Mexican Marxists invade every sacred U.S. institution.

Mexican Marxist invasion spreads it tentacles into every American church and institution. They suggest the number of Mexican illegal alien invaders who go to church is only 2% of the total. That means the other 98% of Marxist Mexican invaders are not affiliated with any church and are most likely atheists. The national New life Church “Iglesia Nueva Vida” is a primary source for bringing in, aiding and abetting Mexican Illegal aliens in Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky and other cities across the nation.

The local churches incorporate under individual names in each where they spawn their Marxist spiel. A Lexington Kentucky local Mega Evangelical Church “Southland Christian” sponsored and helped set up the local chapter of the national organization. Cross Roads Christian Church and others now espouse the Marxist New Life Church one world liberation theology and work with the oppressed Marxist Mexican illegal aliens.

Most of these politically driven “religious” organizations and criminal employers have members that serve on each others boards and are active members of the Democratic Socialist party in the United States. They promote “Christian Socialism” and liberation theology for the rest of us but frequently subscribe to the atheist faith themselves. They seem to think religion is the opium for the masses. Without it they fear we would revolt as we damned well should. They are themselves above the rule of God’s law. Christian socialism generally refers to those on the Christian left whose politics are both Christian and socialist and who see these two things as being interconnected. This category can include Liberation theology and the doctrine of the social gospel. Liberation theology is a school of theology within Christianity, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church. Liberation theology focuses on Jesus Christ as not only the Redeemer but also the Liberator of the oppressed. It emphasizes the Christian mission to bring justice to the poor and oppressed, particularly through political activism.

The Church for liberation theology in Lexington Kentucky is a Mexican church located on 749 Addison Avenue right by the Addison Neighborhood Park. They use Valley Park on Cambridge Drive almost five miles from their church site instead of preaching their Marxist liberation religion in their neighborhood because Valley Park is designated as a “Mexican Park.” They can be contacted at: Iglesia Nueva Vida 749 Addison Avenue P.O. Box 4189 Lexington, KY 4189 Tel. 859-230-3385 Mr. Charles M. (Carlos) Knox

The criminal Fifth Third Bank is a sponsor of the Marxist New Life Church in Lexington Kentucky and helps aid and abet illegal alien invasion along with others enriching themselves off the misery of “We the People.” National banks across the nation are doing the same.

Conspirators work together to get the Mexican consulate to provide illegal aliens passports and Matricula identification cards and provide all services of the Mexican consulate office including legal services, burial issues, health services and all activity normally reserved exclusively for foreign consulate offices. All of the criminal participants in this illegal activity are in felony violation of the law. They are acting as foreign agents to subvert the United States government.

A comprehensive but not all inclusive listing of liberation theology churches and supporters through out the United States and spreading like the plague with our treasonous elected officials aiding and abetting them can be found at the following site: These churches are being used by the Mexican consulate and other subversive organizations to undermine our government and the will of We the People. They are relentless in their assault.

The following site presents a list of opportunities for Missionaries working to “plant the seeds” of the new life liberation churches. It has an astonishing number of sites in all states.

The Marxist liberation theology church is similar to the Kentucky Bluegrass Farms Chaplaincy a local arm of the national group designed to work with criminal horse farm owners who employ Mexican Illegal aliens. The farms provide funding at an annual rate of $5,000. A partial list of the financial sponsors can be found at and include at least 20 Horse Farms and related organizations in Central Kentucky.

None of these people believe in the sanctity of the United States Constitution, rule of law or its national sovereignty. They are driven my greed and power derived from their corruption and wealth generated from their criminal enterprises. A summary brochure of activities and supporters is at:

Most Mexican Marxist invasion groups have strong representation from local and state government including school systems and Marxist groups working for “Amnesty” for illegal alien invaders. You will notice many names of sponsors and their organizations that repeatedly violate our law. You may also notice names of some of the people Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky Marxist Mayor Jim Newberry included in his “immigration committee.” We the People are being screwed and hanged with us buying the Vaseline and the rope for both with our tax dollars.

The following Photo shows former Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky Mayor Pam Miller celebrating the new Hispanic Library, funded out of citizens tax dollars. She is the ugly woman wearing glasses that make her look like a cartoon character.

FILE: Photo of former Mayor Pam Miller celebrating a new Mexican library opening at one of the city’s parks.

