MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Fired — A “Madman” Leaves The Scene

In control of his niche in the Media, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann rode high. Feeling secured and invincible, he has been kicking butts himself, especially those of Republican opponents that appear on his mind-screen as repulsive and therefore are his favorite hacking targets.

Conservative pundits described Olbermann as the notorious "Madman of MSNBC" about a decade ago when this notorious liberal character-assassin turned his Bush-bashing talk show into a graveyard of his left-leaning one-man anti-war media campaign.

From his self-proclaimed war against conservatism, Olbermann found himself in the center of controversy, especially when the toxicity ratings of his anti-war Countdown show climbed to an unprecedented height. His-left-of-the center position on critical issues of the day versus the Republicans and specifically against the Bush administration, as well as his terribly flawed liberal rhetoric on radical activism proved to be his own undoing, and his publicly criticized foolhardiness and lack of common sense when overwhelmed by emotion, led himself to a trap down the high road to perdition.

Earlier, I have written an editorial report published by several major websites saying that it was just a matter of days – at most only in a matter of months — before Olbermann’s volley of rapacious anti-conservatism backfires, and the aftershock would knock him down and out! The connecting dots in a sequence of events that followed led to his downfall, catching him right at the spot of his own folly where I have predicted he would bite the dust and join the ranks of jobless that walk the street. It would seem that his abrupt separation from MSNBC is providential, and yet as if he had designed his own fate, and ironically, had programmed his own sudden exit from the limelight.

Olbermann was fired January 22nd, 2011 at 8:19 AM. It was the end of the seedy Countdown TV-viewers watched with a mixed feeling of radical exaltation, self-glorification, leftist adulation, aberration of Judeo-Christian fundamentalism – a favorite dish in his attack menu — public contempt, not to speak of Republican outrage and conservative condemnation.

His radical liberal colleagues swallowed hard and rampaged Media’s landscape with spiteful and malicious vengeance, all of them acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They verbalized their empathy for a fallen press tyrant that Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once feared more than a thousand bayonets.

Leftist liberals claimed that this fire-spewing dragon of MSNBC was a victim of economic meltdown when corporations avoid losses or dodge eventual collapse by resorting to drastic measures like firing workers, operational restructuring, downsizing, merger and the like. But it was a suspicious termination of long years of service to MSNBC … the truth is, Olbermann’s extinction was engineered by his conspiring bosses at the newly merged Comcast-NBC conglomerate. Neutral observers believed there was more to it than just the merger.

I joined countless journalists who are picking up pieces of news bits about the controversial dismissal that looks like an invisible puzzle thrown against the blank wall that does not give any logical configuration much more clearer picture of what really happened.

That this maverick cable newsman was a casualty of our national economy gone wild is baloney. Recession that plunged Obama’s bailout madness into a pump-priming Keneysian economic rescue, might have caused the merger of Comcast-NBC, but the fusion of business interests was actually a timely excuse to get rid of a madman that had long stalked the editorial television screen with vicious character assassination, and like Jack the Ripper, murders the truth when he attacks below the belt.

Anyone may have his or her own tea and sympathy for Olbermann after he was brusquely thrown out into the cold, but for me it was a mournful obituary to read the headlines of media criers that Olbermannhad just joined the millions of jobless all over the country. Before he got the boot on his fattened behind [a tarnished icon that used to attract big television money], this radical Bush harpooner has just recently been fuming mad attacking the Republicans he believed were responsible for joblessness in the country. Again ironically, he had not foreseen that his run-of-the-mill eruption of character-poisoning that darkens the skyline like volcanic ashes disgorged from the blistering mouth of hell, would come to a head-banging conclusion making himself his own first major casualty.

But here is the real rationale for his abrupt departure from MSNBC: Olbermann was fired not because of the January 18 Comcast-NBC Merger where MSNBC was put under the control of the new rightist owners. This corporate union was inevitable; rather he was sacked because the media high priests of power believed the public needed a break for taking too much poison from the "madman’s" delirious rants since he started whacking former president George W. Bush on the war in Iraq as if it was his cure for a medically advanced neurosis. His Christian right critics ridiculed him as a plunderer of truthful and reliable public opinion … a raving amuck of one-sided editorial news reporting that does not educate but rather subverts the credulity of his audience and misleads the general public.

