Mandatory Voting-What Next?

 by George Weir –

Recently President Obama stuck his head into a gopher hole looking for some new idea, what he came out with was the idea of mandatory voting imposed on all Americans, that soon was swept aside.  I’m sure that he has his head in another gopher hole somewhere looking for another bright idea to brighten the lives of the hard working patriotic Americans citizens, (or what is left of them), thanks to the gopher hole ideas they are becoming a minority.

In a prefect world, with perfect people, and with dependable candidates this might be a worthwhile idea, but golly bum, we are far from that.

Quite often I watch “Waters World” on the Fox News.  Mr. Waters is asked to go to different places in America and ask questions, these questions may range from, Who is our current President?, or have you ever voted?, or possibly, do you know what country you live in?  Frankly it is scary to watch, one would think that Waters was in another country, with no radio, newspaper or TV, but not so, he is on the streets of America, and some of the most stupid answers come from college students.

Do I think that they should vote, heck yes!!  Do I think they should be educated on the politics of each candidate, you bet!!!   This is what is missing in our society when it comes to electing an official in any office.

I know people in my own home town that go to the poles and strictly vote along party line because, (that the party my family has always voted for), or to some, I have become a die-hard democrat or I have become a die-hard Republican, or some just might be willing to say, I just try to go with who I think may win.

A president should never be elected because of the way he navigates through the throngs of people, or the color of his skin, or how well he can use a teleprompter.  Hitler could arose the crowd with great swelling words and the promise of a future of prosperity, but in the end, his policies were the ruin and destruction of a powerful nation.

There is only one reason any president would entertain the idea of mandatory voting, and that would be to lead the nation to a one political party, and of course that party would be his or her party.

Even now with the president executive immigration policy it’s only designed to give a more voting block for the Democratic Party and by making voting mandatory that would ensure that the party which could promise that they would be the party for those that are already waiting for their government handout and free stuff would be there for them.

For the past six years we have been reminded daily that electing a President or any other office is not something to be taken lightly or without serious thought, but we know that there are many in America that just don’t care, and give little thought of tomorrow or the course that will take America into a brighter future.

There is an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.  That is the same way toward mandatory voting, “you can make the people go the voting booth, but you can’t make them think”.

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