Memorial Day Hypocrites – Shame On You!

The nation observes Memorial Day to honor the supreme sacrifice of our soldiers who died for this country. But that’s not true to hypocrites who pay homage to our dead heroes with their mouth, not with their honest thoughts and right actions or deeds.

As a tradition, Presidents of the

United States visit the



Cemetery on Memorial Day to lay a wreath at the Tombstones of Unknown Soldiers, but not in the case of President Barack Hussein Obama. On Monday – Memorial Day,

May 31, 2010 – this president whose real birth certificate is under a cloud of doubt or at least his real birthplace is more enigmatic than the identity of the Unknown Soldier — will bring his family to

Chicago for a weekend vacation!

This holiday retreat has been planned ahead following tedious long months of boredom in the White House, repetitious public appearances and delivering speeches elsewhere away from home- sweet-home

Chicago. A trip back to the


City for the observance of Memorial Day at government expense is a good public excuse for a private, long needed vacation!


Chicago on Thursday, the Obamas “will visit friends and participate in private events,” Anne E. Kornblut of Washington Post reported. How “private” that is, sounds conspiratorial to me.

The truth is, renewing personal contacts and private intimacy with close friends, acquaintances, supporters and political sponsors – and I will not be surprise if Bill Ayers, the notorious bomber, a former colleague in the academe, is one of them for a planned reunion — explains why Obama is so excited to get back to


“I think he’s obviously excited to get back to

Chicago,” said White House spokesman Bill Burton.

As if in a long lost dream,Obamahad mouthed

Chicago as his “

Kennebunkport”. I assure you that as a political copycat, Obama cannot be overshadowed by anyone.

Kennebunkport” is George H.W. Bush’s compound in

Maine used by the family when it takes a break from working like a donkey in the White House, which if I am not mistaken, was one of the Democrats’ cannon-targets when during the election campaign they ignited the powder fuse and blasted the Bush family’s private life to gain political leverage.

Washington Post also reported that in south

Chicago, Obama will visit




Cemetery on

May 31, 2010. He will deliver his Memorial speech there.

This simply indicates that while on vacation, Obama is still on duty as president delivering speeches. That’s what I mean by having a picnic in a public park on an officially declared Memorial Day while enjoying a private vacation paid for by your taxes and mine.

If this is a privilege accorded only to the President, any illegal alien from

Mexico, who jumped fence in the border and became rich in this country’s underground economy, can become President of the

United States, more so when money talks or even to the extent of buying a fake birth certificate to run in the national elections for president.

Foreign-born Smart Alecks can always find their way to the Oval Office and rule this nation. The Democratic Party has a bunch of talent scouts scanning the country looking for them. Never mind the natural born requirement of the Constitution. In time, that’s just a worm-eaten piece of paper that had long settled down at the bottom of the trashcan.

With the help of millions of those so-called economically disadvantaged, the discriminated against or the “poor” and the downtrodden on welfare, the angry radical maniacs that terrorize motorists and bystanders because they think that marching a protest down the streets in the struggle for liberty and freedom is a franchise they owned, and let’s not forget slimy opportunist organizations like ACORN that piggybacked on Obama’s crusade for change to earn notoriety on its own right, committed Liberal Democrats can make-over any disqualified candidate and in the national election defeat mavericks like inutile Sen. John McCain or I-know-everything Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, for president.

As con artists, they couldn’t miss. They have a great success-precedent for phony deals or a perfect, sneaky counterfeit model to look up to – Obama and his reportedly fraudulent birth certificate case still pending in the U.S. Supreme Court!

In the celebration of Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, weirdoes like Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan and the ladies CodePink for Peace Movement, had milled around the graves of soldiers who died in

Iraq and

Afghanistan chanting invectives. They protested their burial with honor for fighting and dying in what they perceived as an “illegal” war in

Iraq. [By the way, there is no such thing as “illegal” war.]

Sheehan was the mother of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan who was killed in an encounter with the Mehdi Army in

Iraq on

April 4, 2004. Casey’s remains were brought home and buried with military honor. He died as a hero.

Sheehan became known as “the ugly mother” when she mourned her son’s death not as a hero but as a victim of “murder” in Iraq accusing then President George W. Bush as the “murderer” for sending her son to die in an “illegal” war.

Anti-war loonies led by the “Pinkies” did not only insult the burial of military casualties with a 21-gun salute but also picketed veteran hospitals across the country not to give medical treatment or attend to seriously wounded soldiers who were sent back home from Iraq and Afghanistan for fighting an “illegal” war.