CREDITS: La Voz de Kentucky newspaper.

TITLE: Corrupt Mayor misusing taxpayer dollars to supply Mexican illegal alien laborers.

One can discover the nature of Lexington Kentucky Valley Park users (“Mexican illegal nationals”) at the following site provided by The Lexington Hispanic Association.

The Hispanic association was set up and funded by Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky corrupt elected officials and is now run by Josh Santana. The association has been a force in aiding and abetting Marxist Mexican illegal alien invasion in Kentucky for some time. More can be found at their home site. That location provides a history of the Mexican organization from the invaders perspective demonstrating the financial and in kind help provided them by our local corrupt government, its police department and wealthy criminal employers of the criminal illegal alien work force. “Home page of the AHU the Hispanic United Association.” “In March of 1997, a handful of individuals met to discuss the possibility of creating a new organization that would advocate for Hispanics in Lexington. The group continued to meet on a regular basis and under the leadership of Ben Figueras, Asociación de Hispanos Unidos- Lexington Hispanic Association (AHU) was officially created and held its first public meeting on May 17.

In the spring of 1998, the first-ever raid of a tobacco warehouse was conducted and over 80 Hispanic families where left without their family’s breadwinner. This was an opportunity for AHU to provide basic services to these Hispanic families. Around this time, the Lexington community started to take notice of the Hispanic newcomers in the community. In December of 1998, the Herald-Leader published an article entitled, “Why Hispanics Come and They Leave Behind? continue “

The Lexington Hispanic Association reports the number of illegal Mexican Migrants to be around 35,000. “The Latino Community The Lexington KY Hispanic community is one of the most unique and diverse in the United States. Latinos from more than 10 different Spanish speaking countries make Lexington their homes. Estimated populations of more than 35,000 Latinos have undoubtedly become a crucial part of Lexington’s economic, educational, and cultural development. As our population grows, we at the Lexington Hispanic Association (AHU) work tirelessly to help those members of the Hispanic community to become great members of our society.” Note how they refer to the American society as their society. They own our nation in their eyes. Josh Santana is the Hispanic advisor to corrupt Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky former and its current Mayor.

Other Mexican Illegal Alien invasion support groups include the Lexington Migrant Worker Coalition ; and have photographs of their activities including Mexican Youth Soccer in Valley Park You can learn more about the organization at: LMWC 2008 Officers and Board Members “Feel free to contact any of the MNC officers or board members with any questions, ideas or suggestions! Click here for a photo gallery of our board members.

Person’s name.

1. ★ Miguel Rodriguez, President, NLPOA

2. ★ Liz Epperson, Vice President, Bluegrass Community Health Center

3. ★ Isela Arras, Treasurer, KDVA

4. ★ Lindsay Mattingly, Secretary, Cardinal Valley Center

5. ★ Wendi Keene, Board Member, YMCA of Central Kentucky

6. ★ Elisa Bruce, Board Member, Fifth Third Bank of Kentucky

7. ★ Sister Sandra Delgado, Board Member, Lexington Catholic Diocese

8. ★ Michael Hay, Board Member, Migrant Education

9. ★ Cathy Sutphen, Board Member, Russell Cave Elementary Family Resource Center

10. ★ Erin Howard, Board Member, Bluegrass Technical and Community College

11. ★ Isabel Gereda-Taylor, Board Member, LFUCG

12. ★ Jenessa Bryan, Policy Analyst, Kentucky Youth Advocates

13. ★ Marissa Castellanos, Board Member, KCIRR

14. ★ Melanie Tyner-Wilson, Board Member, Human Rights Coalition / Injury Free Coalition

15. ★ Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez, Board Member, CASS Coordinator, KSU

Our Mission: Since 1994, the MNC has been a broad-based coalition of public and private organizations and individuals networking to meet the wide range of needs of our diverse Latino and immigrant communities in the state of Kentucky.”

The Liberal elite like to think they are holier than thou except when it comes to associating with the Mexican Illegals they bring into the country to exploit their labor. Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky Mayor Newberry has a big yard and could easily accommodate the Mexican church that was founded and supported by the Lexington Kentucky Southland Christian Mega Church whose membership includes many of the local government officials. They also have ties to the Blue Grass Farm Chaplaincy the organization designed to aid and abet the Mexican illegal alien invasion to supply workers for the wealthy horse farm owners. “This is the second farm based ministry that has been established through the Race Track Chaplaincy of America (RTCA). The first farm ministry was started in Ocala, Florida in 2001, and with the seed planted there, the RTCA decided to create a farm ministry for the Central Kentucky area in January of 2002. It took a little over a year before the idea of the BGFC, Inc. was created, and in doing so, started a faith-based outreach ministry that has grown into a reality.”

