Islamic fundamentalism. He has the experience, the knowledge, and the courage for this fight. He alone among the candidates for President recognized years ago that our strategy in

Iraq was failing and had the guts to call for change. We need that leadership in the White House.


McCain also represents the values that are the core of our Republican party. He has spent a lifetime standing up for human rights around the world, including a consistent 24 year pro-life record of protecting the rights of the unborn. We do not have to abandon our principles of life, faith and family to defeat the Democrats next fall; we can stand with



With momentum growing, we need to rally around John McCain today. Please take the time to contribute to his campaign. With less than 60 days before voting begins, it is important that

John have the resources to get his message out in the early primary states. I am standing strong with

John and ask that you join me.


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