Monomania Is The Disease For Americans To Survive – Not Coronavirus

Edwin A. Sumcad –

The threat of COVID-19 – generally called “Coronavirus” — to wipe out human life on the planet, as scaremongering extremists salivate to say in social media to confront, confuse and terrorize the public, reminds us of meteors that fell on earth millions of years ago and wiped out dinosaurs.

But the difference is, the “deadly” virus that would supposedly wipe out the human race like how asteroids wiped out dinosaurs, is a killing hoax – another one from the left – spread by meandering crooks, this time with an evil eye on President Trump.

Let’s take a look at this newly fabricated swab and swindle and nip it right in the bud. Remember that branch of mathematical science called Probability Theory used in the analysis of random phenomena? This fake out innuendo is a good specimen to point out how the Theory of Probability works out in a random phenomenon that just came out from the blue.

Although the assumption that the virus would kill every human being on the planet is probable, it is statistically impossible to happen within the existence of human life in the universe which is only a fraction of a second in time lightyears away.

Why only a fraction of a second? Well, that’s the lifetime of a human being in 13.8 billion years, the age of the universe since the Big Bang, which may be determined under the Lambda-CEM concordance model calculation.

Coronavirus killing all human beings within that fraction of a second in a billion years is an infinite absurdity. In one word, stupendously “crazy”. That’s what scaremongers traumatizing people are – absolutely nuts.

Similarly, the Democrats, liberal left and the media mob, notably CNN now facing multi-million-dollar civil suits for fabricating fake news, cannot use COVID-19 (abbreviation COVI—is Coronavirus, D – Disease and 19 is 2019) to bludgeon President Donald Trump into admitting their raging false narrative that as President, Trump is incompetent and dangerous if not objectionably lethal as the virus itself. Their anti-Trump rage created the worst form of Monomania, a psychotic disease “characterized by thoughts confined to one idea or group of ideas (group think)”, also psychologically described as “an inordinate or obsessive zeal for or interest in a single thing . . .” to destroy Trump.

It is this compulsive frenzy – this weaponized and dangerous Monomania — raging like wildfire that the nation must survive, not really this no worse flu-like threat, or even the nCoV (“novel” or “new” coronavirus capable of mutation) that the general public “fear”. The truth is, there is actually nothing to fear because this virus can never be more lethal than how the ordinary flu kills a sick person with a weak or faulty immune system.

But the induced “fear” orchestrated by scaremongers that the threatening flu-like virus is the end of the world, and some religious voices of doom from the political hinterland even attributed the spread of the virus to Christ’s Second Coming in the bible and with him the armies of God to punish the unredeemable (maybe referring to those restless souls in the Media, i.e., Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and CNN among others where blinding fake news led the innocent public down the road to perdition), could create a pandemic panic attack causing cardiac arrests to every stricken individual on the planet, and to the nation, political confusion, anarchy and chaos, disruption of the global order, worldwide economic upheaval and World War III humans may not survive.

Let’s deal with the second tongue of this dangerous deception of the abominable left marching up to the cannon’s mouth saying that Coronavirus is the end of the world and Trump is to blame because he was unprepared and doing nothing to stop the virus. Let’s rid the air of this double-talk canard that President Trump was not doing anything to stop the virus spread, a denial far worse than a politically correct assertion or toxic exaggeration – a self-denial of what we the American public and the whole world knew about what the President of United States is currently doing and has been doing. There is a lot of what President Trump is doing, but to conserve time and space let’s pick up only a few for the purpose of nullifying the terror of human extinction the anti-Trump left is exploiting when on Wednesday March 11, 2010 the World Health Organization raised the pandemic red flag of worldwide infection up the pole of public opinion.

Fact-checked for the benefit of those who have not been following up government decisions and actions on Coronavirus: The President had summoned disease control scientists throughout the land, and worked with the best minds from both the private and government sectors, to act and implement programs that protect Americans from the virus. The fact that Trump designated VP Mike Pence to head the Coronavirus Task Force to coordinate State and Federal programs and responses to the disease, clearly indicates how deeply Trump involved the Federal government in controlling the spread of this political flu the left referred to as the “deadly” Coronavirus.

