Lucifer Rant

…. It is the fiery Destination of you who are evil. None can escape my vengeance. You are marked. I own you. My Demons are living amongst you On Earth. They have tempted and Subverted mankind from all walks of life. Man is Gods failure as evidenced by those Entering my domain daily. Hell abounds in fallen Rabbis, Ministers Priests and Mullahs. The Damned Preaching to the Damned. Hallelujah! Hell is infested with unethical judges, trail, And class action lawyers. They who Became wealthy, convoluting and Circumventing the law to fill their purses Are now tearfully digging fuel for the fires. No retrial. Politicians in hell are beyond count. Their sins were greed, corruption, false Testimony and lust for power. They are stokers of the fires of hell. Now and forever. Rapists, murderers, child molesters And dealers of drugs are restricted to Sulfurous volcanic areas and are Made to savage each other. Eternally. I am Lucifer. I look forward to my Forth-coming reign on Earth I know who you are.

BEWARE Raymond Morrow

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