Mr. Donald Trump Presidential Candidate – Vs – Sen. John McCain [Fraud]

by Barry Weinstein – –

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has every right to question “Hanoi” John McCain’s qualifications as an alleged Hero of the Vietnam War.

I rely on statements made by those actual Hero’s that were injured if not killed by the acts of John McCain – the “hero” – during his capture in Viet Nam.


And See also: Veterans Today –

by Gordon Duff, VT Editor
“Presidential pardon from Nixon saves John McCain from treason and collaboration charges according to Rolling Thunder Founder and 3 war veteran, John Holland….” -Why nothing in the news… – Why no reports….. – Why was the truth kept from America during the election?”

Once again the corrupt Senator McCain has violated his “OATH” of office as a United States Senator in that he has aided and abetted millions of illegal aliens to circumvent the constitutionally passed immigration laws of America, which McCain Swore to protect and defend. McCain either committed fraud when he took the Oath of office as Senator and previously for the military or he committed fraud thereafter when he chose not to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, as stated herein.

Add to this the Fact that McCain has been a leading cause of the Illegal Foreigner / alien Invasion that has recently led to the death of an innocent 32 year old beautiful woman in San Francisco. The murderer is an illegal alien protected by this anti-American Sanctuary City’s democrat leaders and Senator McCain’s historic activities on behalf of illegal aliens coming across the Mexican / American border by the millions.

McCain collaborated with Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts in order to fundamentally change the legal immigration laws into what exists now. The destructive illegal alien invasion of America across the southern border, just as Mr. Donald Trump has so courageously pointed out.

McCain has endangered each and every LEGAL American citizen with his support of illegal foreigners invading America, bringing disease, crime, the undermining of wages and on and on.

McCain was the cause of a tourism boycott of Arizona and Massachusetts.


Senator John McCain is Fraud. McCain must be disregarded and should keep his lying mouth shut.

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