No Military Service Mr. Ryan?

by Aaron Cantor USAF (ret) –

I would suggest to Mr. Ryan, Senator Murray and the rest of you incompetent boobs in Washington D.C., that before you start tinkering with military retirement cuts, that you put on a uniform and pay your dues, WE DID, and until you do, you have no right to short change what we have already earned and paid dearly for!!!

You clowns have no idea what it takes to stay in uniform for twenty or more years to earn the meager retirement package we receive, but then how could you with the kind of pay and perks you give yourselves along with your cushy working conditions (if work is what you call it) compared to ours.

Military retirees and shabbily treated veterans especially disabled ones are not the folks you want to be on the bad side of, we already have several bones to pick with you people, so don’t add any more fuel to the fire (not a wise choice).
You clowns keep whining about reductions in spending, and the high cost of this and that, well I have a suggestion for you.

Start looking for cuts in Congressional and Senatorial pay and allowances, and that includes staffers as well.

The operational cost of running the legislative branch alone is astronomical, start there.

Congress’ operating costs have increased 89 percent over the last decade — more than three times the inflation rate.

The Senate pretty much the same.

I read somewhere in the volumes of gobbeldygook which comprises most of the information (if that is what you wish to call it) that you put out, that even for a non-binding resolution which is a time wasting piece of non-legislation.

With three unimportant non-starter items scheduled to be voted on, during one particular day, the total cost of just Members’ salaries and Congressional Research Service’ estimated floor operating costs means this resolution will cost at least $215,183, what a waste.

At this point, would you mind explaining in clear, concise English, just exactly what constitutes floor operating costs, how much that is per hour, and where that money is going (as in who is getting a cut of that action)?
You denizens of Washington D.C. have a peculiar talent for chicanery, cooking the books, and double speak, not to mention out and out BS. So just cut the garbage, and nail it down for us.

BTW, is there some reason why your e-mail can’t be accessed unless my zip code is in your district, it would appear you don’t want to hear from people if you can keep from it (ya think)???

That is OK plenty of the rest of the country (especially military retirees) will get an earful of your cruddy sell out.

With a friend like you we certainly don’t need any enemies now do we?

You people need to remove your heads from your WALLETS and think about what you are doing, as your actions can and will have serious consequences.

Please forward to all on your list request that they do the same.

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