Looting Leftifornia

…. Sacramento did what it does best and that is create new ways to extort money from law-abiding citizens. Enron type accounting gimmicks were employed by Senate Democrats to draw up the budget on financial reserves that simply do not exist while balancing the entire monstrosity on hopes that an already uncertain economy doesn’t go completely south. Not a single word was written by the elite media on the voodoo economics that the budget is based on. It’s not their fault, right? All that they really know how to do are personal attacks without substance. Or, perhaps they’re too smart by half and realize that if the whole truth about the budget got out to the people of California, it might capsize any deftly inserted proposals that advance their sacred, left-wing agenda. Unrestricted taxation and freedom limiting regulation hasn’t really contributed all that much to improving the real problems of daily life in California. Think about that the next time you’re inching along on the 91.

Senate Democrats are all about taxation and regulation. They fritter away the hours up in Sacramento concocting and imposing new taxes on small business owners that are covertly described as ‘fees’ while simultaneously enacting an ever-growing list of nanny laws designed to increasingly regulate every aspect of our lives. While threatening to rescind a crucial tax break for teachers designed to reimburse educators for out of pocket expenses they hijack curriculum and dictate textbook content to reflect a radical, leftist agenda. Meanwhile our roads remain congested, unemployment is rising and we lead the nation in home foreclosures. No wonder taxpayers are fleeing California.

Republican State Senator Tom McClintock states that: "this budget also robs future budgets of revenue, while sticking them with added costs, it sets in motion a budget deficit of at least $5.5 billion that we will be confronting just five months from now when the next budget is submitted in January."

One has got to wonder about the future of California. Are we heading for catastrophe? The economic and social burdens imposed on us by liberal policy makers in their usual stealth fashion endanger the viability of our economy. Senate President Don Perata, his Democrat co-horts and the elite media would rather engage in personal attacks than discuss the problems of the budget. Looting Leftifornia and their part in creating a dubious budget while enabling an increasingly dysfunctional economy are topics too risky to breach in an open and honest, civil discussion. Senate Republicans whose budget stand-off brought attention to this problem and who should be applauded for taking the heat, were routinely criticized by hysterical leftists. Senate President Don Perata described them as "fiscal terrorists". Will the real fiscal terrorists please stand up?

Bottom line, jobs will continue to leave the state. Small business owners can’t continue to raise prices and decrease its work force just to keep their doors open, in an effort to keep pace with the never ending illicit taxes and fees. At some point, the cost of doing business in California will just be too high. The California legislature is driving companies away along with taxpayers, ultimately leaving behind citizens and non-citizens who will have become dependent on the state for everything.

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