Muslim Clerics – In USA – Issue ‘Fatwa’ [Usually A Wanted Dead Warrant] – Against President Trump

by Leo Hohmann –

– NWS – Editors Note: Death to the American Constitution? This Fatwa is a declaration of war against the Constitution.  The Muslims are Koranic seditionists and should be exported to their own Sharia rat holes from which they came – No Mercy!

Excerpt >>

“Their obligations are set by Shariah law,” Haney said.

North American Islamic scholars have issued a legal ruling or “fatwa” in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning victory and imminent presidency, instructing the faithful on what to expect and how they should respond to shifting political realities. …

… The AMJA’s Fatwa Committee is led by its senior member, the Egyptian-born radical Waleed Idris al-Maneese, imam of al-Faroq mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, which has been attended by at least five Somali refugees who ended up being terrorists, as previously reported by WND.

The fatwa committee never mentions Trump by name, but it’s clear who they are talking about. They quote the Quran to reiterate that they themselves are the proper authorities to which all American Muslims should look for guidance in the coming days of trial.


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