Man Files Pro Se For Injunction Against The Bailout, Injunction or Rebellion He Tells Federal Court

Larry Bumgarner, founder of Reenactment of 1776, possessor of no law degree, a member of the lower & middleclass, accompanied by a reporter from the Atlantic City Press, filed pro se, for a permanent injunction in federal Court to stop H.R. 1424, aka, “The Bailout.” Also filed was a motion for a temporary injunction, which is to be heard on Monday, November 17, 2008. It was filed for himself, you and everyone you know. It also would be what the founding fathers would want done.

The injunction is sought because it is unethical, immoral and illegal

The Bailout is immoral and unethical. My money, your money and everybody’s money in the lower & middleclass will go to capitalize individuals and institutions that are corrupt and criminal. The bailout is akin to giving the mafia money because they lost on their betting operations.

The bailout violates the Thirteenth Amendment. People in the lower & middleclass will be put into Involuntary Servitude. The lower & middleclass will be made responsible for paying for someone else’s mistakes, debts and financial losses. Neither the plaintiff nor members of the lower & middleclass needs a lawyer, an expert witness or a judge to know what that means. We as a class of people have been put into the cotton fields, indentured servants to our masters, the legal class. That’s slavery and is also protected by the Thirteenth Amendment.

The bailout violates Section 1581 of Title 18. It is unlawful to hold a person in “debt servitude,” or peonage, which is closely related to involuntary servitude. If the bailout is financed with treasury bills, notes and bonds then the people are the collateral used to back these instruments. If these instruments fail then the lower & middleclass are responsible for making the investors whole. The banking system is not collateralized, only the people. The banking system reaps all of the rewards while the risk is put on the people. The lower & middleclass will be put into debt servitude.

Previously the courts have rejected these two arguments. They said these claims were a thin disguise for the people not to pay taxes. A rose by any other name is a rose. A tax liability and a debt liability are both one and the same. That argument doesn’t cut it. Neither does the argument that the people can change things with voting. At one time maybe, but no more. The legal class has made it so.

There is a two class system in America today, the “lower & middleclass” and the “legal class.” The legal class, the “despots” have created their own class replete with rights, privileges, immunities separate and of the lower & middleclass. The legal class has monopolized all three branches of government at every level of government in this country. They have monopolized the political parties. There is no longer a Democrat or a Republican, only the legal class. They have free access to governments that the lower & middleclass do not enjoy. They make their own rules for themselves and they police their own selves. The legal class has created despotism as written about in the Declaration of Independence. The result is we have a tyrannical government. The money only goes to one class. Only one class pays for the bailout. One class gets all of the benefits and the other gets all of the financial outlays. Because of this the lower & middleclass is a “subject” class, much like Afro Americans were. The bailout then causes the lower & middleclass to suffer equal rights violations.

The Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, provides that “no state shall… deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The bailout will cause the lower & middleclass tol suffer constitutional rights violations.

The Bill of Rights prohibits the federal government from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. This speaks for itself.

The Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Antitrust Act & The Celler-Kefauver Act of 1950. The banks that the government is creating will have a monopoly on the banking industry. It will be open season to use and abuse the lower & middleclass. It will be easier to corrupt the banking system and they will be more risky to the economy.

Because the plaintiff is pro se and because plaintiff’s claim is about constitutional violations, then the judge is bound by law to find and site any law, claim, amendment, document or any thing the federal judge can site and use that the plaintiff has not used, used incorrectly or should have used. The laws are sited. The federal court is the court of the people, born out of rebellion and created to protect the people. Members of the legal class are being asked to rule on the legal class. We will see if despotism has made its way into the federal court system.

The Brief also points out the following:

There have been a lot of lower & middleclass people who have died and been maimed and wounded to protect and save this court and the constitution. This plaintiff, the people of the lower & middleclass expect the same kind of attitude in return. Is this Federal Court now going to protect us? Save us? Preserve us? That is what the lower & middleclass have done for this Federal Court.

Larry Bumgarner concluded his brief by stating that, “he could not speak for anyone else in the lower & middleclass, that for him and him only, it was injunction or rebellion.” I’ve had enough.

Tired of it all? Want to vent, rant and/or rave? Want to raise some hell? Want to just make a comment, a statement.

Then call the courthouse. Tell them it’s about Bumgarner vs. The USA (1:08-cv-5245) and you want the injunction too.

Look at it like you’re kicking someone in the groin who is making your life very miserable. Call as many times as you like. Every time during the day that you get upset, like when you have to make the choice between gas or food, and you haven’t been out in ages, go ahead, relieve yourself by calling and complaining. You’ll find it therapeutic.

Federal Court House 856 757-5021

To Be Heard Monday, November 17

Copy of the complaint.

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