Missouri: Being Right, While Being Wronged, Can Be Expensive

…. Ask Gary and Cynthia Stocklaufer, the young couple that went to court to adopt a relative's son only to have the child taken from them. Taken from them because someone within the system decided that Gary was too fat to be a father. He "might" get sleep apnea. He "might" develop diabetes. Oh those almighty "Mights"! What if all adoptions were based upon all the "mights" that are out there?

"Might" grow older.

"Might" lose one's looks.

"Might" develop an allergy.

"Might" turn gray.

"Might" lose some hair.

"Might" get stressed out from all the worry of the "mights" and have a stroke.

Missouri needs to get realand take a long hard look at how it enables social workers and guardiansto impose their personal biases where they have no right to be imposing them. As it has been for some time, a Missouri social worker can play god according to themselves. One mentality is… "I do not believe in spanking, so if you spank, I shall take your children from you on the grounds of abuse. Not that it is illegal in Missouri to spank your child, but up to me to decide if it is abuse. Can you afford the fight? I thought not! You will do it my way or else!

And that seems to be the KEY ISSUE in thissituation– "mybeliefsare ultimate"!!!…

I'm a little confused as to where "rational thought" is suppose to have existed in this case.

The Stocklaufers have been quality parents for years. Even been deemed foster care parents. But suddenly Gary is too fat to adopt? Good enough to be have his other son… Good enough to be a foster parent, but just suddenly… too fat to be Max's father? How amazing is that?

Some people who think their size is acceptable, have made horrendous comments suggesting Gary is an unacceptable parent because he is allegedly a bad example. That he is allegedly addicted to food. That he allegedly has no discipline. I'd say, instead, that the accusers'mouths are full of vile, that they are addicted to bias and that they are the ones that can't control the negativity of their existence and assumptions.

I rather see a fat man raising a child in a loving environment, than a child being raised by a skinny, self-absorbed person that wouldn't know love even if they were paid a million dollars to figure it out.

It doesn't matter how right Gary and Cynthia are! It doesn't matter how wronged they were when the court took Max from them! The fight to get their sweet baby back is going to take money! Money that they don't have! Just what Missouri social services was counting on? One can only assume that to be so.

Gary cares enough to have agreed to an operation. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get Max back.

What is Missouri willing to do?

It has already used its power and resources, no matter how wrong, to out-power andout-resource the Stocklaufers!

Missouri is to be considered an example of integrity and true concern for the well-being of children?!?!?! And who started that rumor? It certainly wasn't me.

Abuse of power is abuse of power and when it involves toying with the lives of children and their families, I think the state and state workers should be held strictly accountable. Accountable and forced to foot all the bills that are incurred as a result of having to fight them, when they step over-the-line and enforced their bias, rather than the law. After all, accountability has a way of weeding out the people on the god-trip, making room for the truly dedicated who understand respect, understand children, understand rumors and understand the devastation that a wrongful accusation and wrongful decision can cause.

The Stocklaufershave to fight an organization that is funded by the taxpayers. An organization that can simply take people's children away without the norm of having to worry about whereits money is coming from for attorneys, experts, and other related expenses. It is all just in a day's work. How empowering that must be to the god-like and misguided alike. Parents beware!

Gary Stocklaufer "IS" going all out and beyond in his attempt to bring little Max home where he belongs! May the homecoming be just around the corner on a short block that leads to hope and love becoming the story of the day!

Reprinted with permission from Dakota Voice!

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