Add to it the fact that Olbermann is really a contradictory self-proclaimed whip of public conjuring. From the overtly biased editorial pulpit is where he stands and preaches his contempt of anything conservative. He has always been an odd talk show host irreconcilably at odds with management. It seems that he got a kick out of it – an addictive fix if you may – every time he fights a personal war, real or imagined, in the name of the Commonweal!

Fox NewsBill O’Reilly’s no-spin-zone TV corner has been scandalously mistaken as a counter rub out to Countdown in the recent spate of cultural wars among the liberals and the conservatives. But there is a big chunk and chuckle of difference: As a talk show hostO’Reilly debates people and events and argues issues of the day, and the result is that this Republican thespian of the Media educates rather than nauseates the public. Olbermann dictates on TV viewers his one-sided and terribly slashing anti-Bush and anti-war opinion … He is a sprite pen-pusher dancing in his own war game on the public stage. Under the limelight, he had chosen to play the role of a demon-hunter, with the pen and the quill as his vaunted slaying weapon … sadly though in most cases he targets demons of his own imaginary creation.

This disgraced opinion artist has a track record of attacking even his own superiors in the workplace, notably when he is reportedly in a bad mood – and that’s more frequent than random, patchy or sporadic — sans any provocation common to humans with a normal blood pressure. Acting like Bozo the Clown in his "nightly buffoonery", his critic David Forsmark called his program " ‘Meltdown’ a nightly ‘public ravings’, not real news and information." Editor Luke Mitchell described him as "irritating and his obivious sexism is reprehensible."

New Yorker writer Peter Boyer described Olbermann as ‘One Angry Man’. He delivered a "lacerating indictment of Bush, a twelve-minute-long accusation addressed personally to (him). The denunciation hit the high notes of the most fevered antiwar rhetoric, accusing Bush….his alleged puppet master (Dick Cheney and those around them) of perpetrating a 'panoramic and murderous deceit’ on America and the world, (saying) ‘you yoked this nation and your place in history to the wrong war, in the wrong place, against the wrong people.’ "

Of course there is no such thing as a "wrong war" … Saddam Hussein’s terrorist Iraq was not the "wrong place" but the "right place" to start a retaliatory defensive war after Al Qaeda’s 911 attacks. It was a war in Iraq, not against Iraq and its subdued people that needed to be liberated and freed from the genocidal rule of a murderous despot that cuddled, trained and protected international terrorists; in fact Iraq was where the U.S. started a total war endorsed and approved by Congress, against Islamic terrorism that spread around the world, and fighting Islamic terrorists is not and can never be the "wrong people" to fight against, in America’s war on terror, more so when Americans are being killed by violent, blood-thirsty Islamic fundamentalist operatives everywhere!

Olbermann’s anti-Iraq war compulsion as a war protester had earned him the title of The Number One Bush-basher in the entire Bush-Cheney administration. He attacked Bush almost in a daily basis calling the president the country’s No. 1 Terrorist America ever had. In his anti-Bush delirium, Olbermann wrote that infamous, unforgettable long-winded editorial declaring to the world that there were no terrorists in this country except Bush, and in the United States, terrorism did not exist except Bush’s terrorism that was holding the citizenry in a grip of fear and terror. Millions of Americans believed Olbermann launched this damaging innuendo … this false lacerating attack just to tarnish the image of a president about to complete his terms of office and was preparing to retire. George W. Bush held his cool, and did not even release a single world of hostility towards his attacker, thus leaving Olbermann and his squabbles in the gutter alone by himself where after all he is residing comfortably.

Unfortunately, this MSNBC’s mottled imp ate his own words voraciously – swallowed them with salt, pepper and vinegar as if it was a vintage delicacy of media connoisseurs specializing on raw food — when the recent bloodshed in Tucson, Arizona perpetrated by a 22-year-old psychopath rocked the nation. By attacking the young gunman as a whacko on the loose and by denouncing terrorists and terrorism in America describing them as more evil than Bush, he proved his own self-contradiction. He confirmed himself as a senseless raving leftist liberal fanatic and a despicable congenital liar.

To the conservative powers-that-be that act like gods in retooling MSNBC towards fairness and objectivity in news reporting, this sore eye has to be removed if the badly tarnished American Media has to regain the respect of the American public.

One more embarrassment of the Media that walks by night has just left the scene. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 3, 2011.

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