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….school here in

Union County



. This is also my weekend visitation with her and after the ceremony my daughter wanted to know why her stepmother was not at the graduation party. How am I supposed to tell a 4 1/2 year old that her own mother, out of anger andvindictiveness, for no logical reason,will not allow her step mother on the churches school grounds, nor too attend school functions, and additionally the schoolhas sided with the mother against court orders and has agreed with her mother to keep my wife, our daughter’s step mother that she loves very much frombeing allowed on school grounds?

Is not this gender bias and / or clearly sex discrimination?? [Of course it is!]

My wife has been a very involved part of my daughter’s life for almost 4 years now, yet the mother brought her paramour of 8 months to the ceremony, he is also living with my daughter’s mother and daughter overtly against standing court orders. Notably: This is alsothe 4th paramour mydaughter’s motherhas had in our very young daughter’s life, within the last2 years.







, during a meeting (with school director and pastor) told me point blank thatthey were sorry and had to do exactly what the mother told them to do. Thus the churches bureaucrats ignored the final Judges Court Order. The




‘authorities’ intentionally ignored my daughter’s very close relationship with her stepmother. They ignored the obligatory recognition of the institution of marriage between my true wife, and I.

The Methodist Churches school ‘Bureaucrats’ just totally discriminated against me as a father / male. They intentionally discriminated against my wife as the stepmother,and told me in a round about way that “I had no sayin anything as far as they were concerned” and that they would doexactly as the biological mother wishes – (this very conversation was taped for evidence). This type of Human Rights violations continuously targeted against me, the child’s father / male, by the administrators of my young daughters school within the Church, has been perpetrated against the paternal family throughout the school year.

Needless to say, I have been kept busy with other contempt’s filed against her; also others were filed against me and bankruptcy. So, I just did not have the funds to fight a battle on a whole different frontline with the school/church etc.

Other than this particular incident and unjust action orchestrated by the biological mother, my daughter was also enrolled in this school without even saying one word to me about it. This was done, once again, in violation of a court order.

Additionally, mydaughter’s mother deceptively enrolled my daughter in this ‘school’ under her maiden name, which she hasn’t used legally in 20 years. Once again violating a standing a court order, not to change our daughters’ last. She also enrolled my daughter in this ‘school’ without discussing it with meand my daughter started school during my two-week summer visitation and my wife andI had to cancel a vacation trip with my daughter.

Our daughter attended this school Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I had ‘visitation’ with my daughter every other Thursday. However, the mother interfered with my parental rights, thus terminating my Thursday visitations,without any court order.

I filed contempt charges against mydaughter’s motherfor all of this and all charges were dropped and the Judge inserted the mother’s maiden name in front of my name at the end of my daughter’s name, now our daughter has 2 last names??

This was the fourth time our daughters name has been changed and she will be 5 in August 2008. (This was not a name change hearing; it was a contempt hearing against the mother??)

Also, while waiting for this court date, the mother took our daughter out of state without notifying me, which is in violation of a court order. I spent all that week trying to contact my daughter to no avail, then only to find out later that she was out of state on vacation for a week.

The ‘Judge’ (



), at this hearing alsomade this remark to me (on the record) "You need to learn to take the hand that was dealt to you. You had a child out of wedlock and that's the basic facts. Then you went and married another woman".Oh really?? How biased is that remark??

I'm just wondering now if the Public Schools here in

Union County



, will discriminate against me just as this "Christian" school has and let this vindictive manipulating mother dictate policy to them and so force them to ignore me as the biological father with fundamental human parental rights.And thus let mydaughters mother unconstitutionally make the rules for the Public Schools to actually interfere with my Fundamental Parental Rights.

This conduct is pathetic and horribly ridiculous to say the least, nonetheless, this is exactly what this mother, with the aid of School Director & Pastor and the Churches policy is doing to a child my daughter, not to mention the child’s Father who loves his daughter very much and is trying everything he can to remain a part ofhis daughterslife. (Considering what little time the ‘family courts’ here in



, are in fact allowing me, only 4 days a month and I live 3 miles from her).The mother will not allow me one minute more.

It hurt my daughter very much because my wife, her stepmother, whom she loves very much, was notthere towatch her graduate from pre-k and anyone else was allowed to be there. My daughter doesn't understand, and I am having a hard time explaining this to her in a way that does not complicate her young life and so make matters worse for her.

I thought living in a small tightcommunity would be beneficial for a situation like this. However, I have quickly learned that the ‘family’ courts are driven by the ‘Feminist’ agenda and so are certain citizens of this community. Clearly they arebiased on behalf of females, they are thus unethical,and they are down right evil for discriminating against a father who is only trying to do his best as a father while looking out for what isin the best interest of his daughter. This is perfidious interference by them all. I am ashamed at some of these people in this county and definitely ashamed at this biased and unethical circus here in,




, that is called erroneously the Family Court.

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F.R.A.M.E.D. – (Family Rights And Many Ending Discrimination)

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