Lying About Health Care For Unlawful Immigrants – Again

President Lyndon Baines Johnson lied about the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. The ensuing Vietnam War killed millions and cost billions of dollars. President George W. Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. His war continues at a cost of billions and countless lives. This week, President Barack Obama lied about his controversial health care plan. He said it would not be available to illegal aliens. If his bill passes, 20 million illegal aliens along with their children will tap into our health care system—causing untold costs and ultimate breakdown.

When you tell the truth, you never have to cover your behind. When you tell a lie, it will bite you in the rear-end at some point.

As Obama uttered the lie, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) could not stand it any longer. He shouted from the seats, “You lie!”. He spoke for Americans that don’t appreciate the ‘lie’ Congress foists upon all citizen taxpayers. The truth: Congress made sure that no ID verification would allow any unlawful immigrant to utilize full, free healthcare without having paid a dime into it. “Thank goodness Joe had the courage to call the President out on it!” said former congressman Tom Tancredo. “Illegal immigrants are definitely getting health insurance under the President's plan. There is no question about it! Joe and other Republicans tried to get the Democrats to agree to an amendment to the health care bill which would have specifically required the government to verify the legal status of anyone receiving benefits under the plan and Democrats voted "NO" and killed it!”

CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf wrote, "Once the Democratic health care proposal is fully implemented, the number of people who are uninsured would decline to about 36 million or 37 million…roughly a third of those receiving coverage would be unauthorized immigrants."

Additionally, within 26 years, on our current immigration path, an added 70 million immigrants will call the United States home. Once here, they may tap into our health care system without restrictions. At the same time, they lack education, language and skills to pay taxes to support the system. It can only break down for all Americans and immigrants alike.

“But the lies last night weren't limited to Obama’s statement that illegal aliens won't get coverage,” said Tancredo. “The President also claimed he will provide health insurance free of charge to those who can't afford it, the care will not be rationed, premiums won't go up, health risk factors won't be considered, no one will be excluded, taxes will not increase, and that none of this will cost the taxpayers a dime! Imagine: a huge federal entitlement for free!”

At some point, President Obama must contend with 20 million unlawful immigrants by enforcing laws against employers that allow illegals to remain within this country. He cannot hide from the facts; he cannot avoid the damage and costs at $346 billion annually; he cannot duck his responsibility to represent the legal citizens of this country; he cannot deny that 15 million Americans suffer unemployment and that 35 million U.S. citizens now subsist on food stamps.

On Thursday night, Katie Couric announced that a whopping 13.4 percent of American families live in poverty.

It’s time for Obama to cowboy-up. Send unlawful immigrants home by enforcing our laws. Simple, easy and smart! American health care for Americans! What a concept!

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