How Many More Lies Are We Really Willing To Accept From Our Politicians?

by Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo –

The lies from this administration are well-known and numerous.

Among only some of the most infamous: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. ISIS is a non-threat, the “JV team.” The economy is in great shape after years of sustained recovery, and unemployment is at a de minimis 5%. Daily life over the past seven and a half years and the six o’clock news will relieve you of these fictions.

The Barack Hussein Obama administration’s deceit is deployed deliberately to assuage our deepest fears concerning the state of our country and the world. The administration’s disinformation campaign will continue at least until the election, meaning that the citizens have seven more months of utter falsehoods whose origin is their own White House.

In recent days, another three lies have made the headlines on television and other media outlets:

•      Obama has insisted on multiple occasions that he would not put boots on the ground in Syria. Yet now we learn that an additional 250 advisors are being sent to Syria, on top of the 50 advisors who are already there. Are 300 “advisors” not boots on the ground? U.S. involvement in Vietnam started with advisors.

*     Speaking of “Syria,” does the administration realize that Syria is no longer a country? – it imploded some time ago. Since the conflict began in 2011, after almost five years, the country’s southern border with Iraq has dissolved. The government does not control large parts of the country, which are dominated variously by terrorists in some areas, Kurdish groups in others, and the primarily foreign-composed ISIS. The media should have realize that “Syria” as a single country is a thing of the past.

•      This week, Obama went to Hanover to visit with German Prime Minister Angel Merkel. While there, the two destructive leaders perpetuated the lie regarding so-called “refugees.” Obama praised Merkel’s open invitation to these “refugees” to escape the conditions in various Middle Eastern and North African countries. But let’s examine for a second: what is a refugee? The real definition and decades of experience show these invaders are definitely not refugees, but could be considered a fifth column.

*      Legally, refugees must remain in the “first safe country” that can offer them asylum. “Refugees” from Syria must pass through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, several Balkan and/or Eastern European countries before they reach Germany. Alternatively, they could seek refuge in neighboring Arab states, where the predominant culture is closer to their own than that of Europe’s or Germany’s.

*     Historically, refugees are mostly women and children. The men traditionally remain in the country in conflict to fight. However, according to a UN report the wave entering Germany (and more broadly, Europe, thanks to the Schengen Agreement) is 72% male. Once again, why is the media taking the three monkeys approach with refugees – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

•     Finally, we come to the American presidential primary process. The culpability for this lie is on both sides of the political aisle. Regardless of the technical rules of the nomination process, the American people were led by the media (and the parties) to believe that by voting in primaries and caucuses they chose their parties’ presidential nominees. In this election season, we are all getting a rude awakening, as both parties are nakedly using their petty rules to nullify votes.

*     Of the 71 delegates up for grabs in the Pennsylvania Republican primary this Tuesday, 54 of them are completely unbound. This means that regardless of how the people of Pennsylvania vote, more than 75% of the delegates can vote for whomever they choose during the convention, or even before it with bribes or other considerations.

*    On the Democratic side, superdelegates were used to deny Hillary Clinton the nomination in 2008. This time around, they were touted to present Clinton as a fait accompli, the candidate who would be the nominee regardless of Senator Sanders’ popularity.

The approach used by our politicians is sometimes called the “salami technique,” reminiscent of the way a butcher slices a sausage meat – one thin slice at a time, until the entire salami is consumed by the slicer. Such is the way these lies have accumulated to the point where truth is scant to be found.

We recognize that constant abuse of public trust has a jading effect, and the people today rarely challenge blatant lies from their politicians (and media). We credit that to the salami technique.

Still, 2016 should be a time when we thoroughly reject the lies and demand transparency, truth, and accountability. Period.

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