Must Keep Pressure On Senate Against Amnesty

…..Then they will strip the penalty portions and we will end up with amnesty and a still unsecured border. The Senate needs to introduce a bill that requires a wall be built to secure the border between the US and Mexico. Sign the Petition against amnesty.

The Senate bill that would have made millions of ILLEGALS legal with the stroke of a pen has been pulled off the table for a while. There are many who say that it is dead but that is not the case. Those in the Senate, from both parties, who want this bill are going to try and ram it down our throats. I heard them on the news all day Friday talking about how the bill will be back and they will get this done.

We can not let up on them. We must continue to call them and continue to let them know that we are not happy with this bill. They need to know that a smile and a wink from them along with reassurances that they will do the right thing is not enough any more. The American public does not believe what the Congress tells us and for very good reason, they lie. Every time they push a bill down our throat it ends in a disaster and it ends with billions of dollars wasted. This happened in 1965 and 1986 when immigration amnesty bills were passed (each sponsored by Ted Kennedy) and we were promised that these would end ILLEGAL entry into our country. In the 1980s there were four million ILLEGALS and now there are at least three times that many. It looks like their promises were empty once again.

If the Congress of the US wants us to buy in to these things they are going to have to earn our trust once again. They, especially those on the left, love to tell us that the President has low approval ratings but the ratings of Congress are lower than the President's. This is a clear indication that America does not trust Congress to do a good hob and does not feel Congress is currently doing a good job. This is because time and again Congress fails to do a good job. They introduce bill after bill and enact more and more laws. They need to understand that it is OK not to introduce new legislation. They need to understand that they are not there to make laws for the sake of making laws and that when they do make some law it has to be simple, needed, and enforceable without screwing millions of taxpayers. This is a hard thing for them to do.

If the Congress wants to gain our trust they need to show us they are serious about securing our border. They keep talking about how this bill will accomplish that but the fact is the first thing they will do is strip the provisions that secure the border. Then they will strip the penalty portions and we will end up with amnesty and a still unsecured border. The Senate needs to introduce a bill that requires a wall be built to secure the border between the US and Mexico. We need that done FIRST because we do not trust them to do it last. I would bet that if they put a check box on the tax forms to allow $5 be added to a person's taxes or deducted from their refund to finance a wall, millions of people would do that so long as the money was strictly dedicated to building the wall. In order to gain our trust they must also have an accurate method for employers to verify the status of an applicant. Any employer caught hiring ILLEGALS must be fined $10,000 PER ILLEGAL employee and ILLEGALS captured must spend 90 days in jail before deportation.

One more thing that will gain our trust is for Congress to revisit the 14th Amendment and ensure that the original intent of the Amendment is carried out and that is people born to non-citizens of the US are NOT citizens of the US and we need to revoke all the citizenships that have been given based upon the erroneous ruling by the SCOTUS and by the misapplication of the 14th. The people who wrote it clearly meant it to mean that a person born to parents who had an allegiance to someplace other than the US were NOT citizens. We must clear this up so that we can stop the jackpot babies from being born here.

After Congress earns our trust by doing these things (which will curb and reduce the number of ILLEGALS here) then we can discuss guest worker programs and what to do with those remaining here. Any provision must include a cut off date so that any ILLEGAL who has not come forward by that date will automatically be permanently ineligible for legal status in this country and will be deported. It must include a provision so that any person caught here after being deported spends time in a jail.

If Congress truly wants reform they need to stop giving us lip service and do the right thing no matter how tough it is. They need to gain our trust again and they need to understand that they work for us not the other way around. They also need to know that those who support the bill in its current form will be a target in the next election. John McCain is already toast and while part of the reason is because he has gone bonkers, his undying support for his bill has been his undoing and he will not be in the Presidential race much longer.

There are others who will be in real danger of losing their jobs in the next election because there is a groundswell and it is going to be like a tsunami by the time November of next year rolls around. If B. Hussein Obama thinks that there is a quiet riot boiling in the black community, he should stick around to see the not so quiet riot in the next election if this bill is reintroduced and passed. George Bush is not running again but there are many of them who are and they are going to pay for this.

If these Bozos need some lessons on how to be tough then they can contact me and I will tell them but I think my plan as outlined above is a great start. And I did that without a lobbyist…


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