Massacre: Filipinos Caught In A Terrible Bind

The current Philippine political leadership is adept in double-talks … it is not only incompetent and corrupt but also evil.

This is an understatement describing politicians running the EDSA-mob-installed government in Manila now led by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Many observers believe Arroyo is a political chameleon who like Obama has a fork tongue trying to hide a vicious massacre from Hell.

But first, before viewing this negative or ugly scenario, let’s have this positive backgrounder to better understand this critical editorial as to what kind of people Filipinos are before anyone can make a wrong judgment. No one should make a mistake of making an ignorant conclusion about Filipinos, especially what they are to the free world.

Filipinos are one of the kindest and among the most admired living creatures on the planet. In terms of global alignment of forces between the U.S. allies and the West’s sworn enemies of freedom, the Filipinos are not only the friendliest partners and associates of Americans in the pursuit of peaceful resolution to international conflicts but also the most affectionate people to America and what its Statue of Liberty stands for.

In Asia, the international community stands witness to the Filipinos’ supreme loyalty to the ideals of American-led democracy … in World War II, Bataan and Corrigidor sealed the eternal friendship of Filipinos and Americans in blood!

Almost vanquished by the powerful Japanese Imperial Armed Forces that dominated Southeast Asia, Gen. Douglas MacArthur who was then headquartered in the Philippines escaped to Australia and returned to the country. The starving and dying American and Filipino fighters that remained in the islands suddenly became alive and helped MacArthur wiped the occupying Japanese invaders off the Philippine map.

“Pinoys”, as they are fondly called by Americans and Filipino friends alike, are not only brave but also brainy. In peacetime, they are well-known for their political savvy: As a nation, Filipinos are the only living political entity in history that created the first known Republic in Asia.

In education, the Philippines was Southeast Asia’s center of learning with its famous university – the University of Santo Tomas [UST] – seven years older than the United States’ Harvard University.

In short, UST was already producing scholars by almost a decade … leaders of knowledge and know-how that helped shaped our modern world into what it is today, more specifically in the field of medicine, engineering, political science, economics and in law before Harvard did.

The Philippines’ Carlos P. Romulo was a diplomat-journalist, the first Filipino journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize. He was a co-founder of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945, and the only “first Asian to serve as president of the UN General Assembly [1949].”

Ironically – providentially, if you may — in the later part of Romulo’s life, he became my intellectual and spiritual mentor when like him I served in the UN as a diplomat-journalist. In diplomacy, he inspired me to win over international friends for democracy, as well as motivated and enthused me to earn several excellence awards in journalism.

In sports, the list of the Filipinos’ monumental achievements is too elongated to be printed in this limited space. Suffice it to say that just recently among the latest of those world-known extraordinary feats — specifically on November 14, 2009 — the Philippines’ Manny Paquiao won his “seventh world boxing title in seven weight divisions, a feat no other boxer has achieved in the history of the sport”. [1]

In retrospect or to make it short, in sum, Filipinos are among the world’s most trendy trail blazers that project the best image of themselves — as well as their worst. Their worst is exceptional even as their best is phenomenal … their embarrassment is too tragic to bear, a national scourge to suffer in time that seemingly has no end even as the international applause they endlessly deserved appears to be continuously modish in the whole of Asia.

Since President Ferdinand E. Marcos left the Philippine political scene and the so-called “people power” ruled the land – a nation of more than 7,000 islands which national hero Dr. Jose Rizal described as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Filipinos are caught in a hellish bind.

In the downside, only recently I wrote a series of editorials on the subject of typhoon devastation and flood murder in the Philippines due to incompetence and corruption of politicians running the EDSA-styled government … one of the first and only of its kind in the whole wide world.

For the uninitiated, the Philippine EDSA-styled government is a government installed by street mob and run by primitive warlords that had taken over the country’s Westernized society. When the mob congregates in EDSA [a many-storied thoroughfare or main avenue in the center of Metro Manila where anger politically instigated and fired up by self-serving, infighting power-hungry politicians explodes with Molotov bombs in the streets], the supreme law of the land — the existing Philippine Constitution — becomes a mere scrap of paper for the change of power or the fall of government.

Such political instability scares foreign investors away, reducing the economic status of the country to extreme neediness if not embarrassing penury. Millions of Filipino college graduates leave the country and slave for their masters in foreign lands to bailout the economy with the dollars they earn in serfdom. The Pearl of the Orient Seas turned into a mere plastic ornament that symbolizes the tragedy the country has fallen into.

