Make Way For The Next Crisis

….optimism on the economy, going so far as to advise Americans that its time to start buying stock again. From warning of 'the Great Depression' he shifted to 'the economy is fundamentally sound', all in a week's time.

Curiously, during the same week, a flood of articles, studies and editorials resumed the mantra of rising sea levels and other catastrophic consequences of global warming. The majority of these articles report 'man-made global warming' as though it is settled, scientific fact.

Sen. John Kerry (Vietnam veteran) gravely intoned last week that deferring costly actions to combat global warming because of the economic crisis amounted to "a mutual suicide pact."

Kerry was followed by Father Earth, Algore, who gave the world the benefit of his 'settled' wisdom, assuring one and all that "There is a very impressive consensus now emerging around the world that the solutions to the economic crisis are also the solutions to the climate crisis."

As usual, Gore was not asked for any specifics. Nor did any of the slavish reporters who covered this story point out the vast difference between 'consensus' and scientific fact. After all, Gore is a Nobel Prize winner.

Last week also saw Prince Charles chime in, providing a necessary time frame during which immediate action MUST be taken. "We have less than 100 months to act" before the damage caused by global warming becomes irreversible, he warned.

Again, no journalists questioned his assertion. After all, he is the Prince of Wales.

Despite new data showing the earth has entered a cooling phase in the last decade, the push is on to take advantage of the extensive groundwork already laid by the global warming alarmists – hopefully before we enter into the next ice age. After all, a crisis is an awful thing to waste.

Obama has already included in his new budget figures $300 billion income from a yet to be implemented cap and trade system for CO2 emissions. Which should alert everyone that the next raid on our pocketbooks will come under the guise of cleaning up the environment. And if we don't have a 'climate crisis', how will Obama and friends be able to implement the costly measures they have already prepared, in order to deal with it?

The EPA is on board, ready to designate CO 2 emissions as harmful, in order to regulate them. Voila. The stage is now set to regulate (tax) any business, individual, animal or event the EPA or Obama designate. Under the rubric of public health, the government will now be able to assume control over any facet of the economy they want. Just like China or the Soviet Union.

Already, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has proposed that the federal government take over the power grid in the country. Reid wants to create, by federal fiat, new "special power lines to carry renewable energy." – to be placed wherever the government sees fit.

Imagine: government control of our power infrastructure. One need only look to the Post Office or Amtrack to know this would be disastrous. Or better yet, check out the the NASDAQ Relief Index, which tracks companies that have taken government funds. It is now down 50% since its inception… which was earlier this year

Accepted as fact by many is the idea that the US consumes more than 'its share' of world resources. What is left unsaid, is that American technology has been exceedingly successful in cutting down on the pollution associated with energy use. Our air is cleaner now than it was in 1970. But lets not let facts stand in the way of a good crisis. Better yet, how about we just don't report them.

The media is complicit in furthering the agenda of the 'global warming' crowd. Not only do they dutifully report any and all efforts that support the unproven theory of man-made global warming, they ignore any studies, scientists or facts that contradict that theory.

Case in point: Has anyone heard of the Climate Conference hosted by the Heartland Institute last week? I thought not. That's because those scientists dared to question an issue the left has already declared settled.

How about the 6,500 scientists that signed a petition challenging the current 'consensus'?

Does anyone doubt that the millions of our tax dollars designated in Obama's recent trillion dollar spending bill for global warming research will flow to any scientists that provides studies disputing an issue in which the current administration has such a vested interest?

Whether the new, urgent focus on global warming is a spontaneous reaction to actual events or a timely political ploy is a matter of opinion. Either way, the American people are now being treated to another crisis, the goal of which has more to do with expanding government and social engineering than with addressing an actual problem.

What the American people will be getting is a ponzi scheme that far exceeds the scope of Bernie Madoff. A deliberate and brazen campaign of misinformation perpetrated by government and their media allies to fund a long wish list of liberal policies under the guise of saving the environment. Hey, it worked for the economic crisis. And this time, its Green.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for

She live in South Carolina

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