Militant – v. – Terrorist

I am fed up to HERE with all this “Newspeak” crap!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

I am fed up to here with this Newspeak crap!

I am, right now, willing to leave, “War is Peace”, “Hate is Love”, “Lies are Truth”, “Terrorists are only White Racists”; “Militants are Freedom Fighters”, “Spending is Saving”, “Too Big to Fail” and other such Autocratic Government sayings in “1984”, even though the author didn’t imagine some of them.

In the news today was the headline, “Detained militant in

Iraq details World Cup plot”.

Even within the story, the insists on this benign term. (From

Oxford American Dictionary)- “Militant” – 1. Prepared to take aggressive action. 2. Involved in warfare or fighting.

Inside the story, the Associated Press does say the militant and others planned to attack a World Cup team for revenge.

“An alleged al-Qaida militant detained in Iraq said Tuesday he had talked to friends about attacking Danish and Dutch teams at the World Cup in South Africa next month to avenge insults against the Prophet Muhammad.”

Well, that would allow you to use the term, “Militant”, if you depended upon the 2nd meaning: “Involved in warfare or fighting”.

Of course, then, “Militant” could be applied to other attacks, and warfare, such as the Japanese Militants who attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 (date included for those who did not live during that time and did not have it included in their history classes for fear of offending some Japanese-American students)

Perhaps a better word to use in that headline and story, at the risk of being associated with “Yellow Journalism” (has nothing to do with being Asian): “ Terrorist”!

From the same dictionary: “Terrorist”: n. & adj. “Terrorism” Use of violence and intimidation, especially for political purposes.

“Attacking teams to avenge insults against the Prophet Muhammad.”

The term “Militant” I am familiar with has the American English connotation of, “Marching up and down, holding signs which have inflammatory speech against the offending parties written on them. Not attacking the soccer teams of the countries the offending parties happen live in.

If we, as Citizens of the World, not just the specific Country we were born in, are not allowed to speak in clear language, “Call a Spade a Spade”, as it were, how can we ever resolve our grievances?

Bill Ascherfeld served in Third Armored Division in

Germany, 1956-57. He went to


University and graduated with a BA degree in Political Science, Economics, and History from San Diego State College.

Bill is now a Real Estate Broker in

San Diego,

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