My column in the Philippines & Asian Report widely read in Southern California based in San Diego that recently won an excellence award in journalism, described this macabre geopolitical anathema – a man-made evil from the Dark side that consigned the lives of millions of Filipinos to hell, especially that of the poor … the unfortunate segment of the population forced to scavenge the Smokey Mountain daily in order to live.

Incompetent and corrupt politicians, typhoon and flood murders that terrorize and kill by drowning, can be accessed in my homepage – The Light To Share, and the link is in this button … Incompetence et al.

The recent politically-driven massacre in Saniag, Maguindanao Province, Southern Philippines, confirmed worldwide media accounts of national and local leaders “elected” to office with the use of gold, guns and goons. As expected, politicized religious mavericks from the street and political warlords running the government could never solve the nation’s ever-worsening peace and order situation — a deadly problem of ideological and political vendetta. Why? It’s because they are the problems themselves! They are not only hopeless nincompoops managing the affairs of government but also evil power-wielders from Hell … they control the lives of Filipinos not only in Central Luzon and the Visayan islands but also in far-plunged Christian and Muslim communities known as the “war zones” of rebellion-torn Mindanao.

Families of a rival politician who was challenging the candidacy of a powerful warlord candidate for governorship were massacred in broad daylight with such animalistic savagery that in a stomach-turning comparison puts the Nazi’s barbaric gas chamber killings in Holocaust to shame!

Traveling down the road, the whole entourage of innocent civilians were intercepted by hundreds of the warlord’s private army and massacred to the last individual without mercy. A vehicular caravan led by the rival political candidate’s wife and sister on their way to the Capitol building to register the husband’s candidacy was intercepted and stopped on the road by armed men, then slaughtered in a sadistic killing orgy.

As of this writing, a total of 64 victims were counted dead and still counting. The bodies and motor vehicles the victims were riding were riddled with bullets … some of them were dug out from a prepared mass grave [a premeditated mass murder] “on a remote farming road close to a town bearing the Ampatuan name”. About 17 journalists were included in the massacre.

The Ampatuan clan is headed by a political warlord named Andal Ampatuan, Sr., “the provincial governor who commands his own private army”, and a trusted and loyal member of President Arroyo’s “ruling Lakas Dampit CMD coalition” party.

Andal’s son – Andal Ampatuan, Jr. – is Mayor of Datu Unsay town. His father wanted him to be the next governor of Maguindanao Province. The elder Ampatuan did not want rival politician Esmael Mangudadatu and his political tribe to oppose the candidacy of his son in this coming 2010 election. Thus Andal Ampatuan, Sr. and his son had reportedly hatched up this evil plan to get rid of their rivals.

It is imperative to restate this infamous blood-curling scenario to demonstrate how treacherous and evil the execution of this carnage was: The victims were ambushed and abducted “while traveling in a six-vehicle convoy [on their way to the provincial Capitol] to nominate Mangudadatu as the opposition candidate for provincial governor” in next year’s election. By some weird stroke of fate, today [at least as of this writing] Ismael Mangudadatu was the luckiest candidate alive in that “lawless part of the southern Philippines where Muslim clans have long waged vicious campaigns against each other to grab power”.

Candidate Ismael Mangudadatu was not in that convoy with his wife and sister on that fateful day. He lived to tell the horror of his tale on that day of infamy. I cringed … impulsively recoiled with revulsion in the manner his wife and sister – both pregnant … repeat both pregnant – were savagely abused and mutilated before those two-legged monsters finally shot them dead with the rest of the victims.

Ismael Mangudadatu described Ampatuan, Jr. and his gun-totting hoodlums as “animals”. In Ismael’s own words, this is how he reported the atrocities picked up by local and foreign Media worldwide:

"My wife's private parts were slashed four times, after which they fired a bullet into it … They speared both of her eyes, shot both her breasts, cut off her feet, fired into her mouth. I could not begin to describe the manner by which they treated her …"

I could see tears rolling down Ismael’s face as he struggled to let those words out of his mouth.

President Barack Obama has his infamous counterpart in the Philippines in the person of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. There is no doubt that in politics, both are endowed with a fork tongue that is so powerful in hiding a wrongdoing.

In public, like Obama, Arroyo is always very reassuring of the disquieted public when the administration did something malicious or a public deception is taking place.

Arroyo vowed justice for the victims of massacre. But like Obama, Arroyo is known to her political opponents as a double-faced political acrobat … what is said in public is the opposite of what is being done.

For example, this is what Arroyo had verbalized in public to assure justice to the victims of massacre: "The perpetrators will not escape justice. The law will hunt them until they are caught. No citizen in our nation should ever have to fear for his or her life in the free expression of political will." As it has always been, this kind of oratory is brilliant and compelling, and like Obama’s shining rhetoric is coming from a chameleon’s fork tongue.

