Mexico’s Meddling, Illegal Aliens, and Shawna Forde

… I’m so pleased to be back here in front of the Mexican Consulate in

Tucson, back where it all started.

And now, 4 years later, we need to ask ourselves, are we better off now than we were before? Our economy is in the toilet, and illegal aliens, according to the Left-wing media in

Arizona, are leaving AZ in hordes, just like they came in. I don’t know whether to believe them or not.

It seems

Mexico has grown, by extension, into


County, the most corrupt county in

Arizona. Everyone in the legal system here knows about it. It’s no secret.

We’re better off in the sense that now law officers can ask anyone they suspect of being illegal for proof that they are here legally. And the Lefties whine that we are re-living Nazi Germany where everyone has to show their papers! Give me a break! American citizens have had to identify themselves to law officers for over 60 years every time they demand our ID! Do you know what cops in a sanctuary city like

Tucson do when they find an illegal alien without documentation? They let him go! Every day illegal aliens drive drunk and injure American citizens and get away with it! SB1070 will hold illegals as accountable for their actions, the same as every American! And please don’t tell me the economy is in shambles because illegal aliens all left the

United States, and we need their tax revenue.

All the problems this country has now were caused by the government, whether they are related to lack of border security, fiscal irresponsibility, socialism, imperialism, corporate greed and welfare, or individual entitlements. It’s the government, stupid!

Mexicans clearly do not have control of their own government, any more than Americans are in control of our government. My remarks are solely addressed to the government of

Mexico, to its Castilian racists, not to other the people living in

Mexico. I’m talking to every illegal alien, from any country, who has trespassed on American soil, and who has committed identity theft, and crimes of other kinds in order to stay in this country.

Every time the

United States, or any of its sovereign states threaten to stop the Mexican government’s purging of its unwanted refuse from their country,

Mexico threatens to sue the

United States!

Back in March of 2005, just before the Minuteman Project was ready to launch,



County and KILL ALL THE MINUTEMEN. I remember that. And so now

Mexico is joining with every traitorous, left wing NGO in

America to sue against SB 1070. This is a disturbing trend, to find another nation suing the United States, in our own courts, to permit its citizens to travel freely within our sovereign nation, whether we choose to allow it or not! threatened to sue to stop it from going forward. And its Aztlan agents then attempted to scare away patriots by circulating rumors that MS-13 was going to come to

This is starting to sound like the same broken record from 2005.

Mexico is spitting on the sovereignty of the

United States. But why should we be surprised? After all, the Mexican military has violated

America’s borders 226 times between 1996 and 2005. Since January 2008 alone, there have been 75 Mexican military incursions on our border, with the last known one being a helicopter over a

San Antonio,

TX neighborhood in March of this year! Do you think that maybe that shows a lack of respect for our borders, our country, and our sovereignty?


Mexico’s government doesn’t want its citizens to be afraid while in my country. When I go down to

Mexico, I am afraid. I’m afraid because of the corruption and the drug violence. I’m afraid because I am unarmed. I’m afraid because I know my human and civil rights are not respected in

Mexico. I can be thrown in jail at any time for no reason at all, because that’s the way justice is handled in

Mexico, and indeed any place in the

United States dominated by

Mexico, like



Our message to

Mexico is the same as it has been since 2005: My country is not a sewage processing plant for your garbage! Your political, social and economic problems are yours, not ours! Clean up your own country; respect your indigenous populations, guarantee liberty and justice for all Mexican citizens, not just those with the right color and plenty of money!

And now I want to warn others of how corruption from

Mexico has seeped into the justice system in


County. There is an American citizen who might as well be in

Mexico, when you consider the circumstances of how she was arrested. The first thing you should know about Shawna Forde is that she is innocent! She’s entitled to the assumption of innocence before trial, as are ALL criminal defendants in the

United States of America.

Shawna was falsely arrested. There is no physical evidence against her; she was not present at the crime. Gina Gonzalez, the surviving victim, who saw the perpetrators, contradicts herself and keeps changing her story. She never even identified Shawna Forde as the “short, fat white woman” with the triggerman during the crime. She was shown a lineup of women, including Shawna Forde, and could not pick her out of it as the perpetrator.

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