My Cousin Marilyn

by John Clark –

Norma Jean Baker, Also Known As Marilyn Monroe, made her mark in just  a very few years.

The glamour girl of Hollywood was the envy of women and the desire of men; but who really was this Glamour gal?

Let’s go back to the beginning,

Norma Jean Baker was daughter of Gladys Pearl Monroe and Martin Mortensen.

She was born June 1, 1926. Marilyn at that time married Mr. James Edward Dougherty. After her divorce, on June 19th, 1942. She then married Mr. Joe Di Maggio on Jan 14th, 1954 at City Hall in San Francisco California. Once again, after her divorce to DiMaggio, Marilyn happily married Mr. Arthur Miller on June 29th, 1956 in New York City.

Three men, all failed marriages. Why?

Norma Jean was still that little girl looking for the father she never had, and her father left when she was only three years old (Later when she became Marilyn she found her father, but he didn’t want anything to do with her) On top of that, her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was committed to a mental hospital in Norwalk, CA.  Not a good foundation for one to build on.

Now let’s go back to the story about my cousin and how I found she was my cousin.  About ten years ago I received a phone call from John, in Culver city California a town near the Los Angeles airport. John is the person who purchased my aunt’s house after she passed away.

One day I invited my wife to go with me to visit that house so I could show her where I enjoyed so many good times as a kid. At Christmas times we traveled all the way from San Francisco, where I lived, to Culver city every year. In those days the drive was a long one, at least twelve hours, unlike today’s six hours travel time. It was an adventure going there, and it was located right next to the back lot of MGM studios. When we got there I noticed that there was an addition to the house as I remembered it and it looked like it might just bee a new bedroom.  I told my wife I was going to ring the bell to see if it was possible to see the inside of the house, I became nostalgic as it had been many years since I was inside. I didn’t think there would be a chance but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained. The door opened and a gentleman appeared, “can I help you?” he asked. Needless to say, that was John.  I answered back if it would be alright to come into his house to look, and explained to him that it used to be my aunt’s house and how I had so much fun there as a kid. ” Sure” was his reply.

What a thrill to be able to walk around and see the place where there were so many good childhood memories. However, at the same time some sad thoughts about how my uncle had died very suddenly, and my aunt was no longer there with her great laughter.  But overall it was great, and very kind of this man to do this for two complete strangers. I thanked ‘John’ profusely, and gave him my business card and we were on our way.

A year later I receive a phone call from John informing me that he was receiving mail from the insurance company addressed to my cousin Linda. She had passed away a couple of years earlier.  I asked him to send me the letters, which he did. When I got them I noticed they were from insurance an company in Boston informing my cousin that her mother, my aunt, had left an insurance policy naming my cousin as beneficiary. I replied to the insurance company that my cousin was now deceased. They replied back asking who was the next in line, as far as I knew I was. But to make sure I hired a genealogy expert to do a search.  When I got the report back, I could not believe it, there was Norma Jean Baker whose father was my grandfather’s sister’s son. Wow! I thought to myself; Was this meant to be or what?

My wife is an artist, and one day she was reading an article about Norma Jean Baker before she was Marilyn, and there were some pictures of Norma Jean.  My wife said “I want to show you something, she went into the bedroom and came back with a picture of my mother when she was about the same age as Norma, she put it next to one of the pictures of Norma Jean, they could have been twin sisters!

Living in San Fran I had met Joe Di Maggio a few times, before I had found out that Marilyn was my cousin, a great and very nice person by the way. I could see in his eyes that he was never over Marilyn.

Another that came into mind was a Jewish friend of mine, he invited me to go to his Jewish club as Tony Curtis was going to be the guest, I never knew Tony was Jewish.  I asked Tony that night how he liked working with Marilyn he said “sometimes she was late and did not know her lines, but she was very bright and very funny”

Few years later I was at a function in St Louis and I was introduced to Jane Russell, I had remembered her being in a movie with Marilyn; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I asked the same question I had asked Tony Curtis “she was very bright and very funny” was her reply, It seemed as almost everyone liked her and she left a great impression.

I sent documentation to the insurance company that I was indeed the next in line, and they sent me a check in no time, (it was not much but, hey! it was almost as if was being sent from her, Thanks Aunt Ginny.

Being an investigator journalist I had just finished an investigation of a hit man, Walter Pica AKA DB Cooper, who had given me info on the killing of Marilyn and also Jimmy Hoffa.  He said that Joe Kennedy gave the order to have her killed , as she had said she was going to expose both JFK and RFK,  as they did not want anything to do with her after their affairs. They treated her like a leper, she was furious and saddened, as I guess in her Mind JFK had promised her more, Joe felt that she would destroy both JFK & RFK, so he gave the order to Sam Giancana -one of the heads of the mafia-was connected closely to Frank Sinatra and JFK…  Sam asked Frank Sinatra to invite Marilyn up to Cal Neva at Lake Tahoe, to maybe try and talk some sense into her and Sam wanted to see for himself if she was as much out of control as Joe Kennedy had said, Frank did not succeed as Sam saw that she was completely out of control and gave the order to have her kill. The hit man injected her, he also was an electronic expert that had to make sure everything was erased from the recording equip that many had put in Marilyn’s house. including Jimmy Hoffa (who wanted dirt on the Kennedy’s) he felt it was the Kennedys’ who put him prison, also Joe Kennedy and last but not least J Edgar Hoover who hated the Kennedy’s

A poor undefended girl all alone in a freighting world  murdered by people that so many Americans looked up to  as the ruthless killers of my cousin Marilyn.

May she rest in peace –   C 2016    John Clark

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