Muslims in Europe Becoming Less Secular, More Radical – {Duh! What?}

by Chris Tomlinson –

… Professor emeritus of the University of Louvain, Felice Dassetto, has claimed the number of secular Muslims in Europe is in steep decline and more are becoming radicalised.

Professor Dassetto said the secular world and its values are becoming less attractive to contemporary Islam and that Muslims are turning toward more reactionary forms of the faith, Il Giornale reports.

“There is a bit of disaffection, but there is no mass abandonment of the faith, the phenomenon affects at most 10 to 15 percent,” Dassetto said, noting that at least 80 percent of Muslims across Europe now claimed to be religious.
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Dassetto also noted that Friday prayers in various mosques were seeing more younger Muslims participate and noted that younger Muslims, particularly those in poorer areas, were far more prone to radicalisation. | 20 Dec 2018 …

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