While the CodePink Women For Peace Movement merited their condemnation nationwide for becoming such a jerk, Cindy Sheehan earned her way to Congress two years ago by desecrating the grave of her son, and sending the heroic death of her son who gave his life to his country to the abyss of disrepute. Converting the death of her son to her own personal gain and robbing him of his honor by dying a hero’s death for her opportunistic ambition in politics – what kind of a mother that is? I don’t know about you who may have a different answer than mine but for me, I have to write down my outrage for the world to see.

When this nation celebrated Veterans Day I published my indignation in this venue against the likes of Sheehan representing this conscienceless segment of our society: “Veterans Day: Dishonoring Our Dead”. To read it, you may click on this link address.

To those who have the gall to protest the burial of our dead soldiers with honor they deserved, I wrote an editorial report on Memorial Day with this attention-grabbing title:“Memorial Day Is Never Honored By War Haters: It Is The Day They Dishonor Our Dead Soldiers”.

The editorial report graced the sites of Yahoo and Google for years. It was a copyright and many Internet publishers asked permission to republish it in their own websites.

The strong elements of radical Liberal ownerships in those huge Internet outlets had somehow caused it to disappear only lately. There is no doubt that the hard-driving editorial had compromised the public standing of the Democratic Party who the public knew is paying only lip service to the role men and women in uniform play in the Middle East war. Most war haters came from their ranks.

As a Senator, Obama was one of them. He owed it to the Pinkies, the Pinkos and the “whacko” who supported him when in Congress he was one of the few who refused to sign congressional approval to invade

Iraq because in his belief it was an “illegal” war. In his own perception, soldiers who died in

Iraq fought an “illegal” war. Of course this omission was a short-sighted booboo on Obama’s part. He was unable to foresee or refused to see the coming reality that when Congress approved the war in

Iraq, it ceased to be illegal. For him and his war hater supporters to continue robbing it in that the war in

Iraq was “illegal” demonstrates a bull-headedness that is beyond redemption.

But his insincerity or double standards when he insults not only the intelligence of the public by lying but also even himself by lying to himself, has never a dull moment. In one of his speeches delivered on Memorial Day honoring our soldiers who died in

Iraq and

Afghanistan, he praised the dead to high heavens!

"We honor your service. We are forever grateful," Mr. Obama said while standing in a cold drizzle with the cemetery's Tomb of the Unknowns in the background, to borrow a phrase. "To our veterans, to the fallen and to their families — there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice," Obama said to the buried fallen soldiers.

The height of this hypocrisy is unreachable by any means because in reality, like his supporters – the Pinkos, the Pinkies, the Sheehans and the “weirdoes” like Sheehan – Obama hated the death of those soldiers for fighting those “illegal” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was very consistent with this stand against Bush then. And to pretend or sound like a friend to men and women in uniform, he speechified a lot that he did not want our soldiers to die in an “illegal” war.

He ran for president against Bush with a vow to the electorate – like a compact written in his own blood – that he would stop the war in Iraq and send all our soldiers home immediately once elected president. Like a plague worse than the deadly Swine Flu, Obama condemned the surge of more soldiers Bush had sent to

Iraq to once and for all win the war.

Well, listen you all Obamanites, Obama is now president since 2008 and as Commander-In-Chief instead of Bush, he did not only eat his own words but kept on sending soldiers to

Iraq! The truth is he had really no intention to end the war when he whacked Bush for not ending the war.

He did not only oppose the surge but on the contrary pleaded to Congress to fund the surge in

Afghanistan! If anyone can find a president in the history of this country who was a manipulator addicted to lying in public like Obama, I will celebrate such finding as the discovery of the century on this planet!

Only a political butterfly can rival Obama in this area of notoriety. Her name is Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. After 911 when there was a popular demand to punish Saddam Hussein who was harboring and co-training Al Qaeda terrorists, she was among the first to vote for the invasion of

Iraq. When later on the war became unpopular, she was among the first to call the war in

Iraq “illegal”. Such political butterfly flirting around shamelessly did not even dent

Clinton’s thick skin when publicly criticized. With

Clinton, Obama was in good company.

Since to Obama,

Clinton and their kind those soldiers died in “illegal” wars in

Iraq and

Afghanistan, they don’t deserve to be remembered with honors on Memorial Day.

But watch what they say on Memorial Day. You have a good example of ultimate hypocrites when they eulogize the solemn sacrifice of our dead heroes. They praise them only through their teeth, but nothing comes from their heart.

Their presence in the celebration of this Memorial Day is a great dishonor to our men and women in uniform, because in their freaking mind those dead soldiers in the cemetery that we buried with honor, had died in vain in an “illegal” war.

Like the rest of us whose love ones had died in war, this makes people in the press like me really angry. Aside from writing down this editorial I can do no more that could end up regrettable than as a matter of free speech say rightfully to anyone of them … what a jerk! Shame on you! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS May 31, 2010.

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