Live Free Or Die?

….[ [1] Please see provided links UTube links below] Elena was arrested June 5th in Suffolk Superior Court, Boston Massachusetts on a falsely issued New Hampshire bench warrant.

Elena was in Suffolk Superior Court seeking an order to have Joslin Diabetes Center release her daughter’s medical record to her – the natural mother. NH authorities contacted Joslin and ordered them to cease caring for Elena’s diabetic daughter and deny Elena any medical records. Joslin agreed, even though they are not under the jurisdiction of NH authorities. Elena was in court on May 29th, but Joslin did not appear. The judge told Elena to return on June 5th and, if Joslin didn’t appear, he would issue the order.

Elena explained to the judge that she had moved to Massachusetts six months ago, as NH authorities had submitted False Allegations of neglect in an attempt to take custody of her child. Elena and her husband, Arnold, had discovered that Timberlane School was locking their daughter in a closet all day long and billing state and federal governments for “special education.” The Katz’ filed and won a federal lawsuit in which the jury gave a financial award to the Katz’ – on behalf of their minor daughter. Timberlane School District officials told Elena they would “never give up!”

DCYS (Child & Youth Services) and Timberlane School District filed several false allegations of neglect and for years have been building a case to take custody of the child. “Why” asked the judge. Elena explained that “NH would not have to pay the jury award” to the Katz’ if they had custody of Elena’s child. When the Katz’ realized that NH judges were rubber-stamping orders for DCYS’ false allegations, they took their daughter and fled to Massachusetts.

Elena explained to the judge that they were no longer residents of NH when DCYS was awarded custody and the bench order for their arrest was issued. The judge said he “understood” and that she could come back on June 5th and she would be in his jurisdiction and under his “protection.”

When Elena appeared on the 5th, she was arrested and taken out of the courtroom in shackles while the judge looked on smirking, seemingly entertained.

Elena was taken to District 4 jail in Boston. Later that night, Elena attempted to call me three times from jail. Each time the jail called –and charged me $15.00 for each of Elena’s collect calls – the jail’s operator stated that they couldn’t complete the call as my phone was “blocked.” As I explained to the operator that my phone had no blocks on it, I heard a guard take Elena out of the room. After Elena was out of hearing range, the operator said, “We block all cell-phone calls.” It was obvious the operator made the original statements to convince Elena there was something wrong with my phone. She never intended to allow Elena to speak with me.

Since then, no visitors have been allowed to see Elena. She is cut off from her husband, daughter, her lawyer and her friends in a fashion reminiscent of her daughter being locked in a closet all-day – cut off from her loving family and support system.

Elena’s supporters have made calls to New Hampshire Governor John Lynch’s office to express outrage. Julia, Special Assistant for Citizen Services in the Office of the Governor, said, "Constitutionally, Governor Lynch cannot get involved with individual custody cases". And, “no review will be done until a written complaint is received by the

Office of Governor and Attorney General Ayotte. Elena’s supporters explained “this is not a custody case, but a case involving DCYS, which is an Executive agency under the direct supervision and training of the Governor’s Office that made false allegations of abuse to the court.

It was alleged that Governor Lynch and Attorney General Ayotte are knowingly allowing their constituents’ families – such as the Katz’ – to be destroyed for federal funds, and allow NH schools to lock children in closets all day as acceptable behavior. Their response was surprising albeit insightful, “placing children in closets in an acceptable process of special education.”

Ernie Ciccotelli, Elena’s attorney, informed me that he, too, presented Elena’s medical reports from Joslin Clinic, “their reports are in direct contrast to the DCYS claims of diabetic neglect.” Attorney Ciccotelli also informed the court that the Katz’ had moved out of the jurisdiction of DCYS and Timberlane School District. “No one cared,” he said.

Attorney Ciccotelli informed the judge that the child had been in the custody of DCYS before under false allegations – and DCYS locked her in a closet and neglected her medical care that she almost died on three occasions. He pleaded to the judge that the child is “deathly afraid of state authorities.” The judge, a state employee, didn’t care.

At this point who knows what has happened to Arnold Katz and his daughter. Both depend on Elena for their care and medical assistance. NH authorities have deliberately cut off the daughter’s required medical supplies and again put the child in medical distress, or worse – with the approval of Governor Lynch and Attorney General Ayotte and carried out by agencies who are trained by – and responsible to – Governor Lynch and Attorney General Ayotte.

“Governor Lynch and Attorney General Ayotte have an agenda that is based on money and does not include making sure children in state care receive an education or their required medical supplies,” said Katz family supporters. “Federal money is the driving force here. Elena’s arrest almost insures her daughter will go into insulin-shock, or worse.”

Governor Lynch can be reached at (603)271-2121 (603)271-7680 (fax)

Zed McLarnon is a documentary filmmaker and forensic investigator.


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[1] (See Soviet Refugee American Refugee )

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