Member Benefits

It’s important to note, that only members are provided with the tools to publish works and add or submit photos, art and videos. Becoming an NWS author is as simple as registering and for all basic access, it is Free.

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In this regard NWS is rather like YourTube on steroids, since you may publish and produce not just one form of media, but all forms.

Currently available Publishing features include:

  • Opinion and Editorial Works
  • News and articles
  • Music, audio interviews and Podcasts (MP3)
  • Photography and Imagery (Member Gallery)
  • Video ( YouTube, Google, MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV )
  • Fine Art & Paintings
  • Songwriting, Lyrics and Poetry
  • Books and Scripts*

Music and art, photography is reviewed by our editorial staff, and if your work is proficient, then that will be the proof used to provide the access permission for self publishing without peer/approval process review.

As a member Author you may always go back to your submission (when logged in) and edit its content. Look for the edit icon – It will be next to your title, click on it to launch your editor. You are allowed to upload associated images.

If your membership is Publisher then you are totally in control of your works and can add to that the choice to publish to a selected Access level, place it into the homepage, Alias your name, and time the publishing life of the item.