Furthermore, the Internet is awash with news alerts on the Trump administration’s counter measures aimed at stopping this global contagion. Advisories on how to avoid getting infected coming from the President and health officials he had mobilized were all over the place. I will not waste any more space enumerating them all here just to educate the ignorant, or to enlighten the low-IQ anti-Trump talk-show hosts among them laughing two-legged Hyenas — deranged self-proclaimed pundits the likes of Don Lenon of CNN – media freaks that cannot recognize and accept facts about anything Trump is doing for the good of the country, and therefore worse than ordinary disgruntled villains totally disconnected from reality. Journalism has long been dead since their kind invaded and occupied the Fourth Estate.

To top it all, Trump had in fact requested Congress “$2.5 billion to fight coronavirus” (headline), and even as I write this brief editorial report, the Senate is poised “to vote on $8.3 billion response package” to contain the worst aftermath of the virus and if possible protect the health of every single American in the country.

President Trump’s announcement the other day March 11, 2020 banning travelers from countries in Europe to come to the United States to help control the pandemic is of historic proportion with huge political and economic implications. But the declaration has a hole in it when it exempted U.K., a country not spared by Coronavirus. And the left jumped into it crucifying Trump for what it appears to be his alleged indiscretion and recklessness. More so when the British Health Minister Nadine Dorries was infected when reports said she was “tested positive for Coronavirus and a member of her staff is ill”.

However, although needed explanation why U.K. was exempted from the travel ban is a goose egg yet for me to hunt, I trust Trump’s heedfulness and discretion. I cannot pretend – nor anyone can – to know more than what the President of the United States knew about the Coronavirus and what it does to countries in Europe politically and economically, particularly about the success of Britain to contain the virus that health-wise, made the British safer for us Americans to mingle with than the Italians, French or Germans.

Indeed, it is confusing and unnerving to listen to all the disturbing false narratives enemies of the state peddle to the American public in the course of their botched coup attempts to unseat President Trump. Listening to them makes one feel like a helpless POW being brainwashed in Arbeitskommando reeducation camp, Germany’s Stalag in WWII, or in North Vietnam’s Hỏa Lò Prison known to war prisoners as Hanoi Hilton (prisoners mockingly dubbed the place a hotel, a cruel and abused “guesthouse” to all American war prisoners like captured pilot Sen. John McCain who suffered untold atrocities of war at the hands of the enemy).

The idiotic and cowardly false news reports circulated by the media mob that COVD-16 would exterminate the human species on the planet because Trump is not the right world leader to deal with it, clearly is an irritating nonsense to most if not all Americans. Again let us do the numbers and clean up this rubbish.

The unholy anti-Trump alliance — dark forces on the move backed up by the subversive fake Media that attack the President of the United States 24/7 — had made their latest projection in a scary scenario (I am sure Schumer and Pelosi love this) that within 24 months or so 90% of the world population would be infected, and 2.3% of the total inhabitants of planet earth will die. By sheer number, the casualty count with 7 billion infected in this worst scenario, is estimated to be 160 million deaths.

If this disinformation happens to be true – and thank God it is not and could never be — there is no question that the economic impact worldwide would be severe and the damage incalculable. But as of the year 2018, the total population of the world is 7.66 billion. This means that only 2+% of the total world population, we grant for the sake of argument, will perish.

Even the Great Plague, known as the “Black Death” that lasted four years from 1347 to 1351 in the whole of Eurasia and Europe could only take down “75 to 200 million” human lives. Was it the end of the world? Not quite. And yet it was “the most devasting pandemics in human history . . .” health scientists declared.

My point is, where is the human species disappearing similar to dinosaurs when we were hit with coronavirus like asteroids falling from the sky millions of years ago? In fact the billions of human beings remaining alive on the planet will not only continue to live and multiply but would find a cure to put an end to the contagion, if indeed it is an apocalyptic contagion. Only those who are ignorant of the human ability to develop and progress – think of this civilization that progressed from cave-life to the man landing on the Moon — would question the truth of this impeccable nullifying argument.

