Media Must Resist Tyranny But …

… the way of the mind but of the mad, and this madness is what we in the Media should guard against instead of insinuate, encourage and promote.

This urgent call to calm not to arm, came in the wake of the July 19, 2011 ruling of the famous or infamous liberal decision-making machine of the United States Court of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit that a “racist Internet exhortation” to kill Obama was protected speech under the First Amendment, not a criminal threat. The radical Media caught this “news” with a feeding frenzy to lunatics the likes of gunman Jared Loughner who shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and left scores of dead bodies and innocent victims injured in the wake of a hate-generated shooting spree.

If millions of our fellow citizens no longer want Obama, the ballot not the bullet, should do the job. Americans across the United States shouldn’t turn themselves into a maddening crowd out of anger and hate.

To cool off the heat of this rising lunacy to kill and get over with is what I do the best I could as I write my column in this reasonable and evenhanded NWS website — the only editorially-balanced online publication in the Web that I know – to stop this maddening thirst for blood during this troubled time of hate and violence that rocks our System nationwide, dangerously turning this country into a state of confrontational hostility and dangerous restlessness. It is like hot water in the teakettle steaming to a boiling point and ready to explode.

The enemy within had shown in many ways that the aim of extreme hatred of the State and Government misdeeds and wrongdoing to the extent that it urges or incites the patriotic passion of the disquieted to kill people in authority like those publicly discredited officials in Washington or to shoot persons in authority like cops or law enforcement officers in the neighborhood, is definitely not to mend or reform a broken society but to destroy completely our democratic way of life and with it our liberty and freedom. That is not compatible with the dreams and aspirations of our great forebears who shed their blood in the struggle to build a great future for the American people, and to make this land the freest and the greatest on the planet.

At least in this editorial corner of we switch on the light when there is darkness; we attempt to let those in the dark see their way out peacefully …towards salvation if you may … to free themselves from damnation that incarcerated their mind for so long; we do not leave any stone of doubt left unturned against any State thuggery as we fight tyranny but at the same time we resist any suggestion of violence or killing as way to win a noble cause.

The cogent reason for this imperative choice is that we believe that the way of the mind is always the better way than that of the brawn, a much better alternative to the call to arms or to the seductive attraction of violence as the only way out … we chose the power of the mind which is much stronger than those billowing muscles in our chest.

We do not sanction or defend the Media or wipe its dirty behind clean in the bottom of the pit where it has fallen to its worst, but at the same time we argue no one can deny that there are also patriots in the Media who fight oppression and despotism as well, the best way they could, but for those radical freedom-lovers in extremis in the left side of the equation to suggest assassination as a way of expressing and ventilating our right to grievance, is beyond the constitutional limit of free speech, and in many of my written discourses in the academe this I do not only abhor with infinite disdain but also eternally condemn.

What immediately come to mind as I write this editorial declaration are those daily happenings we could no longer ignore. It is noticeable among left-leaning writers overwhelmed by their passion for liberty and freedom, to call for arms and for the people to rise and start a violent revolutionary change …i.e., more often than not what is occurring in this exercise of freedom of expression is this flair to incite citizens to shoot cops or kill law enforcement officers who enter their home without a warrant of arrest, search and seizure – a very disturbing phenomenon that is occurring on a daily basis.

Invoking the Fourth Amendment to resist persons in authority with force or violence – persons in authority like police officers who under the Constitution are mandated to enforce the law — is against public policy because it results in uncalled for tragedy; it causes injury and in many instances death, which is unnecessary.

This is the latest application of the “modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence” by the Supreme Court of Indiana in the case of the Hoosiers couple in Vanderburgh County. The Court ruled against these odd couple who claimed that while they were quarrelling in public outside their apartment, the police had no right to follow them to their home and entered their apartment without their permission. The violent husband was subdued by a stun gun, and cited for resisting law enforcement officers with force. When the case went to court, this landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Indiana was laid down that broke all precedents.

For record purposes, I would like to restate and clarify this nascent law-breaking court decision that now became part of our judicial system: “In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer's entry.”

To resist with force is against public policy … that resistance should be carefully and seriously considered as contrary to our currently existing “modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.” It is against public policy when such unnecessary resistance with force “escalates the level of violence” and involves parties in a meaningless killing or tragedy.

But those vigilant radicals from the Left and their associates of hate and violence — State-haters in extremis – are beating their drum of disagreement with the Indiana court ruling and they are suggesting assassination as the only way out. One notorious guru of violence — Larken Ross — published his vehement opposition to the Indiana court decision calling it “Full Frontal Fascism”. He suggested that resisting unlawful arrest with a gun, “even if doing so requires killing the cop, can be legal.” This is not true, and this ignorance of the law is not only false but also lethal. The chance of survival for those who follow this suggestion as a legal remedy is nil if not zero. The blind-sided citizen dies.

Ross further preached his gospel of violence, by spreading the words that “whatever any black-dress-wearing, wooden-hammer-wielding narcissist says [he was referring to the Justices of the high court], if someone decides to barge into your home, you have the right to evict him, with a harsh word, a fist, or a 12-gauge shotgun –whichever you deem necessary.” In this thinking twisted by hate, all cops are jackboot “Nazis” according to Ross that to assassinate or shoot them dead is more than justified.

