Mosque at “Ground Zero”

Some say yes, others say no, others say whatever. But, that is not a frivolous question like, is Vanilla the best flavor Ice Cream, or should women’s skirts be worn above, at or below the knee.

Permitting a Mosque at “Ground ZERO” is deadly serious and has broad geo-political ramifications. To be well equipped enough emotionally and intellectually to answer that question seriously, one must understand signs, symbols and cultures.

A country’s flag is a symbol of that country. When soldiers in war place their country’s flag on the ground of another country, it is considered captured. That is why the picture of planting the American Flag on a hill overlooking Iwo Jima has such symbolism. That is why there is a child’s game called, “Capture the Flag”.

There are imposing buildings built in a nation’s capital symbolizing that country. The Capital Building and the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. are good examples in our country.

The Reichstag building is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Reichstag, parliament of the German Empire.

That was such a powerful symbol of the Reichstadt (The State of Imperial Germany), that when Hitler had it burned down and blamed the Jews, he was able to galvanize many of the German People into a conquering machine.

Statues of once important leaders of government or industry are memorials of their greatness.

For Islam, the highest form of symbolism is the building of a Mosque on the sacred ground of a conquered country, state, city, or place to celebrate victory.

Throughout history, Muslim warfare is traditionally crowned with mosque-construction in lands conquered and occupied in the name of Islam. Atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem the new rulers adorned aggression with a cultural symbol and built the Aqsa Mosque in 705. In late September 2000, the Palestinians launched their Al Aqsa Intifada against Israel, ending their rabble-rousing Friday public prayer in the Aqsa mosque by raining rocks on Jews praying below the Mount at the Western Wall.

A yet more arrogant practice is to either destroy churches, in Nazareth in 661, or to transform existing churches into mosques, in Damascus in 637 and the Greek Orthodox Church of Hagio Sophia in Constantinople (renamed Istanbul) in 1453. When the Muslims seized Hebron in 637, they desecrated while redesigning the Cave of the Patriarchs into the Ibrahim Mosque. A notorious Muslim practice in the theatre of warfare is the massacre Christians in their churches: Armenians in Nakhjavan in 705, Greeks in Thessaloniki in 904, and Lebanese in Ayshiyyah in 1976.

So, now, in light of what Muslims do when they conquer, and, given that when 2 of the most significant buildings of the modern day World Trade are turned to dust by actions that are traced to Islamic Jihadists, most of them coming from Saudi Arabia, it would be easy to conclude that Muslims or Islamist Jihadists or, Islamic Warriors “Conquered” the World Trade center.

Given that the Islamic Jihadists do not occupy NYC personally, it would be hard to erect a Mosque directly on the WTC site itself, would it not follow they would want to erect their Victory Symbol as close as they could to their “Conquered territory”?

And, given they actually did not conquer all of New York, let alone The United States (YET), they would want to move surely, but stealth fully, and call their 13 story building with distinctly Middle Eastern architecture a “community center” with only a small part of it an actual “Mosque” – at first — ?

After this brief overview of Signs, Symbols and Cultures, How would you answer the question, “Given what you know now, and what you have heard about the Imam wanting to build the Mosque, and where the money is coming from, etc, how do you feel about the building of a Mosque at “Ground ZERO”?

… I say no. Not now, not a year from now, not 5 years from now, not 25 years from now, not ever.

I say no. Not within 2 blocks of, “Ground Zero” as long as it is remembered for, “A day of infamy”. Not within 2 miles from “Ground Zero” as long as it is remembered as the site of Islamo-fascist Jihad in America. Not 5 miles from “Ground Zero”, not as long as the thousands of innocents are remembered in the minds of their families.

Not 15 miles from “Ground Zero”, not as long as Islam is propagated by War, Hate, and Murder of those they don’t like.

Not within 25 miles from “Ground Zero”, as long as The Quran and Mohammed say there are people who are inferior to Muslims because they will not submit to Islam. Not within 50 or 100 miles.

Not within the boundaries of The United States of America as long as there is 1 Imam, 1 Ayatollah, or 1 Muslim leader involved with this act of conquest (as seen by other Islamic people around the world) who will not say, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda or any other known Islamic organization is a terrorist, or terrorist front organization, and, that he and his congregation detest what they stand for and disown them.

Does that make me a bigot?

Does it make me a bigot to say, I don’t want a well known Drug Lord or Human trafficker to build a palatial residence in my community, town, city or nation?

At most it would make me a NIMBY (not in my back yard).

Does it make me any less “Christian” or any less a believer in and upholder of the Constitution of the United States of America if I discriminate against a religion or “Way of Life”?

Well, just because I don’t want a Mosque built in my country… does that mean I am discriminating against a “Religion”?

Let’s see: Scholars say that Islam is an Autocratic or totalitarian institution of government.

It is built on a set of laws called “Shariah” passed down to believers by the criminal known as The Prophet Mohammed.

Shariah demands its subjects practice the one government sponsored religion called Mohammedism.

Now, I may not have that exactly right because I am a writer, not a scholar, but, I’d warrant it is right enough.

So, just as sex, any way they like it may be practiced in a private bedroom by consenting adults, prostitution, rape, and religions based on sex are outlawed in most American communities.

We, the citizens of this country, and their elected representatives in Congress, The Senate, and the Upholders of The Law of The Land and The Law Itself, as written down in The Constitution do not permit religions based on sex or perversion or ritualistic killing to exist in the United States.

No one or group may build Temples, Churches or other places of worship to a god of sex perversion, or a god of ritualistic killing.

Ministers who preach perversion or ritualistic killing in their churches, temples, or other places of worship are shunned by their congregations and may be subject to fines and imprisonment for violating the law.

So, we don’t have freedom of religion in this country. We never did.

No where in The Constitution of The United States of America or ANY of its amendments can you find, “You are free to practice anything you like, and, call it, “Religion”, and thereby get away with it legally and not be hunted down by police for doing it.

We have only, freedom from the imposition of any state religion.

We cannot get away with Murder, Rape, Incest, Robbery, etc. by saying, “but, Your Honor, it’s my religion. Charles Milles Manson and his “family” know that only too well!

So should a “religion” that sponsors ritual killing (“honor killing”), requires 4 men to testify that they saw a woman raped before a rapist can be brought to justice, and makes women and children the property (chattel) of a man be permitted to build a place of worship, let alone, be free to practice openly in this country?

I say NO!

The Muslim “religion” permits, in fact, in The Quran it demands the stoning of prostitutes, the ritual (“honor killing”) of a woman who has “dishonored her husband’s house” even though she has fled a country where The State Religion permits such a retribution and come to a society where ritual killing is a crime most high and is condemned.

The Muslim “religion” has been tolerated in this country because The People of this country, and their elected representatives and their Upholders of The Law have been grossly Ignorant of it.

It is tolerated because most Muslims living in this country do not now, openly practice all the Quran and the Imams, and Ayatollahs preach.

The more We The People here about Islamic-fascism, Islamic Jihad, Sharia law and the connection to the Muslim Religion, the less we shall tolerate it.

That may be the reason so many people are up in arms about the permission to build a Mosque at Ground Zero.

Let us join together as a “Solidarity” “Front” and forbid the building of any more Mosques, Madrassas, or “ Cultural Centers” on American soil, starting with the “ Cultural Center” and Mosque near Ground ZERO!

Let us, “Just say NO!” In unison!

Bill Ascherfeld attended Stanford University and graduated with a BA degree in Political Science, History and Economics from San Diego State. He served with the Third Armored Division in Germany in 1956 and 1957 and now is a Real Estate broker in San Diego California. He can be reached at and welcomes your comments.

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