Ergo, if the COVD-16 described by contagious disease scientists is “seasonal” like flu that thrives in cold and wet weather, finding a laboratory cure for this specifically identified virus might be unnecessary because by the time vaccine is discovered and perfected in a clinical trial, the infection shall have been gone in Spring and Summer and in its place may have mutated into a new strain.

When we assume with a grain of salt that COVD-16 mutates and comes back next year or the year thereafter with another name, the lab works that are currently going on all over the country should therefore focus only in discovering a cure that would eradicate all kinds of coronaviruses from the face of the earth, like discovering the first polio vaccine by virologists Jonas Salk in 1952 and Albert Sabin in 1957 or similar to Edward Jenner’s discovery of the smallpox vaccine in 1796. If influenza vaccine stops a flu epidemic from developing into a pandemic, so can a virus vaccine against the likes of nCoV, will stop a projected viral Apocalypse.

Again, only ignorant cynics would dispute this statement, like the low-IQ television hosts of CNN who only see Trump as a dart-target practice to amuse themselves and calm down their nerves, cure their neurosis and/or remedy their worsening schizophrenia.

This viral Monomania of the left stupidly blamed on President Trump confirms their never-ending concoction of many failed conspiracy theories to undermine the President. Now gradually fading in the shadow is the Russian collusion hoax against Trump debunked in the Mueller report not too long ago, and lately the Ukrainian conspiracy theory concocted for the purpose of mounting an unsuccessful impeachment attempt on President Trump. There is a saying that the Devil never rests, and there will be more.

In the meantime, I would rather suggest a conspiracy theory that might work for the left through Joe Biden so that this aging politician might have a Chinaman’s chance to beat President Trump in the coming presidential election. Without this conspiracy theory that I am visualizing for Joe Biden to take advantage of, between Biden and Trump the coming debate if Biden happens to be the Democratic-Left presidential candidate, would be so one-sided that it would be so boring to watch. The American public will have no fun watching Trump demolish Biden who couldn’t even remember where he is at any given time and place, or who he is debating with. On stage, Biden might even think Trump is Elizabeth Warren he is running against for a seat in the Senate.

Someone has to remind the old, decrepit and mentally incapacitated Biden that he is on stage in a public debate with President Trump running for President, not against Bernie Sanders vying for a seat in the Senate as he previously gaffed. Someone has to tell Joe Biden that he is not with his wife or sister on stage he couldn’t even identify which one is the wife or sister as he recently screwed up in front of national television viewed by millions.

Biden must initiate an investigation of the origin of the Coronavirus in China. The investigation that I suggest, is based on a conspiracy theory similar to how TV-woman-or-man news anchor Rachel Maddow (your guess whether she is a he or she when she talks about gender and identity politics, is as good as mine) concocts at MSNBC and that would be as follows: That China created the virus and intentionally released it to the public to create a worldwide contagion. The purpose is to test how the free world, especially the formidable nuclear rival, the United States, react to and how fast is the U.S. government in siege, respond to a bio-warfare China is planning to launch anytime when war with the U.S. is imminent. This chicken test came home to roast when only the other day China covered their clandestine intention by turning the table upside down accusing the United States of creating the Coronavirus and planting it in Wuhan, China.

The absurdity is obvious but it doesn’t matter anymore — the conspiracy war over the Coronavirus has begun.

But for Joe Biden, here is the fat and juicy clue to chew on for a conspiracy theory he might as well try to exploit and feed on: Two Chinese scholars named Botao Xioa and Lei Xioa reported that the virus started in the Chinese government lab. At the same time it was also reported that South China University of Technology in Beijing had “cast doubt on the (Chinese) government claim that the deadly infection emerged at a seafood market in Wuhan” caused by purchases of animals for food, including bats. The Chinese Center for Disease Control was just several yards away from that market. Records show that CCDC was host of animals and bats kept in laboratories for research purposes, and could have been involved in the cover-up. It was highly convenient for the Chinese government to blame the origin and resurgence of the virus on bats when media reports suggested “the Wuhan Institute of Virology could have leaked the virus”.

