My Presidential Debate Advice & Recommendations To President Trump . .

Edwin A. Sumcad –

September 29, 2020 First Presidential Debate – Godspeed, and go luck, Mr. President . . . You are going to win this debate hands down.

I. My first advice is to keep in mind at all times as the Debate progresses and with this pre-hand knowledge you will know when and how to react and/or response without going out of context while maintaining your, calm, civility and likability, viz:

(a) know that Chris Wallace is a Fox News Conservative Shill who is there not for you but against you. In this Debate, he acts as a mouthpiece of the Dems and the Left, and therefore an opponent in the Debate.

(b) He is this guy when he interviewed you in Fox News in July 19. It was an interview, but he was not interviewing you – he was debating with you for an in behalf of the other side that wants to embarrass the President of United States. Attached is my published written analysis about this issue read by millions at where I also said and backed by research that the Commission for Presidential Debate had rigged this Debate by choosing Wallace as the First and Lead Moderator for the whole 3 scheduled debates.

(c) There is no doubt in my mind that Wallace will not only “moderate” but debate with you when you answer his question/s.

(d) He has a great advantage if he goes toe-to-toe with you because he chose the topic and formulate the questions to ask you long before the debate. He will ask questions of which he already knew your answers, quoting your previous statements to it (watch how your words or statement is taken out-of-context), and he has a prepared rebuttal to anything you say. So please keep in mind that you are there to debate both Biden and Wallace.

II. My first recommendation while the Debate is in progress is for you to neutralize and CONTROL Wallace when you begin to notice that he is not moderating but debating with you. You will notice this debate hijack when he starts to cut you off while you are delivering an important point, or quotes your previous statement/s out of context and use them against you. In journalism, interviews that turn into a nasty argument between the interviewer and the interviewee, always reveal the journalist’s peculiar style of aggression. Wallace has his fingerprint on it he may not even know or aware of it. I studied them well.

III. How to NEUTRALIZE and CONTROL a run-away bull like Wallace is a long story. But I have classic examples to show you. (a) Replay your July recorded interview with Wallace that I wrote about and published at NWS hereto attached. He has his signature in it. (b) Play the Fox News clip of the recorded Wallace interview with Sen. Tom Cotton last Sunday September 20, 2020. Wallace was pressing and squeezing the word “hypocrisy” over and over again out of Cotton’s mouth against the Republicans in 2016 when they objected to the confirmation of a nominee to the Supreme Court ahead of the election. Watch the clip carefully and listen to the Wallace-Cotton exchanges, and notice how Cotton put a leash on Wallace’s neck like he does to a bulldog. No, Chris, as I said what you are saying is not what I said, you are quoting me out of context, etc., something like that and Wallace could not get the answer to the question he wanted Cotton to spit out. Frustrated, Wallace quit and ended the “interview”. (c) Replay the YouTube clip of the WH press conference last September 23, 2020 where your Press Secretary McEnany tamed Jim Acosta and put him back in place when as usual he went wild against you or find this headline in the Internet: “McEnany Scorches Acosta in WH Press Briefing After He Tries to Create News By Taking Trump Out of Context and Badgering Her to Respond” by kingsjester, September 23, 2020, 7:00 AM. McEnany was so masterful in taming the bull that I think it is time for Acosta to retire and save CNN the embarrassment – spare CNN’s rating going down the tube.

IV. The topics of the Debate Wallace chose include how you are dealing with Coronavirus. Virus questions are for both of you and Biden, but actually for you because this is where they want to pin you down. For and behalf of the other side’s argument against you on Coronavirus (Biden & Dems’ anti-Trump campaign line), expect Wallace to ask you faultfinding questions which will look like this: As President, why do you not admit responsibility (genetically concluded question) for more than 200,000 Americans who died of Coronavirus across the country? Reject this question. It is not a legitimate question – it is only a conclusion that ends with a question mark, which assumed that you did not admit responsibility when they even do not know yet that you did not admit or admitted responsibility. This is how Wallace frames his “loaded” question.

When you refuse to answer this rogue question, Wallace will be forced to reframe it to look like this: Mr. President, do you admit or do you not admit any responsibility at all for more than 200,000 Americans who died of Coronavirus?

See, damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

To answer this question, make it clear to the audience that you reject the imputation in the question that you as President do not admit responsibility. Tell them that you in fact admit responsibility in the handling of the pandemic.

But surprise them by saying: As President, I admit responsibility – my responsibility as President of United States to see to it that I exercise the best judgment to protect the country and the American people by first banning travel from China to the United States as early as (date), as preventive and precautionary measures – a good answer with a counter-attack against Biden who called the ban xenophobic, etc. Then proceed with the other important things you did in controlling the pandemic — a litany of them – that finally end up with the fast development of the needed Vaccine, etc. . . .

V. One of the roles of the Moderator is to stop petty arguments and redirect the discussion to another topic. Stop Wallace when he is doing this to you while you are thrashing Biden with important points the public needs to know. Ask him to let you finish by simply saying that this Debate is only important to the American if the Moderator does not prevent or suppress what they need to know for the survival of this nation. State that this is the only reason why you are here in this Debate. You will get a standing ovation for this.

VI. Mr. President, these are just a few lead-pointers I can suggest due to limited time. Of course, there are a lot more but your time is valuable.

From this draft you can craft your own plan for the Debate which I have no doubt you are smarter than anyone I know to do it and carry out to defeat Wallace and Biden. I already published my study and evaluation of yourself as the best President ever recorded in the history of the United States in one of the nation’s biggest Websites read by millions (, and in my latest book “Leading A Divided Nation, President Donald J. Trump and America Under Siege . . .” now marketed in Amazon alongside with Donald Trump, Jr.’s book Liberal Privilege.

I just want you to add in your closing remarks a promise to the American people . . . promise them that the first thing you want to do right after your inauguration is to first end once and for all the anarchy and riots in the streets especially in the blue states and cities, that destroy property, burn down buildings and vehicles and rampant looting of businesses and commercial establishments that cost billions of dollars, the killings of cops and innocent people including children.

Promise the American people that the next time we see those involved in a silent coup to oust a duly elected President of United States, and those thugs in the streets that harm people and the economy, are in jail.

This will assure you of another standing ovation.

As a duly re-elected President of United States, give the audience a hint as to how the august power of the U.S. presidency is going to be used for you to achieve what you promised to do, and for the next 4 years how you will make our country even better, richer and stronger if not the strongest because the best is yet to come.

And from this you will get the biggest applause and standing ovation ever from millions of the excited American people all over the country who depended on you.

Do not forget that China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are watching you how you conduct yourself in this Debate. And you and I understand how the leaders of these countries feel, fear, respect, and admire you.

They already knew what you can do, what you have done to international terrorism and world trade in particular, and in general, to the broken global system which none of them are capable of doing what you did.

You are the leader of the world and in this Debate, you cannot lose to a nobody like Joe Biden.

Think about that, Mr. President.

Yours truly,
Edwin A. Sumcad

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