….It is regrettable that it is ignored. In the background of at least one candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a record of public statements which call for strengthening the role of the United Nations. I am not sure this a is good idea.

The United Nations is rapidly moving towards becoming a corrupt world government whose soldiers engage in barbaric atrocities.

Entrusted by world leaders who turn the other way when its corruption and the crimes of its troops are exposed, the UN is showing every sign of becoming the ubiquitous evil doer we folks on the right have been warning against.

The poor, the weak and the vulnerable in the Third World are learning that UN troops are not benign and gentle peacekeepers. They are rapists, looters and black marketeeers who are known to engage in sadistic behavior.

Some of the verifiable stories of the dedicated peacekeepers in Blue helmets:

1. During the civil war in Sierra Leone, UN peacekeeping forces were sent in to restore order. The crimes and atrocities committed by the United Nations were comparable to those of the Third Reich. Torture and mutilation were widespread, as was rape and members of families being forced to rape each other. The sick depravity of the United Nations soldiers has forever tarnished whatever reputation the organization has ever had for doing any good, which wasn't much. The story was covered by major reputable newspapers and was included in reports published by Human Rights Watch of New York.

2. On May 6, 2004 the BBC reported that United Nations soldiers in Kosovo were involved in trafficking women from throughout the region, many involuntarily, for prostitution throughout the area. The largest source of customers for the women, many held in virtual slavery, was, of course, the United Nations soldiers and other UN personnel.

3. On November 24, 2004 Reuters reported that 150 complaints of rape, including rape of children, were made against UN troops in the Congo. The allegations were not contested because videotapes had been made of the crimes and were leaked to investigators. The most severe punishment administered to any perpetrator was to send him home.

4. In Somalia, reports were circulated that UN troops from Belgium actually roasted a local boy alive. Less severe reports, but nonetheless disturbing, were received that European soldiers ordered the locals to eat pork, which is forbidden by Moslem law. A boy accused of stealing was locked in a storage shed by UN troops for two days, and died.

Similar atrocities were reported in Cambodia, Bosnia, Ethiopia and Haiti.

But what is the real message of this?

Is it that the United Nations cannot or will not control and discipline its own soldiers ?

This is not credible. In virtually every modern army of a civilized society, a military chain of command is expected to see that atrocities are not tolerated, and that any perpetrators are court martialed. But the United Nations, which on paper is meant to reflect the loftiest ideals of respect for human rights, now symbolizes the worst that humanity has to offer. We knew all along that the UN was always up to no good.

This observer believes that the United Nations, by reason of an occult, and totalitarian agenda, specifically wants to spread terror in occupied areas as a means of establishing control and preparing subjugated peoples to accept dictatorship.

The atrocities are part of the plan.

As Americans, we believe that the mistreatment of civilian populations during war time is a barbaric practice repugnant to every normal citizen. American participation in a movement for World Government, which the United Nations unquestionably represents, must be immediately terminated when that movement is not committed to the same basic values of human decency as our country.

This is not to say that we have never erred in this regard. But the difference is that America takes the misconduct of its soldiers seriously, tries and punishes the culprits and sends a strong message to its soldiers and to everybody else that we have standards and values that must be followed.

The standards and values exemplified by the United Nations soldiers are not ours. They are savages.

For years American Constitutionalists have been demanding that the United Nations be asked to find a new home, perhaps North Korea, perhaps Cuba where no doubt the nest of spies, perverts and crooks will feel comfortable.

America should boycott the United Nations until the organization becomes dedicated to those values which make our nation great, those values of due process, equal protection and justice embodied in our constitution.

Until such time, even dialogue at the UN is like dialogue with rats and tics, they'll bite and suck the blood out of us. Who needs them?

David Grossack is General Counsel of the National Writers Syndicate. He is a lawyer in private practice in Newton, Massachusetts and is Chairman of the Hull Republican Committee.

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