Looting Our Kingdom

…. put into power by liberal morons, who, in a vacuum created by war, believe nothing is worth a fight; not even their freedom. Liberal socialists would rather pay our enemies and mentally drift away from our history and heritage on a limp tether of weakness and cowardice; full of self-pity, but eager to reinforce the power of an unknown candidate who's words tumble from his mouth like cheerful imprecations while he chops-up our country like a swordsman gone berserk.

Within this national vacuum, a Marxist machine has metastasized to the point of performing no function but its own growth, while spending your money freely to pay-back campaign contributors and special interest groups. Jobs? Do you count an army of ACORN workers as "newly created jobs" for the purpose of what? To strong-arm anyone unwilling to convert? This Muslim administration has given over $900 million U.S. taxpayer dollars in support of the terrorist organization Hamas; will import more Middle East Muslims into the United States, and has awarded Muslim terrorists Miranda rights. Each passing day, our sovereignty and our Christian foundation is being usurped; stomped-on, by a corrupt government that applauds atheists, places communists in top-level positions, and hires more Muslims to be inclusive in our Christian founded government while at the same time degrades the accomplishments of our founders. Bald-face lies to morons who believe them will only serve as an additional catalyst to America’s destruction.

The slithering, dragonish gyrations of Barack Hussein Obama have put your grandchildren into life-long debt with no appreciative results other than to collapse America's economy and send us into 3rd world poverty status. The current White House is the most corrupt, evil intended, left-wing radical administration in our nations 233 year history. Not only is this gang of thugs pro Islamic and anti-Jewish, but think Christianity is an encompassing cathedral built on swords and crowns of mindless superstition. Impressed by a show of cruelty, this administration has ridiculed and degraded The United States before a foreign global audience. Disgusting.

In an age when truth is intellectually repulsive, we cannot think or feel with the brain of another creature but we can see its eyes, those sensitive organs which the brain protrudes. Those eyes of the predatory narrow socialists who put their craziness into a profitable harness of robbing us of our divinely inspired Constitution and national achievements mirror the sacrilegious thieves who looted Egypt’s tombs with rapacity and atavistic hunger. Angry thieves, vandalizing everything they could not steal; their fury combating God, yet their crimes they are told perform a useful service of “spreading the wealth,” robbing us not merely of our past, but of our eternity.

The famous middle name, Hussein, once taboo is now featured prominently in the most consequential bait-and-switch since Hitler duped Chamberlain over Czechoslovakia. Barack Hussein Obama is well aware Islam remains determined to achieve a one-state solution driving Jews into the sea, and he aligns himself with the Sharia policies of the Muslim Brotherhood. He stated “I consider it my responsibility to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” Did he mean the massive slaughtering of human beings Islam wades in daily blood to perform?

The orchestrated plan to destroy America by looting our economy and allowing increased Muslim immigration to fill the vacuum is working. Anti-Americans in cabinet posts, communist La Raza appointments to the Supreme Court, Sharia law and International Law proponents to our Department of Justice. Treason is running amok. How much longer can we sustain under a bombardment which further threatens our Constitutional rights to free speech and to bear arms?


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