In this massacre, the perpetrators are Arroyo’s political henchmen in Maguindanao Province. There is nothing to “hunt … until they are caught” like what she said. They are right there, feeling very much secured and protected, in Arroyo’s own political backyard.

More than a hundred gunmen participated in committing this carnage. The mastermind who gave the order for the multiple slaying had been identified.

One of the hooded gunmen [from the warlord’s private army] appeared in videotape clearly identifying the person who gave the order to ambush and slaughter their victims.

In that God-forsaken part of the Philippine archipelago, it is a great pride and a rare honor to be a member of a warlord’s private army that controls the town. They fear no one. Through the Ampatuan warlords, Arroyo can never lose any election in the province they control.

Many ashamed Filipinos believed that Arroyo’s fork tongue is as deadly as Obama’s. Verbalizing her deepest concern and quickest response to the carnage in public, Arroyo announced that she immediately sent “a special envoy, Jesus Dureza, to the Ampatuan camp [to the elder Ampatuan] … to get the clan to pledge its cooperation in an investigation, rather than to arrest the son,” who was the identified leader of the killing.

The victims’ families and the whole world were made to believe that Arroyo’s publicly announced swift action was for them and in their behalf when in fact it was against them!

Arroyo’s immediate action was actually warning the criminal perpetrators under the command of the elder Ampatuan who was known to be a rabid political follower working for the Arroyo administration, that an investigation and arrest were about to take place. It gave the gunmen time to run away and hide. Most of them if not all of them reportedly fled to the hills and joined the rebels. Arroyo’s action was just the opposite of her pledge to give justice to the victims of massacre. This vividly illustrates how a fork tongue works.

Attempts to whitewash this criminal butchery are rearing their ugly heads. Arroyo’s Ex-Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, who is running for president in 2010 under her political coalition party, is defending his boss’ [Arroyo’s] Obama-like publicly active fork tongue on what many believe as an early attempt to whitewash the case.

Teodoro factored-in the presence of Moro Islamic Liberation terrorists in the area, implying that the rebels could have committed the mass murder implicating the political party’s henchmen – the heavily armed Ampatuan warlords. He was dropping hints that the administration’s allied private army could be innocent of the crime.

His soliloquy to the curious members of the Media implies that the incident was simply not really that serious to alarm the international community … as if it was just a measured embarrassment to the country which foreigners should not get involved or should backed off. He said that “global attention on the latest politics-related atrocity should not ‘pressure’ authorities.”

In defending Arroyo, many observers interpreted Teodoro’s public statement to mean that the Arroyo administration is warning any political entity or foreign kibitzer not to interfere with the government “investigation” of the massacre. Obviously, if there will be such interference, the mass murder would be harder to whitewash.

President Arroyo is no longer qualified to run for another presidential term in office. But she just announced that she will run for Congress. She wants to stay in power. She wants to continue using her power in the person of Teodoro, assured that guns, gold and goons would “elect” him president in 2010.

Be that as it may, the Filipinos will continue to have a government run by the likes of Teodoro, and the shades of Arroyo, Aquino, Marcos and Estrada that gave them both the world’s standing ovation and lasting condemnation!

How long millions of discontented Americans will bear Obama in office, is the subject of dangerous speculation. But guns, gold and goons and Philippine politics are synonymous. The Americans may no longer have Obama in the Oval Office, but the beleaguered Filipino nation will still have Arroyo and her warlord allies in the government.

With her is Imelda Marcos who would still be in Congress. A powerful band of present-day politicians that make up the bane of Philippine politics spawned and spun by the so-called “EDSA people power” are still running the government indefinitely.

The 2010 presidential election is past approaching and the next one is not too far away from there. There will be more of this gory massacre across the land.

In a terrible bind, the Filipinos are desperate for change, which is becoming harder and harder to come by as political goons with gold and guns holding on to power tighten the screw of control and absolute dominance. Politically-motivated massacres seem the only way to win a national election for those who hold the country hostage as they govern at will or rule the country any way they want.

Every time a national election approaches, the bell tolls for the dead and the dying. Soon there will be no more tears to shed. The glimmer of hope is fading at the end of the tunnel.

How far can Filipinos suffer and in rage break the chain in their ankle in the blood-drenched street of EDSA is so frightening to predict, just as how long can millions of Americans endure Obama is so dangerous to speculate.

To abort Obama’s pro-Islam regime in the United States the EDSA way is a fearsome event to calculate … but to millions and millions of non-Muslim Americans it would be much more like Judgment Day that celebrates the defeat of the biblical Antichrist. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access December 9, 2009.

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