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Date: Tues 02/10/09

Time: 10:00 pm ET 7:00 pm PT

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Tonight’s Guest: Rep: Dan Itse

Author of resolution in NH that tells federal government, that any federal law that does not conform to the US Constitution will be null and void in the state of New Hampshire. Dan has represented Fremont in Concord for eight years; as the Representative of Rockingham County, District 11, New Hampshire District 80 and Rockingham District 9. He has represented Epping for six years as a Representative of District 80 and Rockingham District 9. During his tenure in the House of Representatives, he served on the Children and Family Law Committee. He had one of the higher overall attendance records both in session, and in committee. He has one of the highest voting records for voting in accordance with the United States Constitution, New Hampshire Constitution; Dan’s agenda for the next session include the following issues:

Continuing to put State government back within its Constitutional bounds

Continuing to fight for personal liberty

Continuing to fight encroachments of the court into the legislative arena

Continuing to increase parental choices in education


By the way: A number of people from NH have said,

"We will not have our guns taken away, and if they

want our ammo, it will be delivered at 'high velocity' ”


Our Second guest Phillip J. Berg, Esq.

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Also with Ray the roaming rancher who has

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