Love is


Love opens the door and

makes its way about the rooms,

pulls up a chair at the table, or

lends a hand in the kitchen, garden, laundry.

After a long day and climbing

into bed, love is there smoothing

out the sheets and propping up

the pillow.

Waking up and gazing in

the mirror, love smiles back,

invigorating tired eyes.

While busy at the desk, making

plans and schedules, love

stands behind, tapping on

arm uplifted, about to strike

a key.

Love, what are you

doing here?

What is it that you require of me?

I cannot make sense of your

constant meddling. How am I

to help you?

There is this house, and bills to pay,

and children to feed and care for.

Why do you posture yourself like

you belong ~ a member of my family?

Love grows large and pushes

me back ~ reckoning me to listen.

Love says “hush.” Love says “be still.”

Then love whispers, “have you done my work today?”

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