This suggestion is farthest from the truth. It is rage. This weird advice to commit suicide blatantly ignores existing legal realities in our criminal justice system that the public has the right to know but blind-sided and poisoned by hate. Law enforcement officers can make arrest or enter a home even without a warrant when a crime is committed, being committed or to prevent the commission of a crime. This also applies when there is a probable cause to believe that a crime is about to be committed or has just been committed.

To blind-side Americans into believing that cops are Hitler’s dirty “Nazis” in action and therefore should be shot dead, is to throw the gullible but innocent American public under the bus where their chance of surviving as I said is practically nil if not zero. Hardly anyone survives if one persuaded by hate-mongers elects to shoot it out with the fully armed and fully trained police force like the SEAL or the SWAT team. You might as well prepare your funeral before you pull the trigger of resistance using force.

Like Larken Ross, the Mayor of Quartzsite, Arizona named Ed Foster called his Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert a “Nazi”. The “Nazi” hate-Mayor was a former U.S. Marine that undoubtedly has been militarily indoctrinated to vent his rage against the enemy, the Krauts or by shooting “Nazis” dead, as what happened in WWII. Foster has his own differences with the Chief of Police and by announcing in public that his police department is run by crooks and led by a “Nazi” leader that in Ross mind deserved to be assassinated or shot dead, shows that as the leader of the community the Mayor was not in control of his own town.

The latest incident that took place indicating that the town is governed by a Mayor that calls his rivals in this remote desert region of Arizona “Nazis” was when a Media activist named Jennifer “Jade” Jones, 45, a pet groomer and publisher of a radical publication called Desert Freedom Press, lately joined the City Council meeting. She used the microphone to expose the alleged anomalies and corruptions committed by the members of the City Council who were right there present in the meeting. She turned the City Council in session into a war of verbal abuse and atrocities. Upon the unanimous urging of the council members, Jones was stopped by the police and hauled out of the hall to face charges of resisting police officers.

Chief of Police Gilbert had warned the Quartzsite townsfolk earlier that Jones was a hate-police instigator that drives the likes of gunman Jared Loughner to a shooting spree in a public place where Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was almost killed and where six people died and 14 others injured.

As a purveyor of police hatred, this pet grooming writer-activist published a threat to the life of the Chief of Police and the members of Quartzsite Police Department just 3 days after the Jared Loughner shooting in Tucson, Arizona took place: "So Jeff and Q.P.D., the next time you piss off a patriot, think maybe, just maybe they won't be as calm as I am. You think nothing bad will ever happen to you because you are a cop with a 10-cent badge and a gun? Don't be so sure. …”

It was not only appalling to say the least that there was a threat, but there was something else more alarmingly horrible. To ascribe a Media accolade to this demented killer the term “patriot” for shooting a member of Congress is subversive if not seditious, and to kill innocent victims in the name of free speech is deliberately crossing the borderline of freedom of expression. Responsible members of the Media should neither condone nor pardon and worst, promote this constitutional transgression of free speech.

It is difficult to disagree – even one feels like disagreeing — with the warnings that Gilbert previously briefed the City Council about… those instigators of hate and violence in the Media are on the rise. That they spread their demons has never been in doubt.

Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert warned: “These words [publisher Jones’published threats to Gilbert and Q.P.D.] are warning signs. The propaganda that's being spread about the local government – these are warning signs. The behavior, the outbursts, the actions that have been taking place in some of these council meetings [shown by radical activist Jones], they are warning signs.” Warning signs of violence and the next mass killing that would probably take place anywhere anytime …and this indeed requires a lot of prayers from you and me that you and I and our love ones be spared – that we are not at the wrong place at a wrong time when the result of this hate-spawning activities of the enemy within explodes right in our face.

Strangely enough but not surprising at all, the hate-“Nazi” Mayor of Quartzsite supported Jones, and so did the World Net Daily.

There are certain accompanying highlights that are taking place in this reported hate incident. WND twisted the incident a little bit to the left by publishing a headliner “ 'Nazi' police 'kidnap' woman at town hall”. Of course this headline is not true, and it was never meant or intended to be true.

But here’s the catch: The WND website’s fight against Obama’s fake birth certificate is a standing ovation, except that WND is prone to exaggeration when it is really mad on something – like mad at Obama for fooling the American people that he was qualified to run for the office of the president when he was not.

For WND’s exaggeration when it is really angry on something else, feud normally results. WND has a feud with LGBT Conservatives and another feud with its equally angry rival Alex Parene of wrote a column headlining WND as "The biggest, dumbest wingnut site on the Web”.

The bottom line is, we in the Media are one in resisting tyranny under our common mantra of struggle for the public good, more so in using to good advantage the quill and the ink in defense of liberty and freedom. But our freedom of expression has a constitutional limit. And we lose this freedom if we cross this boundary with a nonchalant defiance like what exactly ordinary street thugs do.

Violence, assassination and killing are not the right way of ventilating our grievances – and mind you we have a truckload of those revolutionary chips on our shoulders we want to unload as we move forward to the future.

We in this corner of the Media in general, are nevertheless, against vendettas and vigilantism, accompanied by blood-letting and terrible bloodshed reminiscent of the 1861 American Civil War where more than 600,000 young men perished.

For – I repeat — assassination or killing crosses over the boundary line of the freedom of the Press, and undermines the freedom of expression that the Fourth Estate since time immemorial, upholds to face and survive the eternal challenge of time.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS July 20, 2011.

Note: Edwin Sumcad is a multi-award-winning journalist. He is a columnist of this website, and in several websites, as well as in other print and online publications. Send your comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots … you may need JavaScript enabled, to view it.

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