On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang who was in Wuhan hospital working on the origin of the virus posted a warning to other doctors about the danger of what he had discovered. On January 3, 2020, Li was reprimanded by Wuhan police in a letter he received accusing him of “making false statements” to the public. “Your action has severely disrupted the order of society,” police said.

On February 7, 2020, Li was dead. He was reportedly infected and died under mysterious circumstances. Published government reports said Li’s heart suddenly stopped. Li was a healthy 34-year-old young doctor who was just starting a promising career in China’s medical profession. He was the first “whistleblower” to die of Coronavirus right where it originated. To die with him was Dr. Jiang Xueqing. Then one more doctor, Mei Zhongming also mysteriously died of the virus. Mei was an associate of Li, the Chinese “whistleblower”.

Why are those Chinese doctors connected with the Chinese virus, dying almost simultaneously, and strangely as if lightning strikes twice on the same place, all of them allegedly killed by the same virus they have been working on in the same Chinese lab and/or Wuhan hospital? Presumptive presidential Democratic candidate Joe Biden should ask this question.

Then Biden should contact Chinese President Xi Jinping and strike a new quid pro quo deal, similar to what he did in Ukraine to stop the investigation of corruption in Burisma energy corporation where his do-nothing and know-nothing son board member Hunter Biden was receiving a regular million-dollar payola as front to a rotten deal involving then the Vice President. This time Biden should warn Xi that if he would not conduct the investigation of the origin of the Coronavirus in Wuhan province within 24 hours, he will become a persona non grata to the President of the United States on January 1, 2021 when Biden is elected President.

This is easy for Biden to do based on his own experience. In 2013 Biden had contacts with then Chinese President Hu Jintao who reportedly helped facilitate the funding by China’s state-owned bank, his son’s private equity corporation in China out of which the Bidens and associates ramped up billions of dollars in ill-gotten wealth through influence-peddling power-based under-the-table shady business transactions. His son Hunter was riding with Joe Biden in Air Force 2 in his trip to China as if corruption was not enough to insult the intelligence of the American public when Joe Biden claims that he has always been a poor and honest politician when he turned himself into a millionaire.

But of course Joe Biden cannot and will never win against Trump in a presidential election given at any time of the year, even if repeated attempts to do so the crow turns white. But for the sake of salvaging the Democratic Party that is now sinking like the Titanic, Biden should let Sen. Chuck Schumer run for President, with Maxine Waters as his running mate. Against the Trump-Pence Republican presidential tandem, the contrast between the good-looking team (the clean choice of the American people) and the two political uglies running against them (the shady dark forces personified by Halloween cartoon characters Chuck and Maxine) is so clear to choose from that the general public will have an easy time ensuring President Trump’s second term in office.

However, in this conspiracy theory that I am suggesting to Joe Biden and to his foxy supporters aiming to puppet-string him if by accident he gets elected President, it would render academic the attack on Joe Biden that he is one of the useless aging politicians ever recorded in U.S. history. He has done nothing and if he did something or anything at all for the American people to remember, it would only be reportedly all questionable double-dealings and anomalous transactions for himself and members of his family not about anything good for the country since he was in the Senate and during his political hibernation in public office (while reportedly doing something else on the side) as Vice President of the United States. As a Senator and VP, record shows that Biden has always been on the wrong side of any controversial issues. Worse, he and members of his family he had reportedly financially secured through influence peddling, had reportedly become filthy rich.

But in this suggested conspiracy theory, the fading former VP would at least go on record that he had ordered the investigation of Coronavirus in China. He can claim that he is helping the country survive the left’s Monomania, which is far worse than a few Americans the virus can and will kill this year, and the year thereafter.

But there is a caveat. My advice in Latin to make it more sanctimonious: Cave: non potes celare corruptio semper, Joe. (Beware: You can’t hide your corruption always, Joe.)

Due to advance dementia, Joe might not even remember this advice before the 2020 presidential election starts in November. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS March 10, 2020.

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