The Middle East:”Does It Matter?”

by George T. Weir –

To many Americans the conflict in the Middle East seems to be something that in confined only to that region, and for the most part is, at lest for now. And at a time in history that is where the conflict would stay, across the vast ocean, but, the vast ocean no longer separates the continent’s or the people, or their wars. Time and distance seem to have merged into one: and that great divide that once separated the regions and ideologies and religions are but the click of a button away.

For the most of Americans (including myself) our neighbors and our town seem rather safe. As we awake in the morning we never hear the sound of gun-fire, or the exploding of bombs, nor do we see the dead lying in our streets, but are we just living with the idea that it couldn’t happen to me?

The day the Trade Center Towers were attacked those people never realized what lay ahead for them. Their morning started as usual, their dreams and aspiration were the same as they were the day before, but that vast ocean that we thought kept us safe, suddenly vanishes, and the enemy was at our door step.

And since that day, we have been attacked by terrorist that are intent on bringing the nation to it’s knees, but for the majority of the people, life goes on.

That great gulf that we once depended on to keep us safe no longer exist.

Yes, for the most part, we feel safe, we have a government that has the mandate to keep it’s citizens safe from domestic and foreign enemies, so we ask ourselves what does the Middle East matter, my neighborhood is safe, the war is over there. It matters a great deal, because the enemy of America doesn’t intend for the United States to stay free, their mandate is to spread their religion and their ideology into every fabric of our society.

Many still wonder, what does matter? It’s very simple, our founders set out to establish a government that insures its citizen’s the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Our founder were also wise in this respect:
“ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” and for the majority of Americans this right has been firmly established, and they also extend this right to their neighbors, and to those that don’t adhere to any particular set of rules concerning any religion.

This is where the Middle East becomes our concern, alone with many other things, but, the mandate of those that wish to subdue us are,( the conversion to the Muslim faith).

We that are not of the Muslim faith are considered infidels, and infidels are to be subdued and forced by the sword to convert.

Another one of their dreams is the destruction of our closes ally, Israel. The Iranians, with no apologies have publicly telegraphed their intentions of wiping Israel of the face of the world.

Our schools as up to now, teach the skills that are necessary to be a productive citizen. If ever the Muslim Brotherhood gained foothold on our schools, and our universities, the main course would be the teaching of the Muslim faith.

Yes the Middle East does matter, our way of life is balanced on the fact that we are a free people, and that we have to take all the necessary means of preserving that freedom, but, there are people, and not just a few, but many that are intent on changing America.

These enemy’s of America are not solely found in the Middle East, they have found their way like slithering snakes in through the cracks that we have made by our righteous endeavor to be “Politicaly Correct”, and they have found a way to penetrate the wall of our safety.

My closing argument is this, close all the loopholes that are open to the enemy, secure our borders, teach our children the constitution and the beauty of it, and if attacked, defend ourselves, last but not lest, negotiate peace in the Middle East to the best of our ability, but never abandon the last resort of military force.

George T. Weir

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