Most Americans Stupid As A Box Of Rocks …

… On American Sustainability—Anatomy of Societal Collapse.

With millions of Americans reading my columns on 50 websites across the country, I receive thousands of letters concerning my stance on overpopulation and immigration. Additionally, I speak to millions on radio shows. My latest book, America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans, describes our accelerating population predicament. As a civilization, we stand nostril-deep in a world of hurt on a dozen fronts.

Most of the time, readers thank me for my outspoken courage and integrity. Others lambaste me with names and other epithets.

Last week, a reader tried to bait me into arguing with his myopic support of immigration and population growth. His inane arguments do not hold water because they stem from his emotional paradigm. I receive dozens of letters from well-meaning writers, but they all fail to understand that our present resource base cannot and will not sustain our population today let alone 30 years from now with an added 100 million Americans.

Our national leaders and regular citizens prove dumber than a box of rocks!

That’s the problem! We suffer an entire society thinking and standing on the fractured glass legs of the 20th century. We think our “expand forever” paradigms of the last century can continue in the 21st century. They cannot! They will not!

Yet, we persist in our folly. We defend it! We wallow in it! And, if we continue, we will collapse in it.

Therefore, in this column, I will present a brilliant treatise by Chris Clugston, a Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from Penn State University. Additionally, he earned an MBA with High Distinction from Temple University.

In his paper, he methodically presents the irrefutable path of collapse our civilization races along in 2009. He presents graphs and logic that even a 6th grader can understand.

Many thanks to Chris Clugston for sending me the attached summary of his paper – “On American Sustainability—Anatomy of Societal Collapse.” The full paper can be downloaded from the following website: It contains the models, evidence, and references for the conclusions reached.

Once you read it, you will understand what I have witnessed in my worldwide travels on a bicycle. I saw what he writes about in his essay. China and India represent horrifically overloaded societies that will collapse at some point. Mexico cannot and will not survive its population overload. The Catholic Church will burn in hell [sic] for its arrogance of unlimited birth rates and stance against birth control.

I don’t give a flatulence in the wind what your race, creed or color is! This “Human Katrina” will engulf all of us no matter how many names you hurl or how rich or poor your life. We live on a finite planet with finite resources. We cannot keep expanding human population. Hundreds of top world experts present similar realities: Richard Heinberg author of Peak Everything and The Party’s Over. James Howard Kunstler author of The Long Emergency. Dr. Tainter author of Why Complex Societies Collapse. Garrett Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons.” Those represent a few of the growing understanding that we are horribly overpopulated. ; ; Lester Brown author of Plan B 3.0.

Watch the movie, “Blind Spot” by Aldolfo Doring and Amanda Zackem. That movie will bring it home in living color. We live in a perilous first part of the 21st century with 30 years of oil left. Without oil and without any foreseeable substitute, we will not be able to produce enough food for our overloaded human populations across this country or the planet.

But if it’s not oil and energy, we’re running out of available water. THAT factor will become our greatest dilemma. Already on the planet, over 1 billion humans cannot procure a clean glass of drinking water in 2009. Death rates exceed 18 million annually from starvation.

So, why not argue for more human population! You’re brain dead if you do! You’re as out of touch and as stupid as the Pope! He’s probably the most out of touch human being on the planet. He promotes unlimited births while millions of his flock suffer horrible lives of poverty and starvation while he sits in the Vatican surrounded by gold and artifacts from his ancient religion’s past glories.

At one point George H.W. Bush said, “The American Way of life is not negotiable.”

Mother Nature responded, “George who?”

As we overload and overshoot our carrying capacity, Mother Nature will step in with a heavier and heavier hand.

Immigration! She won’t care if you are an American, legal immigrant or unlawful immigrant or a prairie dog. She will crush you with starvation, water shortages, diseases and chaos.

We might have 10 maybe 20 years to solve our dilemma, but not much more, and probably much less. Will we gallop into the abyss with continued arrogance or will we understand our dilemma sooner and make drastic changes in consumption and population production?

When I write this information, I am writing for you and your kids. I’m not writing and researching because it’s fun. I’d rather being writing non-fiction adventure books—my first love.

At the end of my columns, I offer you websites to take action. So, take action! Mother Nature doesn’t care about your complaints, bias, race, creed or color. She only counts results. We need to stabilize and reduce human population. We need to live within the carrying capacity of the land. We need to balance our energy usage with the ability of the planet to maintain a stable climate and living conditions on land and in our oceans. We need to take action every day toward that resolve.

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