The organization defines its community supporters and includes in the list of helpers the Church of New Life on Addison along with a host of other organizations making a living off this criminal conspiracy to violate United States rule of law. Included on the list are Fifth Third Bank, La Voz De Kentucky and numerous other subversive groups including other churches that openly violate the United States rule of law to bring Mexican illegal aliens into Sanctuary city Lexington Kentucky. There is a lot of money generated off the illegal human and drug trafficking. Iglesia Nueva Vida is affiliated with the local Farm Chaplaincy set up by the Horse industry the primary user of illegal alien labor. These Marxists will do anything necessary to keep that money coming in to maintain their death grip on our government and our economy.

Events used by Marxist churches to promote Mexican Illegal alien invasion and criminal conspiracy to defy our rule of law include those political “religious” events presented on property owned by local governments. Lexington’s are held in Valley Park in the 11th District. They dump on District 11 because our council members have always been pawns of the criminals who bring illegals into Lexington and the corrupt elected officials who benefit financially. They want to segregate the new criminal illegal aliens from the decent wealthy folks who exploit them.

Government sponsored events attract Mexican illegal aliens from all over Kentucky and surrounding states because a lot of jurisdictions are not as welcoming to criminals and their widespread criminal conspiracy as the corrupt Lexington Government and police are. License plates on vehicles parked at Valley Park always include many from out of Fayette County and some from out of Kentucky. There are occasional Mexican tags on the vehicles that further define the Park as a Mexican Park. They bring Marxist illegal alien Mexicans from all over for these events.

Wealthy Marxist elites who fund and support the Marxist illegal alien events do not permit these activities to occur on their property or in their neighborhoods. It seems odd they refuse to share “blessings” provided by the diverse population of Mexican criminal Marxists. They refuse to let others share in the concentration of HUD housing and Mexican Invasion aliens. Those judgmental creeps are the most prejudiced of all of us. It is ok to destroy middle class working family American neighborhoods and schools with the Mexican invasion of criminal activity because we the People do not live in the same social circles as the super wealthy.

It is ok to screw over “We the People’s” neighborhoods and schools but they sure as hell won't let criminal Marxist Mexican illegal aliens live in theirs.

An example of another Kentucky new life church can be found at the following site:

Manchester, KY New Life Church Posted in the Manchester Forum Reply » #1

Mar 17, 2008 Have you all heard about what happen at New Life Church last night? They had a girl get healed of complete deafness. It was Angie Smiths daughter in law.

Many religious colleges and seminaries are now strong advocates of one world order under the Marxist philosophy. They may not even know what they are advocating with their ministries. Most appear to have been brainwashed and unable to recognize the danger our faith and our nation is in.

Asbury Seminary has a PDF version of their religious philosophy of no borders and need to address the religious needs of "transnationals."

"Crossing Borders at Home

By Eunice Irwin and Christine Pohl "Recognizing the mass migrations occurring in our day, Kingdom Conference organizers have chosen the theme of Crossing Borders at Home for this year’s focus. Whether due to natural disasters, ethnic conflicts or urgent situations of political or religious unrest, the movement of people from their homelands to places of asylum and resettlement is widespread. In addition, global economic forces are changing long-established patterns of employment and causing massive displacements of workers . And today, along with refugees and immigrants coming to U.S. shores, another group has emerged— transnationals— people who find themselves living in two places on an ongoing basis, and who maintain vital connections with both cultures and nations.

These contemporary realities suggest that it is time to rethink some of our approaches to doing Kingdom work of mission, mercy and justice. Chapel topics for Kingdom

Conference week are arranged to follow a progression of thought on how we might respond to those persons who have recently come into our local communities."


If “We the People” do not wake up and begin to fight this subtle insurgency by the Marxist Mexican invaders we will all be the losers in this war. Our churches are being destroyed as are our governments. You must resist this in your places of worship and in our government. The illegal alien invasion must be ended and the invaders purged from our nation.

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