McCain, John Must Lose The AZ Primary – NWS Endorses J. D. Hayworth

… If McCain wins you are all nuts in AZ and deserve what you get.

In the absence of character there is, standing Senator John McCain. He has taken and retaken a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution of the

United States. He has time and again failed to do so in his Official Capacity as a

US Senator.

Either McCain is incapable – stupid — of comprehending the Constitution or he is intentionally disregarding it. Clearly McCain has no foresight and runs from one incident to another changing his story and actions as befits an ant in a colony – just like congress for the most part.

All of the current illegal immigration problems in AZ can be laid at the feet of John McCain with the help of others like the rat Ted Kennedy – now deceased. The blood of innocent, legal, law abiding citizens, injured or murdered, is clearly dripping from McCain’s hands.

I never met J.D. Hayworth nor even spoken with him. Yet Hayworth stands out, as far as

New York where I am from, as the only choice for this Senate Seat from

Arizona. I make this statement based upon the history of McCain – Actions speak louder than words or money which is where my respect comes from and I have none for McCain – where the swindler of the American culture and civilization is concerned.

A Vote for J. D. Hayworth is a Vote for the Constitution and the

American Way – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!. Endorses: J. D. Hayworth for the U.S. Senate!

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