Matt Damon’s Anti-American Film Funded By Islamists In Abu Dhabi

by Sharia Watch

This issue isn’t strictly related to Shariah-Compliant Finance, but oil is what feeds Shariah Finance, Jihad and terrorism at the end of the day, so when a foreign entity funds a horrible film starring a notoriously anti-American Leftist like Matt Damon, it is worth a closer look.

In this case, interests in OPEC, who earn billions off of US energy dependence, have financed a film that LIES about the process known as fracking, in a bald-faced attempt to discourage the practice here in the US.

Why? Because fracking is so promising that it has the potential to make America energy independent one day. The wealthy Islamist oil sheikhs can’t have that.

No problem.

They just throw some millions at Matt Damon and he’ll be sure to portray fracking in such a way that no one will want anything to do with it.

Too bad for poor Matt that this little arrangement got exposed…

Anti-Fracking Film Produced with Abu Dhabi Oil Money
On January 8, 2013 · In Abu Dhabi, Emirates, Energy Independence for the USA, OPEC, UAE

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